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30 Sew In Hairstyles for a Beautiful Transformation

Have you ever heard of sew in hairstyles? They’re popular among women who want to have that long silky hair with little to no effort! How? Find out in this article while checking out our 30 trending looks with sew in extensions and reading a short Q&A about sewins.

First things first. Here are some of the most common questions about sew in styles:

What is a sew in? Sew in hair starts with your strands braided into cornrows. After that, hair extensions are sewn to these cornrows with a special needle and thread.

How much does sew in cost? The cost of a sew-in will depend on many factors. Such as where you live and how talented your stylist is. On average, a visit alone can range from $100 to $600, excluding the extensions.

Are sew-ins bad for your hair? If the sew-in is properly installed and cared for, it will not damage your natural hair. Moreover, it is even believed that sew-ins are protective for your hair.

What’s the difference between a weave and a sew in? The word “weave” has a more general meaning. A hair weave is artificial or human hair that can be attached to one’s natural hair with the help of braiding, gluing, or sewing. The glue in quick weave mainly differs from sew in weave in terms of cost. Adhesives used in glue-ins are generally inexpensive, while those who want to have sew in extensions prefer to have them professionally installed.

How long does a sew last? Sew-ins typically last 6 to 12 weeks. The amount of time they last depends on how well the hairstylist did their job and how they were taken care of.

Can sew ins grow your hair? Yes, this is because sew-ins allow your natural hair to grow while also protecting it with extensions.

How long does a sew-in take to install? Depending on your hair texture, length, and style you want, the sew-in installation can take around 3 to 6 hours.

How many bundles do you need? This depends on how much hair you want. For example, a full sew-in generally requires 3 bundles, while a partial sew in needs 2.

Why can sew in itch so bad? Hair follicles become inflamed if the braiding or sewing is too tight, or the post-salon hair care is improper.

How are sew ins taken out? You just need to feel for the threads connecting the tracks in your hair and cut them with scissors, or visit a professional.

30 Best Sew In Hairstyles

Here are 30 ideas to inspire you for a style transformation. Perhaps, you can choose a hairdo to discover a new version of yourself through style!

1. Extravagant Waves Sew In. Popular among sew in styles, the elegant black curly weave will help you channel your inner goddess.

2. Sleek Side Part Bob Sew In. It’s one of the sew in bob hairstyles fit for any event, be it casual or formal.

3. Two-Tone Sew In. The warm bronde blend complements warm skin tones, while the black roots make your hair grow out beautifully.

4. Sew In with Leave Out. “Leave out” means some of your real hair is left out and will be blended with extensions. So gorgeous!

5. Long Side Part Sew In. If you’re particularly interested in asymmetrical hairstyles, get a side part sew in!

6. Half Up Half Down Sew In. Ooze a fun and flirty vibe with a half-up half-down hairdo while showing off your impressive extensions.

7. Long Middle Part Sew In. Middle part hairstyles work best for oblong faces to make them seem rounder and give them a softer look.

8. Short Blonde Sew In Bob. This middle part bob sew in looks terrific in a solid blonde color. Show off an effortless and chic look with this hairstyle.

9. Ebony Curls and Swoopy Bangs. Tune your sexy vibe up with shiny ebony curls and dashing swoopy bangs.

10. Side-Parted Layered Sew In. Go all-in with these splendid sew in waves. Get voluminous curls and dramatic long side bangs to match.

11. Braids and Ringlets Sew In. This is one of the hairstyle ideas for the leave-out method. Get goddess braids and bouncy ringlets for a high-fashion look.

12. Sew In No Leave Out. The no leave out method protects your hair by sewing all of it under the wefts. The result looks amazing!

13. Blonde Sew In with Reverse Ombre. Choose between a middle and side part with colorful sew-ins. For an eye-catching look, pick an unusual gradient of colors, and you’re ready to slay.

14. Sew In with Bangs. Bangs help to balance out your face shape. For example, wispy bangs are best for heart-shaped faces, while side-swept bangs are great for round ones.

15. Lavish Curls Sew In. It’s one of the most glamorous sew in hairstyles that delivers voluminous hair and extra shine!

16. Black Sew In with Highlights. Introduce a lighter tone to set off the darker curls underneath. Pick from endless shades and combinations and rock your fashion-forward hairstyle!

17. Braidless Sew In. Are you more into loose hair rather than braids? Then you will definitely love this braidless sew in!

18. Spiral Curls Sew In. This curly hair sew in looks like natural ringlet curls and gives your hair volume and dimension. Spiral curls are best for those who have feminine faces.

19. Deep Side Part Sew In. Get a deep side part if you have a round face to visually elongate it. This style also highlights your cheekbones.

20. Straight Sew In. Look sophisticated and glamorous with sew in hairstyles for straight hair. This hairdo is best for fuller face shapes.

21. Sew In with Caramel Highlights. Be a cut above the rest with caramel highlights that are great for olive skin.

22. Sew In Ponytail. Play around with your hair and get it into a high pony. Look even more irresistible by adding soft waves.

23. Invisible Part Sew In. Also referred to as an L Part Wig because it forms the “L” shape parting, this sew in is covered by your hair and makes the wig unnoticeable.

24. Red Sew In. Mesmerizing and marvelous, the red-colored hair is a sure head-turner. We are getting major Ariel mermaid vibes!

25. Curly Full Sew In. What is a full sew in? It means the base is fully braided which makes it perfect for extensions of any length.

26. Bright Blonde Wavy Sew In. This weave offers you a variety of styles you can try out. Look at this epic wavy blonde style!

27. Sophisticated Curls Sew In. Pick extensions that can sharpen your jawline and enhance your cheekbones, such as those polished layered curls.

28. Tamed Curly Sew In. The natural-looking sew in with tamed curls feels sleek and gorgeous. Go ahead and try this Hollywood diva style!

29. Blonde Sew In. Try a full blonde weave for a nice change and flaunt your new style effortlessly.

Bright Blonde Center-Parted Weave
By Slim

30. Sew In with Highlights. Get a subtle balayage look by blending a few lighter browns into your natural hair color for an interesting look.

Ready for a sew in style? Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you for a change! Trendy sew in hairstyles can quickly deliver you the look of your dream.

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