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50 Stylish Ways to Wear a Modern Undercut Bob Haircut in 2023

6. Medium Length Bob with Undercut. Choose a medium bob undercut for a messy and sophisticated look. Style it with beach waves, think curls, or add highlights for a 3D effect.

It’s no surprise that undercut bob haircuts have been taking over the world in the past decade or two, as if done correctly, this hairstyle perfectly highlights your winning features. Every woman likes to experiment and spice up her appearance once in a while. Start your new journey with one of these 50 undercut bob styles that will give you a totally head-turning look.

What is an undercut bob? First of all, it’s an edgy, modern-looking style, and everyone can find a way to wear one! But seriously, an undercut bob haircut is when a part of your hair is kept relatively shorter than the other. The energetic, bold look is usually achieved by using razor cuts. If you always wanted to look like a celebrity, with this hairstyle, you won’t be far from Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham or Miley Cyrus whose famous bobs and undercut hairstyles got many followers.

Let’s check some undercut bob designs to die for!

1. Undercut Pixie Bob. A fashionable yet sporty haircut that will satisfy anyone from an aspiring young professional to a rock star. The undercut pixie bob has one or two sides shaved and disconnected from the long hair and is really easy to style, so you won’t have to spend forever in front of the mirror every morning.

2. Short Bob with Undercut Back. Very cute hairstyle to suit most women of all ages. Goes best with highlights for added volume. Consider getting a short bob undercut if you’re in for a total makeover!

3. Curly Side Undercut Bob. Give your hair a voluminous style with bright colors and a side undercut. With this hairdo, being effortlessly eye-catching has never been easier.

4. Side Shaved Bob. Wear it swept to the side to showcase the undercut, or part it in the center to disguise the shaved section beneath. We’re enamored with the versatility, drama, and femininity of this hairstyle.

5. Asymmetrical Undercut Pixie Bob. This is a trendy undercut bob cut that suits every it-girl. So, it will surely fit you! Showing the chic vibe and edginess of the shaved undercut along with a unique color of your choice is a neat hairstyle solution.

6. Medium Length Bob with Undercut. Choose a medium bob undercut for a messy and sophisticated look. Style it with beach waves, think curls, or add highlights for a 3D effect.

7. White Blonde Asymmetrical Bob. The uneven hair length on both sides will balance the shape of your face nicely. This fashionable undercut bob hairstyle caters to all face shapes and hair textures. Make it bright or muted, and you’ll be ready for any occasion!

8. Wavy Undercut Bob. Go for the wavy undercut bob to get that total Californian babe vibe. Achieve it with a side undercut and use a straightener for messy curls.

9. Stacked Wavy Undercut Bob. Long in the front, short in the back, get this haircut to jazz up your style and create effortless volume everyone will be jealous of.

10. Bob with Hidden Undercut. If you wish to keep a professional look, yet appear rebellious during your free hours, this is your go-to. Plus, along with an undercut, you will get a flirtatious fringe that’s easy to look after. This hairstyle works well with highlights in your hair!

11. Twisted Bob Hairstyle. This is an easy-to-wear hairdo for the girls who want to try different hairstyles with a short bob cut. The side shaved bob shows a brave person, and the braid-like detail on the side adds a youthful vibe for balance.

12. Icy Bob with Peekaboo Undercut and Deep Bangs. This modern voluminous style lifts the crown and creates fullness in the front while adding a playful touch with the buzz-cut temple and nape which just peek out from under the helmet of hair. Stunning!

13. Short Undercut Bob with Bangs. This undercut bob hairstyle is excellent for ladies with thick hair. Set it off with darker roots and experiment with highlights to build up a gorgeous, elegant look. A tip: a nape undercut like this goes perfectly with two-tone hair.

14. Undercut Bob Haircut with V-Cut Nape. This accurate undercut bob haircut is clean and crisp, with blunt ends, beautifully blended highlights, and a flawless shape. The V-shaped undercut is the key component of the cut.

15. A-Line Undercut Bob with Color Accent. This bob gets much longer toward the face to flatteringly accentuate its shape, but it doesn’t miss the opportunity to add some sharpness (with the extra angles) and fun (with the highlighted temple piece).

16. Ear-Length Undercut Bob. One of the most fun hairstyles is the short side-parted pixie bob. Try some loose waves for volume. You can also add some foilyage with your preferred color combinations for brighter strands.

17. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut. Add some flavor to your casual bob with an undercut, while keeping the other side as long as a lob. You can’t go wrong with an asymmetrical bob like this.

18. Short Undercut Bob. This is a fresh new haircut with a plethora of fascinating alternatives. Check out this adorable bob and tweak it to create your own stylish undercut. It’s one hairstyle that fits all!

19. Shaved Undercut Bob with a Dark Temple. In this style, the hair is cut shorter at the nape and temple to contrast with the long front and crown. This gives the desired styling variety. Feel more relaxed with this cut as it matches well with any hair color, even two-tone colorings, and radiates your energy and mood.

20. Super-Short Undercut Bob. A very short bob can easily jazz up your look. It works particularly well if you wish to make a bold statement to wow everyone in the room whether you are in a courtroom or at a hard-rock concert.

21. Undercut Bob with Bangs. Go for a geometric shape and shattered texture with this chic undercut. Bangs are known to change up or highlight your facial expressions. Try getting a longer fringe to appear softer and a straight, bold one for a straightforward statement look.

22. Side Undercut Bob. Get this playful haircut if you are going for a younger, fresher appearance. Another cut that works perfectly with colored highlights!

23. Undercut Bob Haircut with Lush Waves. This girl knows how to strike a perfect balance between the sassiness of an undercut and the bounce of a wavy bob, not to mention its diverse styling options.

24. Short Layered Bob with Bangs. Looking for a hairstyle with glow and volume? Then this stacked cut is the right one for you! The short dirty blonde bob with stacked layers and an undercut is the best option for any occasion.

25. Undercut Bob on Short Hair. If you want a more refined approach to your undercut short hair, this is the haircut for you. The shaved side modernizes the classic shape of the bob while remaining sophisticated and work-appropriate.

26. Comb-Over Undercut Pixie for Straight Hair. A high undercut like this one is doomed to boost lift even in heavy straight hair, but you can also derive some movement from it if you ask for thinned-out ends.

27. Asymmetrical Bob. The different lengths of your hair on the sides can beautifully balance out your face shape. This is a trendy haircut that suits all face shapes and hair textures. You can make it bright or muted, and you’ll be ready for anything!

28. Undercut Bob with Bright Highlights. This one gives you lots of inspiration. Check out this adorable bob and customize it to create your own stylish, modern undercut hairstyle.

29. Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut. This short wavy haircut looks charming and bold. Ask your hairdresser to fade the shaved side to make it smooth and add some more edge to your hairstyle.

Bold Short Wavy Undercut Bob
By Alex

30. Bronze Inverted Bob with Secret Nape Design. Buzz-cut napes offer a great canvas for incorporating badass undercut designs, either totally visible or kept secret, such as this zigzag pattern.

31. Concave Bob with Undercut. Keep your thick hair longer in the front and show off a fancy undercut with a shorter back! This easy-to-style cut will suit perfectly most ladies who are new to undercuts.

32. Undercut Lob with a Fringe. You can do pretty much anything with an undercut lob hairstyle! Find a pattern you want to recreate on your hair and take it to a hairdresser, change up the color, and add cheeky bangs. The opportunities are endless.

33. Edgy Undercut Bob for Gray Hair. Aging is not the reason to avoid daring hairstyles, and this long curly bob manages to embrace both graying and undercut, playing with contrasting textures.

34. Neat Very Short Undercut Stacked Bob. This perfectly shaped cut proves that bobbed hairstyles with undercut can look elegant rather than rebellious while retaining the edgy feel and volume-boosting power.

35. Concave Bob with Undercut. Leaving your hair longer in the front will make you appear presentable, yet trendy, ensuring you look flawless for every occasion.

Short Trendy Concave Bob
By Olya

36. Short Undercut Bob for Thick Hair. A shorter style for your thick hair with an undercut. You can also add a long cheeky fringe to spice up the look and show the dramatic contrast of long and short hair.

37. Undercut Bob with Design. If you’re not sure which hairstyle length will suit your face shape best, you can always go for a medium length bob with an undercut. You will save your luscious shoulder-length hair, as well as add a little something special to it, with a fashionable undercut.

38. Short Bob with Undercut. This very short undercut bob is a great fit to emphasize your unique, refined features. Achieve the 90’s style with a blunt ear-length bob and try adding a short fringe if you wish to be a bit grungier.

39. Curly Undercut Bob. Bob with an undercut is a cute way to style your unruly curly hair. Works particularly well with bright-colored hair, so definitely try this hairstyle for warmer seasons.

Short Undercut Bob for Curly Hair
By Olya

40. Long Undercut Bob. Choose this fashionable haircut for a trendy and feminine feel. The undercut will show off your bold side with your lady-like appearance still intact.

41. Concave Bob with an Undercut Temple. Freshen up with a concave bob and a side undercut! You can style it however you wish and get creative with a buzzcut for a younger appearance!

42. Bob with Undercut Nape. Unleash your inner rebel with a nape undercut. It suits most ladies, as the buzz cut is hidden in the back, giving you a chance to surprise everyone with a cute haircut in the front and an exciting nape undercut.

43. Undercut Stacked Bob. The perfect hairstyle to boost the volume around your whole head, with a tiny hidden undercut. Thanks to the layers both, at the back and in the front, you achieve an easy to take care of and stylish look.

44. Undercut Shaggy Bob. Unleash your inner hardcore freak with bright colors and a shaggy undercut bob. With pink, purple, blue, or any other added highlights, you are certainly going to be the center of attention wherever you go!

45. Undercut Layered Bob. Add beautiful volume by texturizing your hairstyle with layers and a creative hidden undercut. A side fringe will be a nice compliment for this style!

46. Very Short Layered Undercut Bob. Looking to update your classic style with a trendy detail? Add some highlights into your stacked cut and get a cheeky nape undercut for a fresh feel.

47. Flamingo Pink Bob with Undercut. This funky graduated bob combines a masculine shaved undercut with an absolutely girlish balayage blending pale yellows and pinks.

48. Hidden Undercut Bob in Cherry Red. If it wasn’t for this side piece coquettishly tucked behind the ear, we would have never guessed what this bright yet generally classic bob had in store for us.

49. Lavender Blonde Bob with Shaved Side. This is another cool example of yin and yang paired in one female hairstyle: the bold undercut reveals a delicate and very feminine shade of blonde.

50. Undercut Bob with Chunky Highlights. This medium-length undercut bob haircut is layered to enhance the hair with piece-y highlights. Experiment with various combinations of colors for your bob and it will never be boring.

Finding the perfect haircut to suit you isn’t hard, you just have to tap into your adventurous side and let it make the choice! Choose one of these 50 stylish and bold undercut bob haircuts and see for yourself how strong and powerful the right cut can make you feel!

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