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50 Prettiest Bun Hairstyles You’re Gonna Want to Copy ASAP

2. Tuck and Roll Bun. It can be worn whether you’re having a day in the office or out adventuring with some friends. Isn’t it too messy? Is it comfortable to wear? Yes, it stays in place, if a proper amount of bobby pins is added.

Messy Bun Updo
By Jody

This article compiles a list of trendy and stylish bun hairstyles for all occasions imaginable. Regardless of your hair type and length, you will find a perfect hair bun. Some of them are easy to style every day, others may be a great addition to your wedding or ‘red-carpet’ look. Choose what suits your needs – the selection is really cool and useful.

Read on to see the stylish bun hairstyles we’ve carefully handpicked for you. You’ll be provided with endless inspiration for your style! Don’t forget to share your favorite bun options in the comments below.

1. Buns for Short Hair. If you’ve got short neck-length hair, it can be tricky to find a style that suits your cropped locks and the event you are attending. As long as you have hair ties and bobby pins, there are a few different types of buns to try. For example, fake a low bun with tucked-away ends and spritz it with hairspray. Alternatively try a mini half-up bun.

2. Tuck and Roll Bun. It can be worn whether you’re having a day in the office or out adventuring with some friends. Isn’t it too messy? Is it comfortable to wear? Yes, it stays in place, if a proper amount of bobby pins is added.

Messy Bun Updo
By Jody

3. Double Bun Hairstyle. This 2-bun hairstyle is pretty and playful. You can wear it every day or even make it your wedding hairstyle. Suitable for straight and wavy hair, this easy updo will brighten your mood.

4. Elegant Looped Bun. This bun is a power-bomb. And it looks more complicated than it really is. Two undone ponytails aka loop buns plus a glamorous accessory – and your super-elegant bun is ready.

5. Messy Bun with Accessories. Adding accessories to your low bun will instantly upgrade the whole look. Moreover, there are so many accessories to choose from nowadays, starting from clips, flowers, and headbands, and ending with different ribbons and silk scarves.

6. Curly Hair Bun. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to tame your curls, a curly high bun is the way forward. It’s simple but suitable for all settings, be it a poolside party or the queen’s reception.

7. Top Bun Hairstyle. The top bun hairstyle is one of the trendiest updos at the moment. This style is best for medium and long-length hair. Add a ribbon and you will get a cute bun hairstyle for any occasion.

8. Chignon Bun. A tucked chignon can be styled formally or informally. You may decide to arrange your hair loosely for a casual updo or make your look more polished for a wedding, prom, or any ‘black-tie’ event.

9. Buns for Shoulder-Length Hair. Buns made at the nape of your neck are adorable. They are great for elegant or everyday occasions. The best part is that thanks to this tutorial, such a bun only takes minutes to do, so even if you’re in a rush, this hairstyle will work perfectly.

10. Low Twisted Bun. Combine two trendy elements – the bun and the twist – in your hairstyle, and make a perfect formal bun. Now you have a great idea of a hairstyle for all birthdays, parties, and work occasions up your sleeve.

11. Easy Bun Hairstyle. This is an easy bun that even a beginner will recreate! Whether you’re looking for something simple to do in the morning, or something loose to wear for an event, opt for it and be sure that you look stunning!

12. Blonde Low Bun. A low knot is a very practical bun hairstyle for those moments when you need your hair out of the way, like during workouts or while doing some household chores. Super-fabulous too, when styled appropriately as in this picture. Meghan even wore it for her royal wedding.

Low Knot Bun Hairstyle
By Irma

13. Bun with Bandana. Incorporating a bandana or a scarf into your buns is a great way to accessorize your look. They add color and that so much-needed zest to your style.

14. Loop Bun with a Ribbon. A low ponytail bun gives the elegant effect you might be looking for. A wedding hairstyle of the future, what do you think? Do you prefer complicated formal bridal hairstyles or boho-chic undone hairdos?

Bridal Low Bun with a Bouffant
By Jody

15. Messy Hair Bun. If you’re looking for something feminine but carefree, opt for a trendy messy bun. Keep it simple. Leave a few sections of your hair hanging loose, make a ponytail bun, wrap the rest of the hair around the hair tie, and don’t forget to pull some strands at the crown to make the updo fluffier.

Trendy Messy Wrap Around Bun
By Jody

16. Ponytail Bun. This bun can be easily assembled from a ponytail. Make an undone ponytail by stopping halfway, don’t pull it to the end, and simply wrap the rest of the hair around the hair tie. It looks great with light summer clothes.

17. Wavy Bouffant Bun. This is for you if you’re trying to figure out how to make a hair bun on your shorter thin hair. Create a bouffant and position your bun right at the crown. A messy bun with face-framing pieces is done.

18. Bun for Long Hair. Sometimes, long hair can be difficult to put into any style. Especially if your hair is pretty thick. However, a low bun is a great hair ‘tamer’. It looks nice, suits any occasion, and helps make your unruly locks more manageable.

19. Messy Donut Bun with a Bow. A cute bun hairstyle ideal for a dream wedding. Step into your “together happily ever after” with this flirty and romantic bun. The contrast between blonde hair and dark roots is eye-catching.

20. Buns for Fine Hair. When you have fine hair, it may be challenging to know what to do with it. However, it can be styled effectively if you have highlighted dimension in your hair and good styling products. A small bun like in this picture is really achievable, the before-after photo is the proof.

21. Easy Low Bun Hairstyle. You actually don’t need long hair to rock beautiful bun hairstyles. This simple and chic twisted bun is easy to create even on shorter lengths. Those waterdrop crystals are a perfect embellishment for her sleek hair.

22. Pompadour Mohawk-Like Bun. For a delightful bun hairstyle that would make jaws drop in awwnnns, implement the dramatic madame pompadour style of the 60’s into your hair bun. Very convenient too, if layers in your hair don’t permit a sleek bun.

23. Messy French Roll. There are many types of buns… Messy rolls are among the easy bun hairstyles you can swiftly whip up for a last-minute event. It looks particularly flattering on wavy hair. Wrap your hair loosely into a French roll and allow some of your curls to drape down the sides. Adorn your curly hair bun with a flowery accessory for a perfect finish.

24. Low Messy Bun with a Braid. Do you know what else pairs well with hair buns? Braids. French braids, fishbone braids, or Dutch braids add a daintily cute flair to even the simplest hair buns. A side braid gives a fun, flirty edge to this low messy bun.

25. Fancy High Bun with Bangs. Bun and bangs are a match made in heaven. This hairstyle with a bouffant introduces a fanciful twist to the regular top knot hairstyles. Our model’s bun with a gorgeous side fringe truly gives her a sophisticated, queenly appearance.

26. Bun with Leave-Outs. Step out for any event or even for work looking pretty and professional with a low-key sultry vibe. Pairing your bun with loose tresses on both sides of your face adds a sweet, romantic feel to your look.

27. Bun Updo with a Veil. You can create elaborate, showstopping hair bun styles with medium-length hair. Copy this modern version of a beehive bun for a truly elegant wedding hairdo. Accessorize with floral pins for a merry flair.

28. Textured Low Bun Hairstyle. This textured and tousled cute bun hairstyle is quick and easy to recreate. A good bun hairstyle to copy if you’re looking for bridesmaid hair ideas or prom hairstyles. It doesn’t require any elaborate brushing or flawless finishing.

29. Feminine French Braid Bun. A perfect hair bun for a weekend groove, whether a wedding party or a dinner date. Accessories like her drop earrings go well with such nape hair bun styles. They nicely draw focus to her slender neck and highlight the elaborate bun resting on it.

30. Bun Hairstyles for Fine Hair. Medium or long fine hair can be styled to look thick and full in a bun hairstyle. Backcomb your hair to create a pouf at the crown before wrapping it into a messy, lacy bun.

31. Bun Hairstyle with Bangs. You can complement your cute donut bun with bangs. As you pull your hair off your face, your thick curtain bangs will softly frame your face. Just look how pretty blonde balayage highlights look in updos!

32. Bun for Thin Hair. Having thinner hair can make it difficult to create any spectacular hair look due to your hair falling out of the tie or it being too thin to do anything extravagant. However, there are many hairstyles that you could do even with very thin hair. For example, different low knots enable you to style your thin hair so that it looks thicker.

33. Flat Knot Bun. All bun hairstyles don’t have to follow the conventional ball-like look. You can keep yours as distinct as you want it. This flat-twisted bun hairstyle is unique and classy.

34. Braid and Low Bun. This type of bun represents how to put hair in a bun and have it super-cute as well as protective. A French braid on a side is one of the popular options.

35. Mohawk Hairstyle with a Low Bun. A braided Mohawk with a low bun works perfectly as a twist to a common low bun. It can add more interest to your look and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

36. Bright Bun Hairstyles. Don’t be shy to style your colored hair into bun hairstyles. The color gives your hairdos a glitzy edge that is very fashionable. Check out this fascinating burnt orange bun hair.

37. Roll Bun. This style with a modern twist is mind-blowing. If you want to refresh your classic French twist updo and make it more casual, give it a try.

38. Very Low Bun. Complicated bun hairstyles are not for wearing them with hats. A cool idea will be to make a very low, relaxed bun aka ‘knot’ at the lower half of your braid. It will look messy, carefree, and extremely pretty.

39. Sleek Chignon with Flowers. A chic and sophisticated easy bun hairstyle for high-class ladies. Perfect for formal events. Brush your hair back, hold with an elastic band and tuck it into a ball. Spray with mousse for shine.

40. Half Up, Half Down Bun with a Retro Vibe. What about tying half of your hair in a bouffant bun and leaving the rest flowing down? The classic Bardot bangs will complement the look perfectly!

41. Twisted Nape Bun. A great option of bun hairstyles for brides and bridesmaids. With tendrils hanging around your face and neck, this style puts you in the mood of love and celebration. Pair with fresh flowers or floral pins for more creativity.

42. Easy Formal Bun with Tiny Twists. This bun is captivating and pleasing to the eye. Its secret is in the contrast of colors and textures. A great option for a wedding updo.

43. Simple Low Knot Bun. Need easy bun hairstyles for every day and special events? This low knot is simple and elegant, and very suitable for all occasions. From work to play, you just can’t ever look out of place with this type of hairstyle.

44. Intricate Braided Bun. There are braided buns that need special skills. You see an example in this photo. To copy the updo you’ll need to book a hairstylist, but it will definitely make the WOW-effect at any event. Everyone will be left speechless.

45. Feed-In Braid and Bun. Braided hairstyles might look intricate, but they are worth mastering. A bun combined with a braid always adds a touch of femininity and romance to the overall look. Learn the most popular braiding techniques, and you will add dozens of hairstyles to your beauty bank.

46. Cozy Bun Hairstyle for Home. Hair buns are a popular choice for wearing at home. The easiest way to make one is to use a scrunchie or a claw clip. One twist – and your perfectly imperfect claw clip updo is ready.

Cozy Claw Clip Updo
By Eva

47. Voluminous Bun for Thick Hair. It may be easier to simply put thick hair in a ponytail or leave it hanging down. But what if you want a feminine top bun? Yes, you will need some patience pulling your thick locks back, but an elegant neat bun style with thick hair is a reality.

48. Flower Hair Buns. Whether you have a wedding, a job interview, or an important meeting with a manager, a floral bun is a great option to show your style. Just choose how much gloss you need for your meeting or event and opt for 1 to 5 flower buns. For formal events, add details and delicate tendrils.

49. Bun Hairstyle for Weddings. Weddings are extraordinary events in our lives, and we do need a great outfit and matching hair to feel special. Make one of the trendy flower buns and show your femininity.

50. Hair Bun with Glasses. The most professional-looking bun in this selection. Perfect for work and play, dates, a lunch with your friends, and a job interview. How to make it look more playful? Add a scrunchie for a pop of color.

Are you struggling with new hairstyle ideas that are easy, adaptable, and suit your hair type? Stylish bun styles are just that. In case you need even more bun hairstyles and other hair ideas, we have collected more photos for your inspiration. Check out our galleries and Q&A section, and your hair routine will become easier and more pleasant.

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