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50 Beautiful Short Hairstyles for Women over 60 to Choose From

11. Wavy Pixie Haircuts for Over 60. A pixie hairstyle suits women with all hair types and all hair textures. For thinner hair, waves work perfectly as they deliver more volume and dimension to the haircut.

You may be getting older, but your hairstyle can remain timeless. Check out these 50 beautiful hairstyles for women over 60.

When you’re growing older your haircut should stay young and current – short haircuts for women over 60 are getting more elegant and sophisticated every year. With more hairstylists joining the field daily, there are tons of new hair ideas generated which means there’s definitely something out there to fit your needs and preferences.

Check out these 50 beautiful hairstyles for women over 60.

1. Short Feathered Cut. For women with fine hair, thicken up your piece-y layers with hair curlers or some texturizing spray.

2. White Hair Over 60. White pixies with undercuts will always look stylish on older women.

3. Pixie Haircut with Highlights. Getting highlighted feathers will spice up your hairstyle and your overall look, so have no fear and go experiment with your hair color!

4. Short Gray Hair for Women over 60. This hairstyle is very elegant and graceful, making any woman look classy and young. Use purple shampoo to keep your natural gray brass-free and get side-swept bangs – and voilà! Compliments guaranteed.

5. Classic Stacked Bob Cut. Bob cuts will always be included into the list of the best short hairstyles for women over 60 for their versatility and timelessness. The bob cut is convenient and feminine. Add bangs and color for a complete re-styling and turn heads wherever you go!

6. Cropped Pixie with Layers. Picking short haircuts for women over 60 can go as far as selecting an ultra-short pixie. Why not? Pixie cuts have always been a favorite when it comes to total makeovers, so start yours now!

7. Bouncy Cut with Thin Bangs. Want to try some cute bangs but don’t want anything drastic? Thin, piecey bangs are easily arranged to stay where you want them.

8. Feathered Tapered Pixie Cut. This is one of the most popular short haircuts for women over 60 as it’s very stylish and, thanks to its tapered shape, it’ll make you look taller.

9. Wispy Short Silver Hair. If you want hassle-free hair, then this one’s for you! Especially flattering to those with fine hair, these silver wisps create an illusion of volume and make your hair appear fluffier.

10. Short Top Long Sides. Very short cuts with longer sides are a great chic option if you’re 60 and older and looking for an elegant style.

11. Wavy Pixie Haircuts for Over 60. A pixie hairstyle suits women with all hair types and all hair textures. For thinner hair, waves work perfectly as they deliver more volume and dimension to the haircut.

12. Extra-Short Blonde Pixie. Not every woman is willing to rock silver hair. If you are more into warm hair colors, consider dyeing your hair blonde! The short pixie is definitely one of the best short hairstyles for fine hair over 60.

13. Short Shaggy Haircuts for Over 60. Who says that you can’t play with your hairstyle just because you are 60+? Your wild days are not gone! Freshen up your look and get the 70s back by rocking a shaggy pixie cut.

14. Pixie with Pointy Sideburns. Pointed sides at the ears make for cute details on short haircuts for women over 60.

15. Lavender-Gray Spiky Haircut. Lavender looks so good on older ladies and goes well with short spiky haircuts for over 60. This piece-y hairdo brings a lot of texture and dimension to your locks.

16. Textured Short Hairstyle. The textured bronde pixie with spiky bits at the top is fun, modern, and stylish to boot! If you’re 60 and older, you’ll appreciate how easy the upkeep is.

17. Fine Hair with Bangs. Ladies over 60 years old with fine hair may try a parted pixie haircut with minimal bang action.

18. Messy Bangs. A short messy cut with bangs will always be cute and it’s a style you can rock whether you’re young or 60 plus!

19. Short Gray Hairstyle. If you’re finding more gray hairs as you age, compliment them with lowlights and get a fresh and current hair color solution flattering for any hair type, including fine straight hair.

20. Salt-and-Pepper Curly Hair. If you’re looking for youthful short hairstyles for women over 60 with glasses, a curly pixie could be your go-to hairdo. The well-defined curls will make you look really fresh and young, even if you don’t dye your hair a crazy color.

21. Gray Cut with Chunky Frames. A sliced pixie with very short blunt bangs (aka baby bangs) is another stylish and modern haircut idea for women over 60 with glasses. And these frames! Follow her example and choose interesting and non-banal eyewear.

22. Choppy Feathered Pixie Hairstyle. Pixies are common short hairstyles for women over 60 because they are very easy to style and don’t need any special maintenance. Besides, a pixie cut is great for thin hair. Here we also see a very interesting “patchy” frosted highlighting technique.

23. Layered Cut with Long Sides. For a different take on the pixie haircut, try having longer sides and longer layered locks on the crown rather than a cropped top.

24. Curly Hair with Undercut. Turning 60 and want something really different? Try a salt-and-pepper undercut topped with tousled layered curls.

25. Blonde Tapered Pixie. This cut reveals the nape of the neck and provides a sporty, young look. Pair with sassy bangs that hit the cheekbone and think of a fresh hair color.

26. Silver Pixie Bob with Lowlights. For those who are into a bit longer hair than pixies, pixie-bobs and short bobs for women over 60 would be an excellent choice. Add lowlights to your natural gray for more texture.

27. Pixie Bob Haircut with Sideburns. Sideburns make your face visually thinner and lend some special charm to your whole look. A great option for fine straight hair.

28. Piece-y Haircut Over 60. Short hairstyles for fine hair over 60 look even better when you upgrade them with delicious colors, such as this golden blonde with babylights.

29. Straight Cropped Pixie. Pixies are your best option when it comes to short hair over 60. Spend less time styling with a low-maintenance haircut.

30. Undercut with Highlighted Top. Play up your gray hair with a shiny silver top set off by naturally colored undercut.

31. Short Cut with Body. The short feathered cut with teased roots and babylights provides a voluminous hairstyle flattering for most women.

32. Short Layered Blonde Hairstyle. Keeping layers wavy and feathered boosts texture and movement in short-to-medium hair.

33. Razored Pixie Bob. If pixies are too short for you, this shorter version of a bob with razored layers and white blonde highlights is another gorgeous choice.

34. Gray Short Hair. Older women tend to color their hair as they age, but why not embrace your elegant gray color with a cute pixie?

35. Spiky Crop for Older Women. Make your spiky pixie haircut pop with an all-over bold color.

36. Short Angled Haircut. An angled cut is a fun style to try, especially if you’re a 60 year old woman with fine hair as the angles will provide perfect edges and boost volume.

37. Black and White Curly Cut. The cute curly haircut shows off white hair as a face frame under voluminous black locks.

38. Soft Piece-y Short Hair. Women in their 60s will find it easy to liven up gray blonde hair with a hint of pastel pink.

39. Short Cut with Long Side-Swept Bangs. Ideal for both a slim and round face shape, this hairstyle chops years off with just an asymmetrical cut and a shiny silver color. Be cool and trendy without feeling over the top with this fantastic, brave haircut.

40. Gray Wavy Tousled Bob. The stylish curly gray bob gets some flattering hints of blonde to add some healthy glow to the complexion for a younger look.

41. White Feathered Bob. The short white bob with feathered bangs is the epitome of elegance. When it comes to short bob haircuts, texture and shape are crucial.

42. Tapered Cut for Gray Hair. Work with fine hair and boost its texture with long sliced layers shortened towards the nape. Ask your stylist for a customized color to blend in your grays.

43. Short Crop with Undercut. Pixies with short temples and nape are great hairstyles for women 60 and up with a round face because undercuts can slim down the face and make you look younger.

44. Angled Bob for Older Women with a Double Chin. Neat angled cuts will make older women look and feel their best.

45. Bright Mohawk. If you can’t rock a red and white Mohawk when you’re 60 and up, when can you?

46. Chocolate and Cinnamon Layered Bob. The soft reddish highlights bring the spice to the layered brown bob hairstyle with short side bangs.

47. Straight Hair with a Middle Part. Are you an older woman with thin or fine straight hair? You’ll love a simple short hairstyle parted in the middle.

48. Golden Feathered Cut. Razor cutting creates the gorgeous feathered layers we love so much on a short hairstyle.

49. Short Hair with Glasses. For women over 60 with glasses, a bob with a wavy side bang and lots of texture is super cute.

50. Straight Bob for Women Over 60. Here the short sleek bob is balanced out with straight eyebrow-grazing bangs. The precision cut hits the jawline for a neat, flattering style.

Hopefully, you feel a little better about the abundance of options you have in short haircuts for women over 60. The nice thing about short hair is low-maintenance and freedom to transform into another style in a short time.

by Serena Piper
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