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50 Lovely Layered Haircuts for Long Hair

12. Long Layered Half-Curled Hair with Golden-Beige Balayage. Voluminous golden waves and curls are a stylish way to disguise your thin hair.

Layers in hair bring volume, make thin locks look fuller, and are really a stylish way to trim your long tresses. Maintaining a mid-back, waist- or hip-length mane is not always a breeze. If you want to alleviate your hair care, layered haircuts for long hair are the best way to go. They are always ready to shine without too much styling.

Here are the 50 lovely long hairstyles with layers for your crowning glory. These will serve as your ultimate reference whenever you want to sport a new hairdo this year.

1. Bra Strap Length with Flipped Layers. Flyaway hair? Split ends? Take the layered hairstyle to the extreme to combat all your hair problems in a stylish way.

2. Classic Long Layers for Thick Straight Hair. Embrace your natural red hair color. Emphasize it with a V-cut and mid-shaft layers.

3. Mid-Back Layered Hair. Upgrade your thick hair this year with a new style. Simply let your hairstylist cut choppy layers to shape up those voluminous tresses.

4. Long Feathered Hair. Feathering works equally well for thick and thin hair, but the final hairstyles can be very different!

5. Black Colored Hair with Caramel Balayage. Do you have damaged hair with split ends? Combat your hair problem with lots of layers and balayage.

6. Straight Hair with Flipped Up Layers. Want to have a fabulous hairdo, but have no time for regular visits to your hairdresser? This is one of the simplest yet elegant layered hairstyles for long hair, straight at the top and slightly curled at the ends.

7. Long Layers with Curtain Bangs. Long hair with defined layers is a perfect base for curtain bangs. With these, your hairstyle will obtain even more texture and look like a beautiful cascade of locks.

8. Long Layered Hair with Light Waves. If you want to add some volume to your hairstyle for a special occasion, comb your hair back and shape light waves for a classy, wind-swept look.

9. Chunky Layers for Thick Hair. Thick hair will only benefit from piece-y layers. Such a haircut makes the natural flow of your hair softer and even more visually attractive.

10. Long Layered Hair with Balayage. Layers and highlights seem to be made for each other. Due to the number of their variations, you will definitely find a perfect match for yourself! For instance, honey highlights and long layers go together very well.

11. Swoopy Layers for Gray Hair. Gray hair with highlights and lowlights is a heaven of textures. To make your hair look even more mesmerizing, ask your stylist to add swoopy layers.

12. Long Layered Half-Curled Hair with Golden-Beige Balayage. Voluminous golden waves and curls are a stylish way to disguise your thin hair.

13. Classic Layers with Blonde Balayage. Sway your way to a free-flowing wavy hair. Blonde balayage will make your mousy mane more interesting.

14. Haircut with Swoopy Layers. If you are craving a fresh hairstyle, these voluminous highlighted long layers might be what you are searching for. Experiment with different colors for the best result.

15. Long Layers on Long Hair. A mix of chestnut, honey, and bronze hues is just a part of this hair success. The long textured hair with neat layers is what makes the style simply stunning.

16. Long Curtain Bangs with Flipped Ends. Framing the face with long curtain bangs is the idea you won’t regret. Not only does it add texture to the hairstyle but it also brings a romantic flair to your look.

17. Feathered Layers for Long Hair. This hairstyle oozes chill vibes and reveals the joyful nature of the wearer. Shadow roots, masterfully cut layers, and a dark ginger hue fit together effortlessly.

18. V-Cut Long Layered Hair. If you are looking for something to spice up long layered hairstyles for your natural hair color, you can explore the benefits of the V-cut. It is a rather unusual solution that looks great whether the hair is loose or in a ponytail!

19. Bra Strap Length U-Cut Hair. The U-shaped cut is another classic hairstyle. Finish it with swoopy choppy layers for a modest look.

20. Gorgeous Wispy Layers on Long Hair. Wispy layers on long hair are the stylists’ go-to solution for an easy-to-maintain versatile look. It’s one of the long haircuts for women that gives you so much space for experiments – just use your imagination and a hairdryer.

21. Subtle Face-Framing Layers. If you want to reshape your face without a surgery, go for a haircut with subtle front layers as pictured here. Soft face-framing plus a right blowout will do the trick.

22. Soft Layered Ends for Long Hair. This style is the golden standard of layered haircuts for long hair. So, if you love classic hairstyles, this is your top pick. Combine with soft highlights to add texture!

23. Wind-Swept Layers for Long Hair. Life can be busy, so why not get an easy-to-maintain hairdo with piece-y layers? Besides, it is a nice choice if you are not sure whether you want to be a girl with curly or straight hair. Get this hairstyle as the golden middle!

24. Dark Brown Hair with Bangs and Layers. Request your stylist to trim your side bangs in a face-framing technique to emphasize your facial features in every angle.

25. Shaggy Layers with Highlights. The shag is one of the most popular layered haircuts for long hair. And, if shaggy layers alone are not enough to inspire you, add some bright highlights or soft babylights.

Long Shaggy Haircut with Highlights
By Nick

26. Layered Hair with Flipped-Up Ends. Technically, long haircuts for women do not require much styling. However, if you have time, curling the ends outwards can work miracles and refresh your loose hairstyle.

27. Long Hair with Korean Bangs. It is the ultimate solution for a round face. Whichever outfit you choose, this cute hairstyle will compliment your look perfectly.

28. Long Boho-Style Layers. Long haircuts can look graceful or like a hot mess! If you want a hairstyle that can do both, get long layers and style them to fit the occasion.

29. Choppy Layers on Long Hair. Whether your hair is sleek or wavy, getting choppy layers is a decision you won’t regret. After all, a long piece-y cut can instantly deliver you the mane of your dream.

30. Waist-Length Wavy Hair with Light Brown Streaks. Wavy hair is very feminine. Natural or styled, it reveals its potential on the base of a haircut with lots of layers. Finish it with a subtle balayage.

31. Crisp Layered Waves. Enjoy your voluminous wavy hair! See how beautiful it looks with a layered hairstyle. Hot or not, what will you say?

32. Long Blonde Hair with Angled Swoopy Layers. What we see here? Amazing blonde hair! Long and layered, multidimensional and feminine. Even thin tresses will benefit from getting layers.

33. Long Thick Layered Hair. This hair looks flawless, like in commercials, doesn’t it? However, it is not so easy to cope with it in real life. Reduce the weight that you carry with your hair. Ask your stylist to cut it in a three-tiered style.

34. Soft Swoopy Layers. If you want to give some texture to your long straight hair, simply tell your hairdresser to add lots of wispy layers to it. Here’s a nice solution for thin hair.

35. Soft Feathery Layered Blonde Balayage. Go for some feathered layers to keep your hair long and healthy. Soft blonde highlights complete the look.

36. Messy Cut with Chopped Long Layers. Convey your care-free attitude to your hairstyle that is chopped randomly. To prevent stringy ends in your messy look, style them into loose waves.

37. Long Layers for Fine Hair. Meet the cut that is perfect from any angle! One-length ends, and graduated layers on both sides create a win-win combo for fine- and thin-haired girls.

38. Long Layered Hair with Big Curls. Long hairstyles with layers work with any texture. Choosing a highlight color that is close to your natural hair hue will bring an eye-catching result.

39. Beachy Layers for Very Long Hair. Bring life to your limp hair. Go for a high-quality hairstyle with a subtle balayage coloring that requires low-maintenance and gives a high impact.

40. Long Locks with Subtly Curled Ends. Who says choppy layers are boring? Match them with a brown and blonde balayage for a cute hairdo.

41. Thick Layered Half-Curled Hair. Shape your gorgeous chocolate and caramel hair in loose waves and flaunt an amazing cascade of layers and melting hues.

42. Long Brown Hair with V-Cut Layers. V-shaped layers are one of the classic haircuts for women with long straight hair. They create dimension as the shorter strands cascade into the longer ones.

43. Heavily-Feathered Layers for Blonde Hair. Go heavy with your new hairstyle this year. Opt for feathered pieces if your hair is thick and kind of heavy. And yes, having a balayage is almost a tradition now. How many pictures without it do you see on Internet? Very few…

44. Loose Waves with Golden Balayage. Accentuate your long layered hair with a golden-toned balayage. Balayaged waves cascading down the shoulders create an effortlessly stylish look.

45. V-Shaped Chocolate Layers with Caramel Balayage. Take the hair layering to a higher level – literally. Throw in some shorter layers along with layered ends. Enrich it with caramel highlights.

46. Long Layered Haircut with Seriously Lighter Ends. For some sassy hair swaying, ask for long layers that start closer to the ends. Let the short layers be about the shoulder-length. A contrasting balayage and a side part will perfect the style even more.

47. Wheat-Blonde Long Layered Hair. Have an appointment with your hairstylist soon? If you prefer to maintain your long straight hair, but also want to sport a new hairstyle, go for the long layers as pictured here. You’ll get a whole new look with minimal losses.

48. Layers for Long Hair with Discreet Balayage. You can do a lot of hairstyles for long straight hair. You can curl it, make wavy, tie it in all possible kinds of buns and ponytails. Don’t let anyone persuade you to cut it short, even if it’s trendy right now! If you need a change, you can always do another type of balayage or cut more layers.

49. Long Sandy Blonde Colormelt. Be the beach babe that you are. Style your upper-back length hair into trendy beach waves.

50. Long Silky Strands with Layered Ends. Long straight locks may lack structure. What you have to do is to flip the ends with a ceramic iron or blow dry with a round brush. A warm brown balayage will volumize your pin-straight dark brunette tresses even more.

We hope you have found your ideal look in our list of long hairstyles with layers. So, next time you head to a hair salon, request some layers for a change this year.

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