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30 Stereotype-Breaking Mullet Haircuts for Women

Mullet haircuts for women are back with a bang. This time around a female mullet has gone next-level versatile, with everyone infusing their personal style and preferences into the iconic hairstyle.

From bold to funky, glam and cutesy, the fashion world is seeing different renditions of the modern feminine mullet.

30 Trendiest Mullets for Women

Here in this article, we’ve curated the 30 trendiest and most inspiring women’s mullets to help you create your own statement haircut. Whether you prefer your mullet fierce, rebellious, classic, or subtle, all the styles and everything in between are here on our list.

1. Short Hair Mullet. The feminine modern mullet is a mix of daring femininity and sassy self-expression. A cropped short mullet with v-cut bangs and sides adds tons of sexy and edgy vibes. The type of hair that instantly sets all eyes on you.

2. Shaggy Orangey Red Mullet. Even Dolly would stare in admiration. Currently trending versions of the classic mullet hairstyle are shaggier and popping with vivid colors. And that translates to more allure, individuality, and effortless coolness.

3. Short in the Front Long in the Back Cut. There’s no rule on how you can style mullet hair. Keeping it all business and formal in the front, and a crazy party behind is a great choice. It says you’re reserved, but also fun-loving.

4. Straight Haircut with Shaved Sides. We doubt if there’s any other haircut that captures the I-play-by-no-rule vibe as perfectly as modern mullet women hairstyles. Yours can be as elegant or as unconventional as you like. It’s your hair after all.

5. Elegant Mullet Haircut. In case you shy away from mullets because of the brazen edginess of some women’s mullet styles, this less dramatic style is proof a mullet doesn’t have to lose its feminine charm to look trendy. A rosy retro-style mullet fit for a 21st century queen.

6. Spiky Short Cut with Longer Bottom. One of the sassy mullets for women who aren’t shy to stand out from the crowd. The hair is a total statement on its own. For you to accompany a spiky mullet cut with shaved sides, you’re nothing short of bold and beautiful.

7. Frisky Mullet with Bangs. Mullets with long bangs are incredibly gorgeous. Tousle your hair to give it a lived-in, messy feel, and an effortlessly chic and sassy appearance.

8. Mullet with Face-Framing Bangs. This delightful mullet look is a fusion of a good ol’ shag haircut and a classic mullet cut. Its most fascinating detail is the thick fringe that sweeps across the forehead to end in a flipped piece on each side of her face.

9. Long Wavy Mullet. For a modern woman with mullet hair, the game is in individuality. Your mullet haircut should freely express your personal style. This astonishingly bold haircut features a mix of dramatic details that a mullet haircut needs to come alive.

10. Ultra-Short Hairstyle. The shorter the hairstyle, the harder they stare. A thrilling upgrade to the traditional mullet haircut. Old-fashioned mullet styles of the 60s would be astonished to see this extraordinarily daring haircut in their league.

11. Retro Mullet Hairstyle. The signature layers-on-top-of-layers haircut lends a super-cool, fashionable twist to female mullet hairstyles. We’re in love with the textured feel of this retro mullet hairstyle.

12. Edgy Pixie Mullet. This transformation has an enticing good-girl-gone-bad flair. The unusual combo of the messy pixie crown and cool mullet cut in the back is playfully cute and stylish. Her wide-eyed innocent look creates a nice contrast to her edgy haircut.

13. Korean-Themed Mullet. Steal the spotlight with this straight mullet hair. Actually, there’s nothing straight and simple about this Korean-themed mullet haircut. Its mesmeric, quirky allure can only be handled by a woman who isn’t afraid to do things differently.

14. Punk Mullet with Shaved Sides. Definitely the right type of mullet hairstyles for women who are unconventional in their personal style. This hairstyle says you’re a nonconformist and aren’t out to play by anyone’s rules.

15. Curly Mohawk Mullet Hairstyle. A curly hair mullet combines the gorgeousness of curly hair with the boldness of a mullet cut. If you’re looking at expressing your bold and audacious side in a hairstyle, a mohawk mullet can do that anytime any day. A perfect expression of bold and beautiful.

16. Wolf Mullet Haircut. A women’s mullet hairstyle that is as fearless and fierce as the name sounds. This style leverages lots of layers and fringes to create a wider crown. Pretty cool, ain’t it?

17. Vivid Mullet. Practically any feature of the classic mullet can be tweaked to create your choice mullet hairstyle. A change in color, bangs style, or length can do the desired transformation. Check out the magical effect of this pastel coloring on her hairstyle.

18. Multi-Color Mullet Hair. This is for you if you cherish a rebellious rockstar look. Our mullet hairstyle girl sure knows how to inject personality into her hair. Ultra-cool coloring, face-framing bangs, and splashy tattoos too, can she remain unnoticed?

19. Edgy Cropped Mullet. Edgy has levels. The edginess of this cut is outta this world. Completely rebellious and unusual. Try this sassy short hair mullet if you’ve got the confidence to pull it off.

20. Pink Mullet-Pixie Haircut. Combining the funky flair of a pixie haircut and the sassy feel of a modern mullet, this pastel pink hair pulls a flirty allure. A mullet with shaved sides lends you a punk rockstar look.

21. Textured Blonde Mullet. A very suitable haircut for women who find their hair unmanageable and hard to maintain. Turn all that unruliness into messy mullet hair. Preferably short for easy management.

22. Gothic Mullet Hair. Mullet isn’t just a haircut, you know. It’s an attitude. It’s about confidence. Matched with the right makeup and ornaments, this jet black medium mullet perfectly represents the goth culture.

23. Razor Cut Unicorn Mullet. Who would believe edgy and soft could be sitting side by side within one hairstyle? This punk rock mullet is too cute for words to describe. It’s got all that rebellious punk feel yet looks ulta soft and feminine.

24. Blended Mullet Haircut. Do you love mullet haircuts for women but would prefer a less dramatic look? Try a style like this. Your stylist will keep the punk details to the minimum to deliver a laid-back mullet that still showcases your unique style preference.

25. Mullet with Edgy Undershave. This haircut is edgy in a cool way. Her undershave, together with the baby bangs spanning more than half the circumference of her head added a super-cool touch to her classic mullet haircut.

26. Boyish Female Mullet. Truly women’s mullet hairstyles are versatile. Just when you think you’ve seen it all – boom – another style springs up. The cute, boyish charm of this absolutely non-conventional cut is electrifying. The drape of the long side pieces by her shaved temple is an instant attention-grabber.

27. Apricot Mullet. The fuzzy, feline feel of this apricot-colored mullet haircut is just enthralling. We like the cropped pixie look. Add an unusual hair color and long side pieces, and you have a showstopping hairstyle.

28. Piece-y Classic Mullet Hairstyle. For women’s mullet hairstyles, it’s not really about perfection. It’s all about embracing all there is about your hair, styling it into a hairstyle that reflects your taste, and rocking your haircut with impunity. This one here is perfect for a newbie trying to join the sassy world of modern mullet hairstyles.

29. Mullet Haircut for Older Women. In case you’re yet to notice, mullet hairstyles give women a much livelier and younger look. Probably because of their edgy and shaggy rockstar vibes. So, if you’re looking for youthful hairstyles for women over 40, book a mullet cut down.

30. Blonde Wolf Cut Mullet. A daring collab of two classic favorites – shag and mullet haircuts. A wolf-cut mullet is basically a shaggy mullet, featuring lots of short layers around the crown and lengthier locks in the back.

By now you must have seen one or two mullet haircuts for women that speak your style dialect. Feel free to play around the hairstyle, and don’t be shy to give it your personal touch.

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