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50 Astonishing Ideas for a Bob Haircut with Bangs

50. Graduated Bob with Arched Bangs. With the short length, sleek finish, and arched face-framing bangs, the hairstyle delivers the popular 1920s look.

Are you still confused? It’s certainly true that the modern bob with bangs is incredible in its diversity. The good thing is that you can try a few of them: you just need to choose whether to start from a shorter crop or a longer cut. Take the pictures you like to your hairdresser and have a successful makeover!

Who says that short hairstyles aren’t chic? You just need to find your perfect length, shape, and color. The trendy bob with bangs will seal the deal.

The bob with bangs 2023 can find its way to everyone’s heart. Follow our selection of ideas and get your fresh hairstyle inspiration.

1. Long Bob with Parted Side Bangs. Subtle waves and volume at the roots make the long bob look classy yet casual.

2. Beach Blonde Bob with Feathered Bangs. The crisp straight hairstyle with wispy bangs suits women of all ages. The fringe adds a touch of mystery and softens the look.

3. Wavy Bob with See-Through Bangs. This hairstyle is simple but cute. The layered cut looks beautiful with subtle beach waves and a light eyebrow-grazing fringe.

4. Pink Bob with Wispy Bangs. This bob with bangs can make you look fresh, gorgeous, and sophisticated. Pick the most flattering length and type of bangs for your face shape and hair type to show off the season’s hottest haircut!

5. Choppy Bob Haircut with Side Bangs. The side-swept bangs add more volume and vibrancy to the otherwise basic bob.

6. Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs. This layered bob haircut with bangs is ideal for wavy and curly hairstyles. The look is very appealing thanks to its warm chocolate brown color, soft short waves, and a straight eye-grazing fringe.

7. Super-Short Piece-y Bob with Bangs. Some short bob hairstyles can look somewhat boyish on ladies. Details like cute eyebrow-skimming bangs and frisky ends together with a messy finish bring the beauty of your haircut back to the feminine lane.

8. Shaggy Bob with Bangs. This medium bob with bangs is adorably disheveled. It has a lot of texture and depth thanks to the sun-kissed highlights, and the ruffled waves make it very sexy and alluring.

9. Straight Bob with Parted Side Bangs. This choppy bob haircut with bangs is good for thick hair and dramatic looks.

10. Very Short Bob with Piece-y Bangs. The jaw-length bob and a short fringe are styled with subtle waves. The slightly messy look with massive boho-style earrings is bold and eye-catching.

11. French Bob with Uneven Bangs. Refer to the sweet old classic times with this fancy French bob with bangs. Look younger and powerful with your hair hugging your face nicely. Add messy bangs to your bob, and you’re ready for any occasion!

12. Trendy Bob with See-Through Bangs. Be extra-stylish with this cute bob cut with bangs! To sport the season’s hottest haircut, choose wispy bangs that are perfect for your face shape and hair type.

13. Crisp Jaw-Length Bob with Bangs. This one is a nod to the lovely old days of the classics. With your hair clinging to your face, you’ll appear younger and more confident. Your bob will look great with unkempt bangs and textured ends.

14. Neck-Length Choppy Bob. Here’s a chic bob with shaggy ends and a swoopy fringe to complete the look. In fact, bangs are like exclamation points for your hairstyle. The see-through bangs add a flirty air to the entire look.

15. Wavy Short Bob with Bangs. A wavy bob hairstyle with bangs is all over Instagram and you can easily see it in the streets. So, feel free to try a bob cut with bangs and look cute, chic, and confident all the time.

16. Classy Jagged Bob with Bangs. If you want a simple cut, this is the hairstyle for you. A classy angled bob in the right length will give off that elegant feel. Match with uneven bangs for the French vibe!

17. Long Wavy Platinum Blonde Bob. Shock everyone with this new hairstyle! Platinum blonde is already gorgeous – what more to ask for when it’s also a trendy bob hairstyle with bangs?

18. Blunt Platinum Bob with Bangs. Bangs add an amazing dimension to blunt cut bob haircuts. The medium strands of the wispy icy blonde fringe swept to the sides create some awesome gracefulness that is almost celestial.

19. Long Layered Bob with Side Bangs. Have that classy hair with a layered shoulder-length bob. The swoopy bangs provide an elegant look! Choose a lighter color for the lengths and dark roots for the complete transformation.

20. Classic French Bob with Bangs. Are you afraid to experiment with your hair and try radically new hairstyles and cuts? You can never go wrong with a classic bob cut and eyebrow-skimming bangs. Enjoy the hairstyle you’re familiar with but add something little, like babylights or sliced layers, etc., to make it feel fresh!

21. Wispy Shaggy Bob with Bangs. Bangs can be styled in many ways, for example, these layered curtain bangs create an airy look. The fringe is not just for fine, flat hair. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves their hair and wants to try trendy bangs.

22. Side-Parted Layered Bob with Bangs. This jagged bob stuns with its edginess. The long bob with side bangs and feathered layers adds another dimension to the look making it complete and unique.

23. Platinum Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs. Your new haircut will take everyone by surprise! It’s hard to imagine what else you could want when your platinum blonde hair boasts such a trendy rooted hairstyle with bangs.

24. Classic Bob with Piece-y Bangs. Want a stunning hair transformation? You’ll never look dull rocking this cropped bob haircut with bangs. Add a shaggy finish to the top to complete your look and be runway-ready, anytime, anywhere!

25. Beach-Waves Bob with Fringe. A deep, thick fringe that completely hides the forehead looks even more stunning when it completes a choppy chin-length bob with highlights.

Choppy Bob with a Thick Fringe
By Casi

26. Messy Long Bob with Bangs. Side bangs with face-framing highlights are a terrific way to complete your long bob haircut. Its versatility in length and texture allows this style to be the best option for medium-length hair.

27. Elegant Bob Hairstyle with Bangs. The transformation is amazing. The beauty is electrifying. If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to go for a bob haircut with bangs, the classy, rich girl look in the after picture resolves any doubts.

28. Golden Blonde Hair with Bangs. Long bangs make perfect sense on the tresses as gorgeous as you see here. Count on bangs to nicely sculpture your face and draw attention to its beautiful features.

29. Brunette Bob with Center-Parted Bangs. You can personalize the style of your bob with bangs to reflect your unique taste and fashion style. Full bangs parted in the middle can lend a quirky and mysterious touch to a layered bob haircut.

30. Bob with Delicate Curtain Bangs. It’s fascinating that tweaking up your bob haircut with bangs can transform your hairstyle from basic to stunning. Even if you don’t like a full fringe, the beautiful effect of minimalistic curtain bangs will blow your mind.

31. Short Layered Auburn Bob with Bangs. The face-framing bangs and volumizing layers make this trendy neck-length bob fuller-looking. Wonderful light and dark red shades in highlights and lowlights add dimension.

32. Wavy Shaggy Bob with Bangs. Already have colored hair? No problem. Enjoy and emphasize your sophisticated hair color with a wavy shaggy bob. Bring in waves and highlights to try a new vibe!

33. Short-Length Bob Hairstyle with a Feminine Fringe. One of the most successful short bob haircuts with bangs makes use of a deep, well-set fringe. This look is delicate and elegant.

34. Medium-Length Hairstyle with Layers and Bangs. Volume at the roots adds vibrancy to the short fringe and long, slightly wavy bob.

35. Lip-Length Bob with a Wispy Fringe. A voluminous brunette bob with partial blonde highlights and dynamic bangs. What can be more eye-catching? All attention will be yours.

36. Messy Curly Bob with Bangs. Curls, curls, and curls – here, they’re featured in both the bob and bangs. It’s undeniable that they look stunning, with the color gradually changing from dark brown at the roots to natural blonde at the ends.

37. Jagged Shaggy Bob with Neat Bangs. An intentionally messy blowout and volumized roots create a well-shaped bob for fine hair.

38. Bob with Half-Moon Short Bangs. The rounded arched fringe can cover big foreheads and slim down round faces. Pair with tousled mid-shaft waves and dimensional highlights on the sides.

39. Short Blonde Blunt Cut with a Fringe. This is a classic short bob with bangs that almost touch the eyebrows.

Short Blunt Bob with Bangs
By Ely

40. Side-Parted Bob with Long Bangs. If you don’t really want to go bang on bangs, sweeping the front of your hair to the side can give you that mesmeric bob cut with bangs look, without the bangs. This type of faux bangs looks great on heart-shaped faces.

41. Neck-Length Bob with Bangs. Hairstyles with bangs on thinner locks are more flattering when cut short or medium-length. Pairing your lob with bangs that go past your eyebrows adds a sassy, sexy feel to your bob hairstyle.

42. Highlighted Shaggy Bob with Jagged Bangs. This bob cut with bangs has jagged edges, shaggy layers, and a color gradient from dark-brown to bleach blonde.

43. Classic Straight Blunt Bob with Long Bangs. The blunt long bob with side-swept bangs is the manifestation of elegance and chic within a short hairstyle.

44. Stacked Bob with a Wispy Fringe. The angled bob with bangs is slightly shorter in the back. This way, the neck is in the spotlight, while the face contours are hidden.

45. Razored Bob with Bangs. Take careful note of the sharp, tapered ends. Tapered bangs make your forehead appear less wide and also highlight facial features like your eyes, nose, and cheekbones.

46. Long Messy Bob with Bangs. Want a bob haircut while keeping your long hair? Then get a new look drawing inspiration from this long bob with bangs. You can add color, texture, play with lengths, and enjoy your customized lob with bangs in no time!

47. Layered Bob with Fringe. This bob haircut with bangs boasts jagged edges and a deep fringe that hides the forehead, eyebrows, and even cheeks, meaning that this style will flatter round faces in particular.

48. Asymmetric Bangs and Stacked Bob. This combination has to be a bit messy to make your chin-length bob with choppy bangs look extra stylish.

49. Black Curly Bob with Neon Highlights. Here is a short layered bob with cropped bangs that features waves and bright partial highlights to provide more volume.

50. Graduated Bob with Arched Bangs. With the short length, sleek finish, and arched face-framing bangs, the hairstyle delivers the popular 1920s look.

Are you still confused? It’s certainly true that the modern bob with bangs is incredible in its diversity. The good thing is that you can try a few of them: you just need to choose whether to start from a shorter crop or a longer cut. Take the pictures you like to your hairdresser and have a successful makeover!

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