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50 Pixie Haircuts with Bangs for Short Hair Inspiration

4. Feminine Pixie Cut with Bangs. This cute hairstyle pairs the shape and fullness of a mushroom cut on the crown with the choppiness of a pixie all the way around to deliver an undone yet soft look.

A pixie cut with bangs is perfect for those who want a fresh look. Whether your hair is straight or not, this haircut can help you make the change you’ve always wanted.

We know you’re afraid to enter the short hair club, but look at these cool pixies with bangs, aren’t they edgy and cute?

1. Choppy Combover Pixie. If you have perfect face features, why hide them? Get a more luminous appearance with a feminine short pixie.

2. Dimensional Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs. A haircut that simply screams dimension and body! Highlights in the front add some spark to your eyes while a blend of short and long layers is taking care of the volume in the back.

3. Spiky Pixie for Fine Hair. Here’s a great pixie cut for thick fine hair. Style it spiky or slick it down.

4. Feminine Pixie Cut with Bangs. This cute hairstyle pairs the shape and fullness of a mushroom cut on the crown with the choppiness of a pixie all the way around to deliver an undone yet soft look.

5. Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs. This style boasts so much texture and charm that it will turn heads wherever you go. Choppy layers, stunning bangs, a deep copper color – this hairdo has it all. However, be ready to invest some time into styling!

6. Sliced Pixie Short Hair. This sliced pixie cut can be good for everyone, regardless of the hair thickness. Pairing it with a pearl ash blonde color is the best decision for those who want to look stylish.

7. Dark Blonde Pixie with Angled Layers. Keep your back hair short and create layers for the remaining hair, including your bangs.

8. Piece-y Pixie for Thick Hair. Who said a short haircut is not good to show off thick hair? This pixie variation is voluminous and textured, and it will draw attention to your luxurious hair.

9. Choppy Pixie. A short choppy haircut like this is easy to style and wear. Tousle your hair a little bit, and you’re ready to go!

10. Extra Short Pixie Cut with Bangs. Highlight your eyes and your beautiful face shape with this ultrashort pixie style. Tone your hair with an unusual shade, such as burgundy, copper, or platinum, for a futuristic vibe.

11. Chic Messy Pixie Cut with Bangs. This edgy crop has its side and top tresses swept forward to nicely blend in with the piece-y fringe and direct all the attention to the eyes.

12. Shaggy Long Pixie with Bangs. Life gets busy. Luckily, messy and trendy go hand in hand nowadays! This hairdo requires minimal styling – simply refresh your pixie cut at the salon at least once a month.

13. Undercut Pixie with Long Bangs. A pixie haircut with long bangs is a perfect combination of gamine and girly. Besides, you will look as if you are coming straight from the catwalk with this statement style.

14. Voluminous Pixie Bob Haircut with Bangs. Mimicking the shape of an A-line bob, this cut goes much shorter in the back and adds face-framing bangs, highlights, and sliced ends to the dimensional look.

15. Bold Pixie Haircut with Bangs and Undercut. If you want to play with asymmetry, you can draw inspiration from this style that combines an undercut on one side with an eye-skimming fringe swept to another side.

16. Tousled Pixie Hairstyle with Bangs. Wispy bangs chime well with the fine top pieces of this full pixie and bring some airiness into the disheveled mane.

17. Textured Long Pixie Cut with Bangs. Although the hair on the crown is left pretty long here, the thinned-out ends and short layers make it light enough to create a nice lift, not to mention texture galore.

18. Curly Salt-and-Pepper Pixie with Bangs. Older women are also encouraged to experiment with bangs since they can soften age-related changes in facial features. Moreover, a curly fringe is sure to add bounce and playfulness.

19. Bright Pixie Cut with Long Bangs. A pixie cut with side-swept bangs is pure rock’n’roll. Add a bright hair color, such as this fiery red, and you’ll look and feel like a star at all times.

20. High-Contrast Undercut Pixie. Can’t decide whether you want to go blonde or brunette? Do both with this edgy style! This hairdo is a true pleasure to look at, as it clashes colors, styles, and textures.

21. Cute Short Pixie with Bangs. You will look simply adorable with this finely shaped cut. Keep your natural hair color or dye it any color – a cute style is guaranteed either way.

22. Undercut Pixie with Bangs. The airy pixie with a side undercut and bangs that highlights your sharp facial features is one of the best current styles for short hair.

23. Pixie Cut with Very Short Bangs. Tired of the long morning hair routine? Why not choose a short pixie that is almost unnecessary to style.

24. Rounded Short Pixie Cut with Bangs. Layers for days can make your fine hair sleek and voluminous. A side parting and soft undercut are nice touches to add.

25. Gray Pixie with Straight Bangs. Edgy and modern, this cut with choppy bangs and textured layers throughout will spice your everyday look.

26. Elegant Two-Tone Pixie with Definition. This exquisite haircut is carefully sculptured with its well-defined blonde crown pieces matching the bangs and, quite the opposite, contrasting with the bottom color.

27. Short Pixie with Long Bangs. Play around with some volume and length by keeping your crown feathery and airy and leaning towards an uneven and rather long fringe in the front.

28. Very Short Pixie Cut with Bangs. A delicate style to show off your well-done brows and put an accent on your soft facial features.

29. Blonde Pixie Cut with Long Bangs. If you have beautiful thick hair and want a longer pixie cut, try this one. Open up your face with an asymmetrical pixie bob paired with glamorous swoopy bangs.

30. Shaggy Highlighted Short Pixie with Bangs. The short shaggy layers in the back are completed with a long tousled fringe. Upgrade it with sun-kissed highlights to prolong summer.

31. Short Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs for Black Hair. Can’t find a better duo than an edgy short pixie cut and a long side fringe. The jagged uneven ends finish off the look wonderfully.

32. Pixie with Long Bangs and Balayage. You can have an elegant look every day with this hairstyle. Tip: highlights are the main attraction here.

33. Caramel Brown Pixie with Swoopy Bangs. These caramel highlights create nice depth against the brown base, and the razor-cut ends swept to the side infuse texture and movement into the look.

34. Pixie with Dark Roots. Shaggy pixies look so well, whether they’re long or short, and the photo below is the best example.

Long Shaggy Pixie
By Hiro

35. Ethereal Platinum Blonde Pixie with Spikes. This style has something intriguing in the way it couples the overall ethereality with sassy spikes at the crown, repeated in the shape of the fringe.

36. Boyish Choppy Pixie with Piece-y Bangs. This crop is kept smoothed on the sides but boasts a revel of sticking-out tresses at the top and in the front to result in a rebellious and fun look.

37. Layered Pixie Cut with Bangs. If you have one of those faces that make people confuse you with a fairy, then getting a messy, textured pixie with a feathered fringe should be a no brainer.

38. Very Short Hair with Bangs. Some women are not afraid to wear their hair very short, and if you are one of them, this haircut will look amazing on you, because it will totally highlight your face features.

39. Razored Pixie Bob with Bangs. Thick hair looks ravishing with the style that is both elegant and slightly messy thanks to the razored layers.

40. Bobbed Pixie with Long Bangs. This feathery style provides a happy medium between a bob and a pixie, granting much versatility in styling, including a choice of manipulation with the bangs.

41. Fun Shaggy Pixie with Jagged Bangs. The short, jagged bangs of this chop are interestingly counterpointed by a couple of long strands on the crown while putting the eyes into the spotlight.

42. Neat Bixie Haircut with Highlights. Here is a fancy way to style a longer version of a pixie — by sweeping tresses that sit along both sides of your parting forward to create a fringe.

43. Pixie Bob with Short Bangs for Thick Hair. Changing the way you look may be a tough call, but trust us, thick locks will only benefit from such a modern hairdo with long textured layers and a full fringe.

44. Short Pixie with a Side Fringe. Choppy cuts like this one are utterly easy to recreate and look after. So, put in on the list of the low-maintenance styles you should definitely try!

45. Chunky Blonde Pixie for Thick Hair. This cut keeps the thick hair under full control giving it an accurate shape, invoking tons of texture, and retaining most of the volume around the crown.

46. Pixie Cut with Short Bangs. If you have a round face, you can embrace short pixie hair with asymmetrical bangs. Such short bangs are also called ‘baby bangs’.

47. Pixie Cut with Deep Undercut and Bangs. Today’s cute pixie cuts with bangs somewhat give off 90s grunge vibes. The undercut sides are covered with short feathered layers on top and finished off with a pointy fringe.

48. Blonde Pixie with Baby Bangs. Remember Annie Lennox? She used to wear her hair like that, and now it seems that the short blonde pixie trend is back.

49. Layered Short Bangs. Who says that if you cut your hair short, you won’t be feminine? This picture is the perfect example of “they were wrong”.

50. Classic Pixie with a Side-Swept Fringe. First things first, pixies are amazing with sharp features, so, if you have a jaw-line or cheekbones to show off, it’s your chance. A side-swept fringe is a must for cute pixie cuts with bangs nowadays.

Many women shy away from a pixie cut with bangs because they think only long hair equals femininity. As shown in this article, this is not the case. Sometimes, you can look even more elegant with a short haircut.

by Andreea Haba
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