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40 Most Beautiful Plum Hair Color Ideas

Ema Globyte

How often do you see a person rocking plum hair color? Among all the unusual hair colors, plum with its various shades is one of the most popular ones. No wonder girls keep buying plum hair dye, trying to stand out and get as much attention as they can – this color is bold, vibrant, but, at the same time, it doesn’t look weird or unnatural.

If you’re looking for a new plum hue to try, we have just picked the 40 best current plum hair color ideas. We are pretty sure you’ll be able to find the perfect color that will suit your appearance and personality.

1. Multi-Color Plum Balayage. Don’t be afraid to mix different colors. Plum goes well with red, violet, lilac, blue, and all their shades.

2. Dark Plum Hair Color. If you are a romantic, you will probably love this dark plum hair color. Add some highlights to enhance texture and dimension.

3. Dark to Bright Plum Ombre Hair. Classy and quite the thing nowadays. An ombre like this one will definitely suit women of all ages.

4. Plum Dark Purple Hair. A deep plum purple color will certainly attract everyone’s attention, especially if you add lavender money pieces. Everything about this hairstyle is eye-catching.

5. Plum Wine Hair Color. Being one of the top 2022 trends, this color has beautiful red tones that warm up the traditional plum hair color.

6. Chocolate Plum. This hair looks like chocolate with blueberry bits. Yum! Go for subtle or bright highlights, depending on your personality and mood.

7. Black Plum Hair Color. Pop stars used to blend black strands into their blonde hair in the early two thousands. Now try plum black hair and see how modern it looks!

8. Black and Plum Balayage. Yes, we love balayage! This one would be perfect for girls with nearly black hair. And remember, you ARE a queen.

9. Eggplant Plum. Refresh your brunette hair with intense purples. For a dramatic effect, try this shiny eggplant coloring and you won’t stay unnoticed.

10. Black Cherry Plum Hair Color. What a beautiful shade of plum! It has an amazing velvety finish that blends burgundy and plum purple hair color for a spectacular result.

11. Deep Plum Hair Color. A deep plum color looks intense when mixed with reddish hues. This makes burgundy a perfect hue for highlights to go with plum hair!

12. Plum Hair Color with Highlights. While it might be tricky for blonde girls to experiment with plum dyes, brunettes can do it with ease. The deep purple balayage with beautiful midshaft highlights is a great idea!

13. Light Plum Hair Color. If you aren’t fond of neon and rich colors, try pastel plum. This is a very feminine shade that will make you look a few years younger and feel romantic.

14. High-Shine Plum Hair Color. What’s great about this idea is that it suits every lady who prefers dark hair colors, be it a businesswoman, a romantic girl, or an older lady.

15. Plum Hair with Fuchsia Streaks. To spice up your look, you don’t need to go full-plum – just add a couple of streaks to rock this Harley Quinn-inspired style.

16. Raspberry Plum Hair Color. This one is for the brightest ladies. We bet not everyone is bold enough to dye their hair like that. Are you?

17. Plum Brown Hair Color. If you already have brown hair, lucky you! You may just wash your hair with a plum coloring shampoo – and the job is done!

18. Glossy Plum Balayage Hair. In case you haven’t decided yet which shade of plum you want to try, go for the classic plum color! It looks gorgeous on everyone, especially women with blue or hazel eyes.

19. Plum Balayage with Brown Roots. An even color might look unnatural, flat, and boring overall, so we recommend adding a few other shades and highlights, of course.

20. Plum Hair Color in Highlights. You can either use plum color as a base or add plum highlights on black or dark brown hair. It’s a win-win solution either way!

21. Plum Dark Purple Hair. The deeply rich plum hair color is remarkably attractive, giving off a unique sheen and vibrancy that is almost exotic. Pairing her dark purple hair with light magenta-red highlights makes her hair effortlessly elegant.

22. Plum Burgundy Hair Color. A fascinating combination of burgundy-red highlights and dark hair. The showy highlights supply the lively vibes her basic brunette hair lacked, while the dark brunette background tone down the heady shade of bright burgundy.

23. Plum Hair Color Mix. We can’t help falling in love with the multi-tonal and textured feel of her plum hair. The generous sprinkles of dusky burgundy and raspberry highlights add a gorgeously lustrous finish to her dark hair.

24. Eggplant Plum Hair. Eggplant plum looks exceptionally befitting on very dark hair colors. One of the things we find captivating about her plum hair is its marbled look, and how it pulls off a multi-dimensional appearance while maintaining a prudish, no-hair-out-of-place vibe.

Black and Purple Plum Hair
By Niki

25. Plum Purple Hair. The plum hair in bright purple shades packs a solid punch of tones and undertones. Her medium wavy hair throws off hints of warm bright reds and cool dark purples.

26. Plum Burgundy Balayage. A sleek and straight brunette bob spiced with plum burgundy hair color. Streaks of burgundy balayage provide a subtle cover for the light brown base color adding movement and allure to her back-swept bob.

27. Brown Plum Hair Color. When you have a natural mane as gorgeous, healthy, and luxuriant as hers, you can’t resist the desire to flaunt what Momma nature gave you. She rocks hers really well with shades of plum and natural brown lowlights. The sun-kissed finish is enviable.

28. Raspberry Plum Hair Color. Vivid hues like raspberry plum give a refreshing fancy-classy appearance to short hairstyles. This blunt-cut short hairstyle with bangs does look sassy and super-chic. Worth copying!

29. Long Plum Hair. Whether short, medium, or long, plum hair color delivers a glamorous lift to gloomy dark hair. The model’s long tresses take on an adventurous look with the warm plum burgundy hair color.

30. Shoulder-Length Warm Plum Hair. The splash of light plum hair color draws out the warmth in her face and makes her complexion pop. Face-framing plum strands introduce a refreshing tinge of warmth and liveliness, regardless of your skin tone.

31. Plum Hair in Money Pieces. Nothing gives as much interest to black hair as bright highlights. No matter how old you are, plum purple hair streaks are a great way to embrace your fun personality.

32. Plum Burgundy Hair Color. This beautiful plum burgundy hue is subtle and chic. Nothing’s better if you want to test plum red color for brunette hair. It works great for both business ladies and street-style icons.

33. Cherry Plum Hair Color. We can’t get enough of these magnificent red hues on black plum hair. Black, cherry red, and plum brown hair colors mix perfectly.

34. Black to Fuchsia Ombre. Check how this vivid dye job completes the choppy cut. If you have black hair, don’t be shy and spice up your style by rocking this bright shade of plum.

35. Chunky Burgundy Highlights. Check out this super-rich plum burgundy hair color that goes so well with black.

36. Plum Red Hair. The deep plum color with red and pinkish hues is such a beautiful piece of art! If you have green eyes, this color scheme will be pure magic on you.

37. Mahogany Hair. This highly rich hair color blends shades of brown, red, and purple to deliver the perfect spicy mix. The outcome is striking in the best way possible.

38. Muted Rose Plum Hair. Pink tones are trendy right now, so you can experiment with this sophisticated light rose plum balayage if you don’t want anything too flashy.

39. Striking Amethyst. Amethyst is slowly becoming even more popular than lavender for hair colors. The shades are quite similar, but amethyst is typically darker.

40. Plum Dark Burgundy Hair. A pinch of red can work miracles for any hair color. The result is radiant – it would look incredible on any hair texture.

If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle this season, try a surprising pop of color with plum hair. This bright color is fantastic because, as we have just seen, it comes in any shade and depth imaginable and can flatter any skin tone and eye color. All you have to do is decide which one is for you!