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40 Coolest Undercut Hairstyles for Women to Show Your Stylist Stat

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

21. Lavender Bowl Cut with Undercut. Some might say that bowl cuts are a thing of the past, but you can spice it up with an undercut and a bold hair color. Besides, this hairdo adds a lot of volume to your hair, too.

Undercuts for women have been at the top of ladies’ favorite styles for quite some time now. You can do a hidden side shave, a creative pattern in the back, or play with layers and asymmetry. Choose your own way to show your inner rock star!

What is an undercut? Learn by scrolling through this list of 40 chic women undercut designs.

The undercut is a hairstyle popular among both men and women. This is a haircut with short shaved sides and/or back, and a longer top section.

1. Disconnected Top Knot Undercut. A savior for hot, steamy summer days. Casual yet put together, a style that will go well with your work clothes and an evening dress.

2. Neat Nape Undercut Bun. Wear your hair up most of the time? A nape undercut with fade will compliment your clean updo nicely.

3. Nape Triangle Undercut with Design. An undercut haircut for women who want to add a little secret underneath their usual ‘do. Keep your hair down to hide the design and wear it up for the wow effect.

4. Long Hair with Hidden Undercut and Bangs. With this type of undercut long hair stays professional-looking to the maximum. When worn loose, it can be appropriate even for any job interview, but tie it up into a ponytail and your other, badass self is ready to paint the town red.

5. Silver Pixie Fading into Undercut. Undercuts come with embedded low maintenance, so why don’t you make your life easier and your style sassier by buzz-cutting the nape and sides of your fresh pixie?

6. Short Choppy Undercut Pixie. Girl, stop hiding behind your locks and embrace yourself by opening your beautiful face to the world. This hairstyle has become one of the favorites among Hollywood stars as it absolutely complements the jawline and cheekbones.

7. Pompadour Front and Undercut Back. Another fuss-free styling option for a hot and trendy female undercut. Here you can wear your top hair either as long bangs or style a pompadour with some texturizing spray.

8. Short Feminine Undercut with Volume on Top. Temple and nape undercuts for women come in all shapes and sizes, but the trendiest option is to combine both and make them almost unnoticeable, so they can be worn at any age and fit into any lifestyle. This undercut haircut would suit even the busiest businesswoman.

9. High Pony with Side Designs. If you are looking for undercuts for women with long hair, this cool pony style demonstrates a graphic set of lines you can rock to elevate your casual ‘do.

10. Contrasting Long Pixie Undercut in Blonde. Play with the traditional pixie cut: add some layers, side bangs, and a deep undercut to show the contrast between pearl blonde strands and your natural roots.

11. Secret Undercut for Long Hair. If you have beautiful long hair and prefer wearing a bun, this is one of the best undercut hairstyles for women to show off your rebellious side.

12. Braids and a Fade Undercut. This combo is perfect from all angles! Moreover, it enables a lot of styling options! Wear it in two boxer braids and enjoy a neat fade undercut on your temples and nape. Unbraid your plaits and you have a cute short bob. Oh my, this cut looks so good!

13. Ashy Blonde Crop with Designed Undercut. The dark shade of natural hair in this undercut chimes well with the rooty ash blonde on the crown creating a perfect canvas for a simple yet catchy pattern.

14. Classic Bob with Peekaboo Undercut. This is a great version of undercut for women wishing to have more flexibility in switching between a classic, always appropriate style and a more informal, daring look.

15. Cute Short Curly Undercut. It is no doubt difficult to work with curly hair, but with the proper undercut, you can get amazing definition and volume. Perfect for low-maintenance curly-haired girls.

16. Short Undercut Bob Transition. A soft, delicate, and fresh bowl-like style is a great option for girls wishing to go back to longer hair without awkward in-between hairstyles. Besides, you can’t go wrong with a sharp low fade.

17. Highlighted Lob with Side Undercut. This stunningly asymmetric cut doesn’t need any designs to stand out, at least because of the amazing lift it gains with half of the head evenly buzzed.

18. Geometrical Short Hair Undercut. What else could you wish for in a bold and edgy style? A sharp clippered side shave? Check. A clean undercut and pompadour bangs? Check.

19. Long Hair with Ornamented Nape. With undercut designs limited only by your creativity and bravery, you can arrive at sophisticated patterns like this one while retaining both your main hair length and versatility in styling.

20. Freehand Design Long Undercut Hairstyle. A great thing about getting this undercut is that you can choose any pattern you want, especially with long hair. Try something creative and decide if you want to show it off or keep it as a surprise.

21. Lavender Bowl Cut with Undercut. Some might say that bowl cuts are a thing of the past, but you can spice it up with an undercut and a bold hair color. Besides, this hairdo adds a lot of volume to your hair, too.

22. Straight Bob with Hidden Undercut. Although invisible when styled down, this undercut haircut removes some weight from underneath to make thicker strands more manageable for a pin-straight look, but it’s long enough to allow for bold updos too.

23. Textured Undercut Pixie. This is the undercut haircut women go for in movies when they decide to begin a new life, so if you’re on the verge of starting all over again, don’t be afraid to experiment with layers, textures, and lengths!

24. Curly Undercut Hairstyle. Female undercuts add certain edginess to girly looks, and they look absolutely gorgeous when mixed with curly hair, reflecting both your feminine and rebellious sides.

25. Long Hair Undercut with Shaved Lines. What’s good about these cuts is that you can easily hide your undercut by sweeping your hair to the other side or leave it out for all to see. Whether you choose the lines or something more complex, a side shave and long hair is an interesting match.

26. Platinum Blonde Short Undercut Fade. A Hollywood favorite with a near-invisible fading design will absolutely complement your jawline and sharp cheekbones.

27. Combed Back Pixie with Sharp Lines. The piece-y texture of this cut is elevated through lots of lift at the roots which gives it an airy feel enhanced even further with the buzzed sides.

28. Nape Undercut Blonde Hair. It’s always nice to add extra layers to bleach blonde hair, as this automatically gives it more dimension and volume. Like here, the darker shaved section sets off the platinum blonde choppy strands.

29. Sharp Undercut Pixie Haircut. Perfect for fine hair, the style is the bolder version of the traditional pixie cut. Here we have pointy tips that you can sculpt yourself in any direction.

30. Naturally Curly Undercut Hairstyle. An undercut works fine for thick tresses of any texture, so you can add a closely cut side with a line or two to your mane of curls for fun styling.

31. Pixie with Long Bangs and Short Sides. This cut gets the volume maximized in the front with long and heavily layered bits of hair which appear even more voluminous against the undercut sides.

32. Disconnected Undercut with Lilac Balayage. While sharp disconnected styles can look incredibly bold and fierce, bright lilac and purple shades in loose ringlets definitely create a lovely soft feel around the sharper elements.

33. Purple Undercut Haircut with a Silver Accent. Various unicorn shades of purple and blue stand out nicely in the textured Mohawk, while the shaved undercut gets an accessory of its own – silver glitter.

34. Small Side Undercut for Long Hair. This girl swaps more common undercuts on the nape for a tiny yet distinct strap of buzzed hair on a side for a high pony style that looks no less impressive.

35. Red Colored Undercut Long Hair Women. A classic for longer haired girls. You can choose yourself whether you want to show off what’s under your mane or switch the parting and cover it for more formal occasions.

36. Undercut for Older Women. Older ladies tend to avoid undercut designs for women. It’s better to keep it more classic. Any undercut looks bold, even a basic one. With most of the hair close to the face, you get a casual look with just the right amount of volume and texture.

37. Layered Undercut for Thick Hair. If you want to stop worrying about styling an undercut, add some layers to it, and use a texturizing spray to create definition and volume.

38. Low Undercut for Platinum Blondes. A cute haircut for girls with round faces who also want to cover their foreheads and open their sides. Along with this, such a cute undercut pixie will last for a while and won’t require much maintenance.

39. Striped Female Undercut Design. If you want to adorn your undercut with something more interesting than a subtle line, draw inspiration from this graphic design that doesn’t require much time to create.

40. Purple Balayage Long Bob with Undercut. A half-shaved head is a definite head-turner. You could either let your curls flow freely to one side, or add a small braid to accentuate the parting.

If you’re looking for good undercut hairstyles for women, it’s easy to spend many hours surfing the internet for the perfect cut. We suggest you pick a few of your most favorite undercut ideas and bring them to your stylist – and they know what to do!