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50 Perfect Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair to Give You Volume and Texture

3. Blonde Shag Hairstyle. A layered haircut with choppy ends is exactly what you need when your hair is delicate. Medium cuts make real miracles for this hair type.

The main problem with thin hair is that it tends to look kind of flat. Our collection of medium length hairstyles for thin hair will help you forget these struggles once and for all. Some haircuts create the illusion of voluminous, textured hair, so why not try one of them?

Check out these 50 photos if you want your hair to look full, dimensional, and stylish:

1. Colormelt with Easy Waves. Waves are so hot and perfect for any haircut, especially for a long bob.

2. Bronde Bob. Smooth ash brown tones blended with blonde shades offer a pretty cute balayage solution. The two colors mingle spectacularly.

3. Blonde Shag Hairstyle. A layered haircut with choppy ends is exactly what you need when your hair is delicate. Medium cuts make real miracles for this hair type.

4. Rockstar Look. A shaggy haircut, medium length, and swoopy bangs? You can have them all, and as a bonus, you’ll get a bad girl rockstar look. Sexy!

5. Medium Shag with White Highlights. WOW! Those highlights look so fascinating with dark blonde hair and add a lot of dimension.

6. Medium Shag with Long Curtain Bangs. A shag style suggests multiple layers and sometimes thinned out edges. It’s often adopted in medium length hairstyles for thin hair as the layers make the hair look thicker. Add curtain bangs for a fresh, young look!

7. Long Razored Bob. That is probably the easiest way to add dimension to your hair. The effect is spectacular! A flat iron is the best gadget to create it.

8. Thin Tousled Hair with Balayage. Shoulder length hair frames your face, and the lighter tones in your hair create the illusion of a pretty thick mane.

9. Mid-Length Razored Cut with Highlights. Razors are good for thin hair. Shoulder-length hairstyles with razored ends gain volume and movement. The edges become soft and refined. Razor cutting is also perfect for any face shape.

10. One-Length Collarbone Bob. Bobs are now the go-to medium haircuts for thin hair as they are both uncomplicated and make the hair look voluminous. Posh and delicate, this hairstyle is right for any occasion you attend, whether casual or formal.

11. Medium Hair with Flipped Ends. Bend the ends of your layers and get the style you’ve always dreamt of. Some subtle highlights will make your hair even more outstanding.

12. Wispy Comb Over Lob for Thin Hair. The comb-over styling has been famous in medium length haircuts for thin hair as it makes the hair appear thicker. Match it with a shoulder-length bob for a chic look.

13. Straight Center-Parted Thin Hair. Healthy hair always looks good. Every month trim the ends and use masks and oils to keep your strands shiny.

14. Thin Hairstyle with Feathered Edges. No need to panic if you don’t have the thickest hair in the world. Get some side bangs, sliced ends, and… Abracadabra! Here’s the hair you’ve always wanted!

15. Medium Choppy Highlighted Hairstyle. The choppy angles are always a good idea when we are talking about medium hairstyles for thin hair. Choose a long bob for your thin hair and enrich it with highlights for a fresher take.

16. Shoulder-Length Shag with Peek-a-Boo Bangs. Shags are the best choice for layered fine hair medium length hairstyles if you need both movement and volume. The peek-a-boo bangs are just a bonus to add some mystery to your look.

17. Center-Parted Messy Wavy Lob. Messy hairstyles are excellent matches to medium length haircuts for thin hair if you want more volume. Try a center-part for a smooth and put-together look.

18. Wispy Bob with Side Bangs. Wispy bobs are indeed great medium length hairstyles for fine hair. Especially if you choose the collarbone length, which is the most universal, and add some highlights. Change your usual part, add side bangs, and feel the difference!

19. Centre-Parted One-Length Cut. If you like balanced and clean cuts, this hairstyle is for you. Bright, bold, and blonde – such lobs scream class and glamour.

20. Inverted Bob. Women with thin hair should aim for more texture when getting a new haircut. You can easily get that with a smooth ombre and a textured bob cut.

21. Shaggy Bob with Split Bangs. Split bangs slenderize the face, while shaggy bobs have always been an obvious choice for those seeking up-to-date shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair. The combination of these two will flatter your face.

22. Crisp Wispy Comb Over Bob. The haircut in this picture will make any thin hair appear bouncy and stylish. It’s also low maintenance, as all you’ll need is a good hair product (better from pro-lines), and your fingers to tousle your tresses and shape that cute messy comb-over.

23. Shattered Shag with Angled Layers. Layered haircuts for thin hair with a shaggy texture are our top pick. We may talk a lot about the illusion of volume, hair movement, and dimension, but just look how sexy the model feels with her new style!

24. Sleek Bob with Thin Bangs. Elegant and graceful, the sleek piece-y bob is a timeless beauty. This haircut is even more stunning with bangs. Put some highlights to brighten your medium layered fine hair.

25. Elegant Medium Cut. Bob haircuts are lifesavers when it comes to thin hair. Let that haircut work its magic for you, and we’re sure you’ll simply adore it.

26. Tousled Blonde Lob. Create some smooth waves and tousle your lengths to give your hair more volume.

27. Delicate Shag with Bangs. Having a fringe and sliced layers all over is a pretty good idea when struggling with thin hair because these build texture and boost volume.

28. Choppy Lob with Balayage. Want a luminous look that makes you feel younger? Create some loose waves and get a good subtle balayage.

29. Wavy Thin Hair. Where’s thin hair? We can see only healthy strands with a perfect shape and an amazing color. Yes, you need this ASAP.

30. Straight Gray Lob. Tired of your natural color? Try something bolder like gray with highlights. The effect is truly eye-popping!

31. Medium Cut with Face-Framing. That’s an effective option for those who need more dimension. To give it even a fresher look, dye your front strands lighter to obtain better framing.

32. Shaggy Lob with Layers. Enhance the volume of your hair with a beautiful set of highlights on the base of a medium layered haircut. And a little hair mess never hurts.

33. Mid Hairstyle with Thin Layers. Each strand is an example of perfection! A good hairstylist can help you obtain this effect, and you will love your new look.

34. Curly Choppy Style. A medium bob is exactly what you need! It’s perfect for thin curly hair, and, if you add highlights in more than one shade, your hairstyle will be breathtaking.

35. Medium Bob with Platinum Balayage. Platinum blonde combined with dark roots creates a mesmerizing effect that you’ll instantly adore.

36. Two-Layer Rounded Bob. Want a remarkable look transformation? This is one of the best changes you can make for your thin hair.

37. Easy Thin Waves. Fancy the sun-kissed look that everybody loves? Waves are just the way to get it. Mix them with some natural-looking highlights, and you’ll get the look you’ve always wanted.

38. Mid-Length Razored Angled Cut. Choppy ends are the answer if your hair is very thin and you want to keep your hair straight. For a more outstanding appearance, you can incorporate some blonde highlights that will perfectly blend with your base.

39. Choppy Dark Blonde Bob. Layers make a pretty good job when we’re talking about enlivening your mane. They give your hair texture and make it easy to style.

40. Straight Lob. A nice straight cut can do miracles for your thin hair especially if you add some blonde highlights.

41. Voluminous Cut with Side Bangs. Elegant, glamorous and seductive! This is how you’ll look if you choose a hairstyle like this.

42. Lob with Shadow Roots. If you want lots of movement, try a blonde balayage shag with soft bangs that will help frame your face.

43. Inverted Lob with Razored Ends. Are you ready to receive some compliments? This warm- and cool-toned blonde color emphasizes your strands and makes them appear thicker.

44. Sleek Razored Lob. These shades of blonde go so well together! Hair looks soft and textured at the same time.

45. Messy Lob with Large Waves. Embrace asymmetry and messy styling to generate volume within your thin hair.

46. Babylights and Faux Balayage Combo. There are so many shades of blonde out there, and we know it’s hard to pick just one. There’s no need for that with this hairstyle: it has two tones to make your hair well-defined.

47. Medium Thin Hair with Freelights. Blending some subtle highlights into your brunette hairstyle will automatically add more volume to your strands.

48. Layered Ginger Lob. This color is perfect for women with pale skin. Get a textured lob haircut and style your fringe to one side for a glamorous look.

49. Platinum Waves. Make your hair bouncy with some soft waves, as they always flatter a neck-length bob haircut.

50. Straight Razored Lob. Enhance your hair color with an amazing straight lob haircut. Combed over hair always looks thicker.

Mix different shades of the same color to create the impression of well-defined hair. That is the most important thing when it comes to medium length hairstyles for thin hair. Curl, wave and even straighten your hair but don’t forget to add dimension to your strands with the right cut and color.

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by Andreea Haba
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