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30 Poshest Short Hair Highlights Ever in Vogue

Short hair highlights on cropped hair are like creamy frosting on a cake. Even the subtlest touch of flattering highlights will make your pixie or bob irresistibly fabulous.

Highlights make short hairstyles appear luminous and lustrous, with lots of tones and dimension. We bring you a super-cool collection of trendy highlights for short hair to light up any dull mane. Check out!

1. Short Brown Hair with Highlights. What an amazing way to spice up dull brunette hair! Her blonde highlights on short hair, textured and fluffed out for more volume, host a stunning display of honey-brown and ashy-blonde shades.

2. Contrasting Blonde Highlights for Short Hair. These chunky, champagne blonde highlights on a light brown base deliver a delicate touch and Barbie doll allure. The sprinkling of sandy blonde highlights adds luminosity and glamor to this short choppy hair.

3. Short Hair Highlights and Lowlights. You can play with highlights and lowlights to achieve just about any effect on your hair. They can be tweaked to create an illusion of fullness or depth, just as in the photo below. The dark ash blonde lowlights and silver highlights make her hair appear a lot fuller.

4. Short Wavy Bob with Highlights. Need a new glamorous hair highlights idea for short hair? Choose this wavy stacked bob. Concentrating the golden blonde highlights on the longer tresses framing her face is a super-fashionable idea.

5. Short Dark Hair with Highlights. Try some radiant highlights to lighten up your hair and highlight your face. Her chic pixie dressed up with streaks of frosted highlights and blonde wisps in the front looks super-charming.

6. Short Black Hair with Bright Highlights. Do you know that highlighting the strands of hair framing your face can make your cheekbones appear more prominent? Check how those exquisite midnight blue ribbons accentuate her beautiful face.

7. Gothic Short Hair with Plum Highlights. Indeed, beauty is in shades, and hers is in the shades of black and plum. Those iridescent plum highlights bring a fascinating twist to her gothic hairstyle and makeup.

8. Pixie Cut with Highlights. If you don’t like big changes, play with subtle highlights. Hair color for short hair definitely benefits from lighter or brighter pieces enhancing the texture and volume of your hair.

9. Hot ‘n’ Spicy Red Highlights. Make a bold and irresistible fashion statement with flashy and flamboyant red front highlights. These may be achieved with a foil technique called slicing that involves highlighting an entire section of your hair.

10. Short Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights. The vibrancy and dimension these caramel highlights lend to the chocolate base are superb. The trendiest highlights for short hair mix warm and cool shades seamlessly.

11. Short Hair Gray Highlights. Go gray easily and opt for a trendy short hairstyle with highlights. Gray blends well with both brown and blonde shades, and it can even be creatively customized for redheads.

12. Radiant Ombre Highlights on Short Hair. The model’s hair, skin tone, and makeup are all perfect. Mega thanks to those dark copper roots and strawberry ombre highlights melting ever so softly.

13. Very Dark Short Straight Hair with Red Highlights. Her fiery red, chunky highlights lend a debonair touch to her classic straight bob. This is a great rebellious hair highlights idea for short hair, especially if you’re aiming at getting a bold and audacious look.

14. Short Brunette Hair with a Touch of Gold. What can be more stylish than golden brown highlights hair color for short hair! These highlights give a gorgeous sun-kissed touch to the otherwise plain brunette bob.

15. Caramel Highlights on Short Hair. The sheen, tones, and texture of her short brunette hair with highlights are stunning. It is a great example of how beautiful a dark chocolate base and multi-dimensional caramel highlights may look if done on a healthy mane by a pro hair colorist.

16. Sandy Blonde Highlights on Bob-Length Hair. The short brown hair with blonde highlights is simply amazing! One of the most striking things about this stunning hairstyle is the multi-tonal effect of ashy highlights against the dirty blonde base.

17. Rainbow Highlights on Short Hair. Why stop at one hair color when you can have more than one and look super-chic? This is one of the prettiest examples of trendy highlights for short hair that had us dreaming of all the endless shades to combine. Sticking to a platinum pixie cut with color streaks in light pink, green, and violet is a bold decision.

18. High-Contrast Pixie with Highlights. A fascinating mixture of blonde, silver and black works to give her crop an amazing semblance of salt-and-pepper hair. This is a lovely short hair highlights idea to cover up grays.

19. Short Dark Brown Hair with Highlights. One of the secrets of eye-catching short hair highlights is selecting your highlights in the shades that will add luminosity and dimension to your natural hair color. Just as in this mix of bronze highlights and blue-black lowlights on the dark chestnut base.

20. Purple Highlights on Short Blue Hair. A marvelous combination of indigo and violet highlights blended into a black base. The union of the three shades created a deep and mysterious midnight-blue masterpiece. Purple highlights are a showstopper anytime, anywhere, and twice on weekends.

21. Very Short Hair with Highlights. Her chunky golden blonde highlights on a windswept short pixie bob are simply cool. The styling of this short brown hair with blonde highlights is fantastic too.

22. Short Beach Waves with Soft Highlights. Whether your balayage is bright or subtle, short brown hair with highlights always looks adorable. Check out how these golden pieces light up the discreet brown color of the delectable beach hair.

23. Tousled Short Hair with Highlights. Combining highlights with short hair is a great beauty tip. You just can’t go wrong with the two. This stunning messy short hair with blonde highlights readily proves it.

24. Short Red Hair with Highlights. Jazz up your red hair with a subtle touch of highlights for a mesmeric appearance. The wonderful luster and luminosity of this cherry red short hair with lowlights and highlights make it worth the effort.

25. Short Straight Crop with Highlights. Beautiful, just beautiful! Try picturing how she’d look with dull brown hair. Now take a good look once again at those exquisite blonde highlights. Now can you see that all the rage about short straight hair with highlights isn’t just mere hype?

Straight Pixie Bob with Bronde Highlights
By Hiro

26. Short Brunette Hair with Highlights. A very funky hairstyle for the trendy fashionista who’s always at the top of her game! She went for some softly radiant highlights and drew attention to her glowing skin. The right move!

27. Messy Neck-Length Hair with Blonde Highlights. An adorable mess of honey blonde hair peppered with platinum blonde highlights. Highlights provide an easy way to gracefully blend your preferred colors minimizing the risks of hair damage.

28. Super-Trendy Highlighted Bangs. 3D highlights concentrated on the side-swept bangs to create a gorgeous, posh effect, what can be more eye-catching? The brunette base merges perfectly well with the blonde highlights, giving the hair a lustrous, multi-tonal feel.

29. Short Hair and Purple Highlights. This modish short bob with highlights is a classic example of how you can manage highlights with short hair to balance out your weaker side. The rooted deep plum highlights give her face an illusion of length. A great hair highlights idea for short hair and a very good hairstyle for women of all ages and any face shape!

30. Short Hair Highlights and Lowlights Mix. Combine lowlights and highlights throughout the entire length of your hair for an awesomely stylish look. The result is fascinating dimensional hair with luster and body.

By now you must have found 1, 2, 3, or even more ideas of short hair highlights that speak to the beauty queen in you. Try them, really, you’ll be amazed at the difference a few streaks of the right color at the right places can make!

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