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30 Pretty Hairstyles for Thin Curly Hair to Look Voluminous

9. Middle-Parted Thin Curly Hair. Just like side-parted curls, a center part is equally a good way to style your hair. Middle parts are great for giving symmetry to some face shapes and hiding flaws. The flowy curls grazing your face deliver a voluminous look.

Choosing suitable hairstyles for thin curly hair is one challenge you might have to tackle if your curls are thin or thinning out. The hairstyles of your choice should do a good job of adding volume to your hair and looking comely on you. Your stylist should be able to determine how to style your curly fine hair properly. But before visiting the salon you need to decide what you want in general.

We are here to help with some hair inspo as always, so we bring you a variety of the most beautiful and befitting hairstyles for thin curly hair. We have also added some tips on how to care for your thin and/or fine curls. Enjoy!

1. Curly Short Bob. A round short bob haircut is a good hairstyle for fine wavy hair. Introduce highlights and it becomes overloaded with gorgeousness. A bit of messiness will never hurt either!

2. Thin Curly Messy Bob. Aside from the short length of this cute hairstyle, another thing that works in its favor is the color of the hair. The twin shades of a light reddish brown balayage on a brunette base added an amazing dimension to the curls. Those bronzed waves got some movement.

3. Neck-Length Thin Curly Hair. To style thin curly hair and have it look this alluring, combine your medium-length curls with bangs. The twists and flips of curly bangs lend your hairdo a volumized look. Tousle your hair up to give it extra volume and bounce.

4. Thin Curly Hairstyle with Glasses. Well, hairstyles for thin curly hair are really versatile! Just look at this pretty shorter version of the bob cut. No bangs, no extra length, just well-defined flirty curls with a bit of a side swoop. Try to keep ‘em as healthy-looking as hers.

5. Thin Curly Hair Shag. These before and after pics reveal a lot. What the after pix says: Cut your hair shorter, layer the cut, give your curls extra texture, darker hair looks thicker, and curly bangs can make all the difference. A shaggy wolf haircut is a great haircut for fine wavy hair.

6. Short Hairstyles for Thin Curly Hair. Short hairstyles are not the only options when it comes to haircuts for fine wavy hair, but they are still very flattering for thin/fine curls. The shorter your hair, the more voluminous it will look (with the right haircut!). Layering your hair improves the volume too.

7. Blonde Thin Curly Hair. It’s all about styling. A good stylist can manipulate the natural curl pattern of your fine curly hair to give it volume and body. Coloring your hair differently can also help to make it appear thicker. Of course, post-salon at-home hair care is also important.

Make Fine Curly Hair Appear Thicker
By Anna

8. Shadow Roots for Thin Curly Hair. Searching for thin curly hairstyles that would look both full and charming? Here’s an idea – try keeping your roots in a darker shade like black or deep brown, and then lighten the rest of the hair. Your mane will look full and fabulous.

9. Middle-Parted Thin Curly Hair. Just like side-parted curls, a center part is equally a good way to style your hair. Middle parts are great for giving symmetry to some face shapes and hiding flaws. The flowy curls grazing your face deliver a voluminous look.

10. Medium Curly Fine Hair. Thin curly hair can be just as gorgeous as any other hair type. The secrets are proper care and correct styling. You can style your fine curls into magnificent waves. Like this luscious curly hairstyle.

11. Brunette Thin Curly Hair. Keep heat styling devices away from your fine hair as much as possible. Heat can damage your hair cuticles and make your hair unmanageable. Air-dry your curls after washing. You can also use a dryer with a diffuser but ensure the heat is low. Moreover, a lot of heatless overnight curly hair methods do exist.

12. Well-Defined Spiral Thin Curly Hair. Hair products like volumizing sprays and hydrating shampoos can help to keep your fine tendrils bouncy and defined. Such products give body and shine to your curls. Don’t go overboard with them, though.

13. Shoulder-Length Thin Curly Hair. We love the playful look of her stunning mid-length curly fine hair. Her tresses start off wavy at the roots and transform into a tangle of tumbling curls in the back. The bedhead appearance of her locks is adorable.

14. Face-Framing Short Bob. Give it to short bob haircuts when you are tired of fighting with your unruly curls. Loose waves appear curlier and springier when they are of a shorter length. Style your curls to dance around your face for a more voluminous bob.

15. Warm-Toned Blonde Hair. Awwwn… Such a dolly bird. Who said thin hair has to be cut short to look good? Her long thin curly hair says “Scrape that!” Add definition to your curls with fitting highlights. The golden blonde hair color offers her curls a sun-kissed glow that brings her thin locks to life.

16. Short Thin Curly Hair with Red Highlights. Going for a short haircut for thin curly hair may not automatically give you the volume you desire. Your stylist should aim at creating an illusion of weight in the right places. Deva cut? Rezo cut? Or any other curly girl haircut — this will depend on your curls and face shape.

17. Thin Curly Hair with Highlights. Consider choosing highlighted low-maintenance hairstyles for fine thin curly hair. Who wants to spend all day on hairstyling? Instead of using a brush, use your fingers to gently fluff up the roots and create more volume as you dry your hair.

18. Puffy Thin Curly Hair. That moment when a bit of frizz and puff actually become a great choice for fine curly hair. When paired with dark roots, the contrast makes for a thick and gorgeous curly mane. Don’t forget to apply a volumizing product to make your locks stand out.

19. Long Thin Curly Hair. Long thin curly hair isn’t in any way less admirable than shorter versions of thin curly hair styles. So, try to let your long fine curls drop down past your shoulders! Layers, highlights, and wide curtain bangs made this lovely hair a showstopper. Remember to use a suitable anti-frizz product to keep your mane looking its best.

20. Hairstyles for Thin Curly Hair over 50. Achieving an appearance of fullness and volume is the goal when styling thin curly hair. Stacking your curls in layers can help. Highlight your hair and give it some texture to create an age-defying dimension.

21. Thin Curly Lob. Curly fine hair is prone to frizz and breakage resulting from a lack of moisture. Make sure your curly locks are well moisturized. However, be careful not to overburden your delicate tresses with too many products, as doing so can disrupt your natural curl pattern.

22. Side-Swept Curly Hair. Hairstyles for thin curly hair look awesome when parted to the side. An angled side part with the hair flipped as in the image below offers a fuller appearance at the crown. Leave your waves a bit messy for more volume.

23. Baby Bangs for Thin Curly Hair. If you have really thin curly hair, try not to scrub it vigorously while washing. Instead of rubbing your hair hard when removing excess water, gently pat it dry with a soft towel. Rough handling causes it to tangle and break more easily.

24. Dark Thin Curly Hair. Even a thin curly hairstyle can boast rich, copious curls. A short haircut is the password. This side-parted curly bob looks fascinating. The dark hair, shorter curls, and stacked layers did the magic.

25. Pretty Curly Shaglet. Truly shaggy haircuts are among the best haircuts for thin curly hair. All the shag features work to make your fine hair appear thick and full. Layered curls, wispy bangs, neck-grazing tresses, and a messy touch created a great cover-up for her fine hair.

26. Bedhead Thin Curly Hair. Sometimes it’s best to let nature run its course. Is your fine wavy hair difficult to manage? Go with the flow and allow it to go wild. The natural messy and textured feel of the hair below delivers a dramatic flair that is so enchanting as well as romantic.

27. Curly Baby Bangs. Ditch those styling tools. A little tweaking here and there can give you a fantastic result. A short layered cut is one great idea. No face-framing curls. Curly baby bangs will make you look younger and your crown fuller.

28. Gray Blonde Thin Curly Hair. If your fine hair has a good curl definition, count yourself lucky. All you need is to devise tricks on how to make your hair voluminous. Cutting your locks to a medium or shorter length is one trick. Another trick is to highlight/lowlight your hair.

29. Haircuts for Thin Curly Hair and a Round Face. If you’re worried about how to style your thin curly hair to fit your round face, worry no more. There are plenty of options for you too. A side-parted curly hairstyle will flatter your face and hair type well.

30. Delicate Layered Waves. Your hairdresser can work with your natural curl pattern to enhance the definition of your curls. The practicality of such haircuts is very high, as you will need just a good styling mousse to reduce the frizz. No straightening or hours of styling are needed!

If you were looking for just one-two gorgeous hairstyles for thin curly hair, you might be a bit disappointed RN. So many short cuts, medium-length curls, and beautiful longer waves are quite overwhelming, eh? And all these examples flatter thin curly hair! However, you can easily narrow down the ideas by choosing only those styles that suit your type of curls, hair texture, and face shape. The most charming result is guaranteed!

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