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30 Short Wolf Cut Versions That Will Make You Want a Big Chop

Haircuts based on shags and mullets have been trending for several years in a row, and the short wolf cut is among them. Surprised that a wolf cut can be done on short locks? Then read on!

A lot of women believe that they need at least a medium length to rock the heavily layered wolf cut style, which is a far cry from the truth. Actually, cropped variants of the cut follow the same scheme — shorter layers on the top to create volume around the crown and longer hair in the back that tapers toward the bottom — and you will be thrilled to find out in how many ways this can be done.

Check out the ideas of short wolf cuts below:

1. Short Wolf Cut with Bangs and Wispy Ends. The deeply sliced-out ends of this style fill the straight hair with texture and make the entire look sharper while leaving plenty of body.

2. Short Wolf Haircut with Micro Curtain Bangs. This cut offers a whole new take on trendy curtain bangs, complementing a choppy mullet with their fun mini version.

3. Messy Short Wolf Cut with Bangs. This razor-cut style releases waves in the nude brown locks and gets them perfectly ready for effortless air-drying and cute messy styling.

4. Haircut with Curtain Bangs and Face Framing Layers. Unlike the previous styles that keep the sides rather short, this wolf-cut iteration lets wispy curtain bangs melt into face-framing layers.

5. Jet-Black Short Wolf Hairstyle with Cropped Sides. This tousled style hugs the face along the temples to highlight the cheekbones but adds both height and length to balance the facial contour.

6. Bob-Length Wolf Cut with Graduated Bangs. If you are looking for a wolf cut for short hair of a bob length, you will have no problem replicating this bouncy cut.

7. Sassy Mullet with Undercut. Although hitting the shoulders in the back, this is a super short wolf cut in the front, radiating grunge vibes through the cheekily shaved temples.

8. Short Curly Wolf Cut with Arched Bangs. Girls with curls can’t go wrong with the wolf cut since this hair texture is perfect for emphasizing its shagginess without much styling.

9. Piece-y Wolf Cut for Short Straight Hair. Vice versa, straight hair may need the help of hot tools and texturizing products to arrive at a proper look, but the choppiness of this cut does half the job.

10. Wolf Cut for Wavy Hair with Short Bangs. We have already seen straight micro bangs with a wolf cut, so it’s time to make sure wavy bits look no less impressive.

11. Short Layered Wolf Cut with Elongated Sides. By leaving longer pieces on the sides, you get some extra hair to play with and can tuck it behind the ears or allow the strands to hang loose.

12. Modern Mullet with Sculptured Face Framing. This short wolf-cut hair does require some styling efforts to arrange the front pieces nicely, yet the outcome is definitely worth it!

13. Short Hair Wolf Cut with Razor Finish. Apart from the fancy lavender edging, this style stands out for low maintenance since the razor-cut layers in the fuzzy hair need only some roughing up after applying a texturizer.

14. Airy Shag Made of Large Curls. Don’t hesitate to pair a curly wolf cut with short hair, as the short layers will spotlight your natural texture while giving some structure to your ringlets.

15. Pixie Meets Mullet Hairstyle. If chopped a bit shorter in the back, this cut would lend a nice pixie, but the playful curls covering the neck truly add zest to the look.

16. Soft Wolf Cut on Short Hair. A wolf cut doesn’t need to be all messy, and the short top strands blended with longer layers can create a trendy style with a much softer feel.

17. Korean Wolf Cut with Deep Fringe and Braids. We can’t but adore the idea of putting the longer tresses of this cut into teeny-weeny braids, and we love how the deep bangs add fullness to the front.

18. Really Short Wolf Cut for Wavy Hair. The best thing this girl could do to bring her expressive features into focus is to frame the face with some graphic bangs flowing into the flirty sideburn ringlets.

19. Retro Wolf Cut for Short Hair. This tapered hairstyle comes with serious Joan Jett vibes, although it is cut to be less spiky and kept on a much lighter side.

20. Shaggy Short Wolf Cut for Fine Hair. Fine hair requires a careful approach to layering, and this shag opts for blunt ends on the bottom and longer layers throughout the perimeter to avoid a scarce look.

21. Straight Hair Wolf Cut with Bottleneck Bangs. This style accentuates the bone structure by adjusting the bangs and side tresses to skim the eyes and cheekbones at a flattering angle.

22. Wispy Wolf Cut with Flicky Layers. The wispy finish makes it easy to get these effortless flipped-out ends on the layered hair, adding it heaps of volume and movement.

23. Forest Fairy Wolf Cut. We wouldn’t be surprised to see pointy ears peeking out from under those bushy curls since the cut is wild and dreamy enough for free-spirited creatures living in the fairy forest.

24. Very Short Wolf Cut with Spiky Crown. This style offers an easy transition from a grown-out pixie and it’s cut with short bits at the top to create edgy spikes even on soft hair.

25. Rooty Wine Red Wolf Cut. While layering can deprive your hair of the body, darker roots and a deep fringe provide a sure-fire way to bring back depth and fullness.

26. Honey Blonde Wolf Cut with Long Top Layers. If you need to balance your facial features with more volume at the chin level, you can ask for longer layers on the crown and lots of disconnection on the bottom.

27. Choppy Mullet in Peach Blonde. Creative color schemes call for dramatic hairstyles, and these tousled strands of varying lengths chime with the mix of copper and blonde just right.

28. Platinum Blonde Shag for Thin Hair. We all know that thin straight hair tends to look limp and lifeless in hairstyles with no texture and layers, which is obviously not the case with this shaggy wolf cut.

29. Short Fluffy Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs. Think that mussy curls can overwhelm your face? This wolf cut delivers tons of volume around the perimeter yet keeps the face open.

30. Highlighted Wolf Cut with Money Piece. It never hurts to adorn a haircut with pops of color, and this contrasting scheme works great to emphasize the texture.

The short wolf cut is extremely versatile and can be customized to different hair types and face shapes. It is still having a moment, so if you like this haircut, arm yourself with an inspirational photo and head to a salon for a fresh chop and a trendy look.

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