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30 Low-Maintenance Haircuts to Save Your Time on Trims and Styling

While some girls really like to monkey with the hair, many of us just dream of low-maintenance haircuts that look great without a host of styling products, heat tools, and visits to a salon.

Well, easy haircuts do exist, but they are often different for women with curly manes, girls with fine hair, thick-haired ladies, and heads of straight hair. Surely, you need to take into account other factors, such as your face shape and build, but leveraging your hair texture rather than working against it is the key to low maintenance.

Look through our collection of gorgeous time-saving haircuts to learn how this works.

1. Dirty Blonde Bixie with Bottleneck Bangs. The multitone blonde of this style ensures dimension for thinner strands, while both choppy finish and messy styling work toward easy maintenance haircuts.

2. Ginger Pixie with Blonde Highlights. This layered cut shows the bushy hair to the best advantage, making the frizz part of the rebellious look and even intensifying the mess with a play of colors.

3. Choppy Blonde Bob with Shadow Roots. Pairing blonde strands with darker roots is good for fine hair since this lends to a fuller feel when you opt for choppy layers to get texture easily.

4. Shaggy Brown Mullet. Cut with numerous short layers and sliced-out ends, this cute shag releases waves in the hair but keeps them on the shorter side for a tamable hairstyle.

5. Classic Bob with Dimensional Highlights. The density of this straight hair works to weigh it down for a smoother look, which is nicely texturized by the highlights and feathered finish around the ends.

6. Tapered Pixie with a Long Fringe. This crop gets the hair neatly stacked in the back, while the longer part is made a bit lighter with layering for simple and flexible styling.

7. Sharp Pixie with Micro Bangs. If you want to find no-styling haircuts for dense straight hair, this clearly outlined crop with shaggy micro bangs can serve as your inspiration.

8. Volume Up Top Undercut. In this bold hairstyle, the length is left only on the top to produce the maximum volume and remove the need to style the hair on the bottom.

9. Garnet Bob with Curtain Bangs. Apart from striking the eye with its vibrant red, this jaw-length bob is easy to style on straight hair with only a round brush and blow dryer at hand.

10. Spiky Jet Black Shullet. The choppy nature of this mullet and shag crossover relieves you from most of the texturizing efforts except for shaping the spiky bits with a dab of wax.

11. Curly Triangle Bob with Color Transition. This brown-meets-blonde cut creates a strong geometric shape for wavy hair and replaces time-consuming bangs with face-framing locks on the sides.

12. Side-Parted Bob with Depth. Thanks to the masterfully done highlights and a bit of feathering, this straight bob comes with built-in texture and movement, leaving you only the shape to polish.

13. Top Heavy Bixie. Retaining lots of volume around the crown, this pixie and bob hybrid with choppy bangs and defined ends on the bottom is a perfect fit for thick hair.

14. Quiff and Undercut Combo. Although you may need some time to cope with a quiff, you can’t but agree that a shaved bottom results in cool and low-maintenance haircuts for women with thick hair.

15. Shaggy Overgrown Pixie. This is a truly wash-and-go cut for thick hair that also doesn’t require frequent trims in a salon because of its loosely cut shape.

16. Pin-Straight Icy Blonde Bob. Part your hair on the side, grab a flat iron to run it through your strands, and you are ready to take your sharp bob for a walk.

17. Asymmetric Burgundy Bob. This version of the blunt bob is more suitable for girls with thin to medium hair since the longer front will help them mimic fullness.

18. Short Hair with Choppy Bangs. Don’t you love low-maintenance short haircuts that let your hair look fuller with just a couple of top strands thrown forward?

19. Sleek Rose Gold Crop. Both the undercut and dimensional color work here to enhance volume and compensate for the sleek finish in this modern edition of the bowl cut.

20. Face-Hugging Pixie. Girls with naturally thick hair can roll out of bed and construct a piece-y style like this within minutes using either a light pomade or a styling cream.

21. Inverted Bob with Blended Layers. This black mane gets a clean shape and volume control with blended layers, which prevent the hair from looking too bulky toward the bottom.

22. Platinum Razor Cut Pixie. One of the best things you can do for thin hair is to cut it close to the scalp, fill it with texture, and color it blonde to make it fuller and easy to style.

23. Textured Dip Dye Bob. This chin-touching bob with textured and highlighted ends is an edgy and low-maintenance hairstyle for girls with high-density hair.

24. Soft Chocolaty Pixie. Those who have a more manageable head of hair can play with longer pieces on the top and around the face to arrive at the most flattering frame for their features.

25. Wavy Bob with Side Parting. This brown bob is thinned out around the ends to enhance texture in the slightly wavy hair, which can be further accentuated with texturizing spray and some local curling.

26. Smokey Ruffled-Up Pixie. It won’t take a lot of time to muss up the bangs and the crown section of this blonde crop and create an effortlessly chic look.

27. Black Concave Bob. This graduated bob is meant for straight hair, giving it the right shape with the short layers in the back and offering versatility in styling with the longer tresses in the front.

28. Caramel Brown Bixie. This pixie bob lifts the crown handsomely and infuses texture in the straight strands through the caramel highlights and feathery layers, making styling a breeze.

29. Piece-y Crop. This charming pixie has plenty of texture yet no hard lines around the perimeter, which is the key to no-maintenance haircuts that don’t need frequent reshaping.

30. Wavy Mullet with Sideburns. Here is a time-saving shag for wavy hair since it leverages the hair’s natural texture and requires only some face-framing styling for a more defined look.

Say goodbye to the many hours spent styling your hair and go for one of the stunning looks from our collection of low-maintenance haircuts. Make sure to take a reference photo with you, and speak to your hairdresser for a cut optimally tailored to your features and personality.

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