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30 Trendy Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Hair of Any Length and Texture

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

If you are dead tired of pathetically lean ponytails and itsy-bitsy braids, it might be high time to turn to volumizing haircuts for thin hair with built-in capabilities to create an illusion of fuller strands.

Whether you have long tresses and want to preserve the length or are ready for a major chop, there are hairdos and styling tricks to reach your hair goals with less teasing and no extensions.

Scroll through our breakdown of trendy haircuts that help to mimic denser strands, and find the one perfectly suiting your texture and preferences.

1. Midi Blonde Hair with Layering. Those wishing to find a mid-length haircut for thin hair to look thicker should copy these long layers and face-framing pieces enhancing the hair’s body.

2. Shattered Platinum Lob. One of the easiest ways to add volume to your thin strands is by switching your middle part to a dramatic combover – it looks chic and brings in dynamics.

3. Fluffy Curls with Honey Highlights. Curls are well-known for their power to give oomph to any mane, but you can maximize the effect by embracing the frizz and putting in dimensional highlights.

4. Shoulder-Length Shag with Bottleneck Bangs. Ask your hairdresser for choppy layers to create movement and volume in your fine hair, and complete the look with edgy face-framing bits.

5. Long Rooty Platinum Blonde Hair with Messy Layers. The best volumizing haircuts for thin hair hitting below the shoulders should have some depth at the roots, blunt ends on the bottom, and wild layers in between.

6. Wispy Bangs and Color Blocking. If you think wispy bangs are inappropriate in hairstyles for thin hair, check this look – they really add dimension to the front without thinning out your texture.

7. Chin-Length Blunt Bob. Girls with fine, thin hair should love blunt bobs of all kinds since the even line they create on the bottom makes the ends seem fuller.

8. Shaggy Mid-Length Hair. Choppy layers fit well in volumizing haircuts for thin medium hair, but you’d better keep them wispy and complemented with blunt ends to avoid a scarce feel.

9. Dirty Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs. Apart from being hot and happening, curtain bangs work toward getting more volume around the face and play well with various lengths.

10. Auburn-to-Mahogany Ombre on Cascading Layers. Although girls with thin strands should approach butterfly cuts with caution, a volume-boosting blowout can compensate for some loss of hair body due to layering.

11. Deep Side Part and Texture Galore. It never hurts to enhance the lift at the roots created with a deep side part by working through the crown with a round brush and a blow dryer.

12. Textured Brunette Lob. Sliced-out ends don’t deprive thin hair of the body but work well in low-maintenance volumizing haircuts and spice them up with tons of texture.

13. Medium-Length Wolf Cut. With choppy layers sticking out throughout the head, you are doomed to enjoy plenty of texture and movement, not to mention the edge embedded into the wolf cut.

14. Peachy Pastel Bob with Depth. Here is a great example of color-blocking adoption in haircuts for thin hair where the pink on the top emphasizes the lift and the dark roots instill depth.

15. Perfectly Imperfect Blowout. We all know that blowouts do a great job for less hair on the head, yet styling it effortlessly ruffled results in a cool-girl look delivering even more volume.

16. Pink and Copper Shag. Don’t hesitate to play with vibrant color transitions when you try to volumize your thin strands since they inject energy into the limp hair and fill it with dimension.

17. Tousled Blonde Bob. These pictures show that chopping off a few inches makes a big difference for thin hair over 50, especially when it’s infused with texture and volumized with tousled styling.

18. Feathery Butterfly Layers. True volumizing haircuts for thin long hair don’t lay flat all the way down but create flattering bouncy layers from around the face to the bottom like this butterfly hairstyle does.

19. Angled Bob in Lived-In Blonde. While the shorter layers in the back let the hair pile up for better lift on the crown, the longer pieces put more weight forward for a fuller look around the face.

20. Wispy Curly Copper Shag. A wealth of razor-cut layers releases natural waves in thin hair, which, along with a messy fringe, helps to fake fullness and revive the limp strands.

21. Vanilla Blonde Bob with Dimension. Color plays a crucial role in volumizing haircuts for thin short hair, as illustrated by this dimensional blonde with the trendy Scandi hairline.

22. Lightweight Fringe and Flipped-Out Ends. Work another dose of volume into your layered hair and accentuate its textured tips by flicking them out with the help of a flat iron.

23. Boho Redhead with Mussy Bangs. The shaggy tousled fringe tapering toward the temples creates a strong focal point here and adds some density to the choppy hair.

24. Wavy Side-Parted Bob. This soft bob has everything a woman needs to camouflage thinning hair — a textured cut, a lift-adding side part, volumizing waves, and dimensional highlights.

25. Lob with Long Layers and Subtle Face Framing. Over-layering does no good for scanty hair, and that’s why a lob with long layers and a few face-framing pieces will be a safer option.

26. Butterfly Cut of Medium Size. The butterfly cut lends itself well to both long and medium hair, so make your shoulder-length strands more voluminous with subtle face framing and feathery bottom layers.

27. Layers and Waves Combo. Get the most out of your layered haircut by going through the hair with a curling wand, expanding its volume and giving it more definition.

28. Long Laid-Back Pixie. A longer version of the pixie cut can give you more versatility in styling and a good chance to enhance your hair’s texture and volume, for example, with some curling.

29. Light Layers and Full Ends. Volumizing haircuts for thin straight hair don’t need many bells and whistles, but they do require removing split ends to create a denser look and light layers to invoke movement.

30. Short Layered Curls with Wispy Bangs. Chopping off length can truly liberate thin curls to get better support and a flattering shape with layering while airy bangs add body to the front.

Now you know that there are plenty of volumizing haircuts for thin hair of different lengths and textures, but don’t forget to take your facial features and preferred level of maintenance into account before taking the plunge. If you are not sure which way to go, speak to your hairdresser with reference photos on hand.