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50 Most Enviable Stacked Bob Haircuts to Upgrade Your Look

Ema Globyte

47. Neck-Length Inverted Haircut with Feathery Finish. Cut blunt and stacked in the back to produce volume and show off density, this hair is made much airier with the feathered finish and dusty highlights placed against the light auburn base.

A stacked haircut doesn’t have to be plain – upgrade it with a new color, highlights, layers, waves, or curls. Stacked haircuts are meant to give you shape, volume, and texture.

Check our list of sexy stacked bob and pixie looks to try during your next trip to the salon.

1. Blonde Piece-y Stacked Bob. The choppy cut gives off a sassy vibe; style straight or in loose waves.

2. Shaggy Stacked A-Line Haircut. The shorter you go, the more volume your hair seems to have. Such layered cuts are a godsend for both thick and thin hair!

3. Stacked Balayage. We love the back view photos for stacked cuts because you can really see where the stacked layers meet and how they boost each other.

4. Feathered Stacked Bob. In terms of stacked bob hairstyles, this one will give you the most texture and volume.

5. Sleek Straight Inverted Bob. Short stacked layers show of the contrast of the base color with the highlighted top layer. With this cut you instantly get depth and thicker-looking hair.

6. Stacked Wavy Hairstyle. These undone waves will save even an imperfect shape of a grown out cut. Highlights are a pleasant bonus!

7. Tousled Stacked Bob with a Swoop. With the short layers cut in the back and the side-parted strands lifted in the front, this straight brunette hair gains a good deal of volume complemented with texture induced by messy styling.

8. Straight Burgundy Red Bob. We love the beautiful layers that don’t break the silhouette of this straight bob style. It gives off such a clean look that we can’t get enough of it!

9. Silver Pixie. Check this short stacked pixie cut with clean and crisp edges. The color is chic and modern – who would resist it?

10. Wispy Short Stacked Bob with Balayage. Show off your balayage color by keeping the longest length in the front and cropping layers towards the nape. Add some texture with stacked layers.

11. Stacked Bob with Mixed Highlights. If you are aiming for texture and volume, this bob variation with highlights in different shades is the right option for you. It is simple, elegant, and always on-point!

12. Walnut Brown Stacked Bob. Look how much height she has? If you want to get volume and height back into your hair, stacked layers are the way to go. This cut works great with any face shape and hair type.

13. Short Stacked Pixie Haircut. Look how much depth this color transition has and how the stacked layers add crown volume!

14. Glossy Blonde Stacked Bob. This A-line cut looks perfectly polished with no layering in the front and evenly shortened pieces toward the back. The two-tone blonde helps to camouflage grays if any and adds shine to the look.

15. Two-Tone Razored Stacked Bob. The balayage style gives a playful twist to this stacked cut. Have the highlight color on the shorter layers for an edgy look.

16. Stacked Bob with Bangs and Highlights. This choppy bob is cut very short at the nape, but its much longer sides and bangs allow for versatile styling and draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

17. Short Stacked Bob in Caramel Blonde. While layers at the back of this sweet bob fill it with texture and volume, the complex shade of blonde coupled with shadow roots enhances its depth even further.

18. Stacked Layered Bob. If you prefer shorter hair, nothing complements your look better than a flawless stacked haircut. To look even more irresistible, combine a short stacked inverted bob with platinum blonde for extra chic.

19. Smokey Short Stacked Haircut with Choppy Bangs. This edgy hybrid of a bob and a pixie combines the spikes at the crown with the jaggies in the bangs and derives an amazing depth from the dreamy brown-to-ash-blonde color scheme.

20. Wavy Stacked Bob Haircut. The sliced-out pieces placed around the perimeter of this honey-colored graduated bob release effortless waves in the bushy hair and give the haircut another layer of dimension enhanced even further with the splashes of golden highlights.

21. Voluminous Sleek Bob. Show off your beautiful neck and shoulders with this brilliant hairstyle. This bob variation radiates elegance and stands out from other short stacked haircuts.

22. Wavy Stacked Bob with Balayage. Here we have a longer version of a bob cut where the stacked part is hidden under the razor-cut, highlighted, and curled pieces.

23. Stacked Layered Bob with Highlights. If you are not ready for a super short stacked bob and bright colors, why not try a safer option? This beautiful brunette bob is among stacked hairstyles that never go out of fashion.

24. Stacked Haircut for Straight Hair. The rounded bob with textured ends is slightly shorter in the back and frames the face beautifully with long wispy layers.

25. Elongated Medium Stacked Bob. A feathered style that has plenty of volume in the crown area thanks to the puffy cut. It boosts the body of straight fine hair. The elongated bit is a sweet face-framing accent.

26. Stacked Inverted Bob with Bright Highlights. Even though highlights look great on medium-length hair, short stacked bob haircuts bring them to a whole new level. So, if you’ve been dreaming to freshen up your look for a while, it’s time to get that voluminous inverted bob right now!

27. Soft Jaw-Length Stacked Layered Bob. One of the cutest short stacked haircuts that is great for defining your jaw-line and beautiful facial features. A deep parting allows for some soft side bangs, moving most of the volume to your preferred side.

28. Sleek Bob for Thin Hair. The inverted bob haircut is an absolute favorite among women for good reason. Even if your hair is thin and lacking volume, you can rock this style and be the number one stunner at any event!

29. Brown Stacked Bob Haircut with Choppy Layers. This dark chocolate brown hairstyle comes with a messier finish due to the chunky and clearly disconnected layers placed throughout the cut.

30. Platinum Blonde Disconnected Stacked Haircut. Actually we can call this style a love child of a bob and a shag because of its choppiness and rock ‘n’ roll vibes complemented by a crisp color.

31. Choppy Tousled Bob Cut. Puffy crown layers in short stacked haircuts are an absolute lifesaver if you want to keep your mane full-bodied and lively. Bring out the volume in the back with round stacks and make the front longer and textured with wisps on the ends.

32. Stacked Bob with Purple Highlights. The mix of deep magenta and black is surely the one to make a statement. The cut will fit women with rounder face shapes and the long fringe accent is a great option to balance out your facial features.

33. Asymmetrical Stacked Wedge Haircut. Not only does this cut feature dramatic hair elongation around the face, but it plays it up with tresses swept to one side for greater volume and accentuated asymmetry.

34. Neat Copper Bob with High Crown. The sides of short stacked haircuts can be cut at an angle to result in a better lift at the crown, which is nicely illustrated by this cute copper red style.

35. Gray Wavy Bob. A must for older women in order to embrace the gray and add a touch of sophistication. You can style this wavy or straight, and it will look great on anyone.

36. Medium-Length Stacked Bob with Dark Roots. This icy bob boasts plenty of dimension thanks to the shadow roots and the blend of highlights, while the subtle layering keeps it textured yet soft.

37. Asymmetrical Stacked Bob. A simple angled bob with a puffy back really softens the sharpness in your face, while simultaneously giving you an effortless messy-meets-classy look. For extra volume in the back, tease and use plenty of hairspray.

38. Short Stacked Bob in Creamy Blonde. Here, a set of piece-y exterior layers is added to the concave shape to infuse movement and texture into the straight hair beautifully highlighted with a creamy mix of light beige and platinum shades.

39. Short Stacked Inverted Bob. The style that will fit both thin and thick hair thanks to the springy lower layers and a lighter top stack of straight locks. The elongated front part delivers a gentle, mystically elegant appeal.

40. Sleek Multi-Tone Stacked Bob. We have already seen a bunch of stacked bob haircuts with highlights, but this color job adds lowlights to the scheme to enhance layering with a play of shades.

41. Funky Short Stacked Bob with Purple Highlights. An edgy shape calls for bold colors, so why don’t you play with neon shades like this purple hue that enhances the messy finish?

42. Smooth Dimensional Concave Bob. Stacked hairstyles are good for fine hair since they create volume on the crown and fullness in the back, but you shouldn’t go over the top with layering if you want to save fullness.

43. Stacked Bob Haircut with Accurate Edges. An untraditional and pretty trendy bob style. Play around with the length, texture, and change up the usual A-line with an edgier arch-line that will peek through the messier top layers of your hair.

44. Auburn Stacked Bob for Thick Hair. Coarse, thick hair can look bulky when packed into a stacked bob, but this cut removes excess weight with thinned-out ends, making the hair more manageable.

45. Effortless Stacked Hairstyle with Feathered Ends. This cut catches the eye with two cool details — the feathery ends which ooze texture, and the ombre effect emphasizing the layers.

46. Feminine Shiny Long Stacked Bob. Check this bob haircut back view. As edgy as most modern short bob cuts appear, giving it a sleek finish and an exquisite balayage solution is a very appealing feminine way to go.

47. Neck-Length Inverted Haircut with Feathery Finish. Cut blunt and stacked in the back to produce volume and show off density, this hair is made much airier with the feathered finish and dusty highlights placed against the light auburn base.

48. Wavy Layered Bob with Wispy Ends. Bring attention to your cheekbones and lift up the weight off your back with a tousled stack. The natural ash brown hair color softens the edgy cut and makes it look more delicate.

49. Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights. A longer pixie with fun accents such as platinum blonde highlights will give anyone a flirty and charismatic feeling. It also looks rather well with some bangs.

50. Shoulder Length Stacked Bob. Classy, mind-blowing, elegant, and absolutely sleek, the long stacked bob is the best hairstyle for the times when you simply cannot decide between a lob and a pixie.

The stacked haircut isn’t predictable; there are always a bunch of interesting variations that can work for you. If you want shorter stacked layers with face-framing pieces, go for one of the stacked bobs next time you’re heading to the salon!