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30 Marvelous Wavy and Curly Pixie Cut Ideas

2. Loose Curly Gray Pixie Cut for Every Day. Loose curls with a tapered nape create a really striking effect! Remember to leave some strands falling over your face.

A curly pixie cut is an amazing choice for a short hairstyle to wear every day and for special occasions. Spice up your look with pretty accessories and you are a stylish goddess in your city’s streets. Here are 30 distinctive pixie cut curly hair ideas to choose from!

Do you have slightly wavy hair, small spiral curls, or a totally wild curly mane? You will find cool pixie ideas for all hair types below:

1. Voluminous Curly Pixie Cut. If your head is blessed with thick messy curls, style them up. Although your hair on the sides gets pretty shorter, the hairstyle gives off feminine vibes.

2. Loose Curly Gray Pixie Cut for Every Day. Loose curls with a tapered nape create a really striking effect! Remember to leave some strands falling over your face.

3. Natural Curly Pixie Cut with Low Undercut. This curly pixie cut style opens up your face and neck. Tease the roots and tousle the curls for some extra vibrancy.

4. Messy Pixie Bob for Short Wavy Hair. This deva cut doesn’t take long to style. Even if your hair isn’t wavy enough, apply some curl enhancer and style it with your hands or resort to hot rollers and hairspray.

5. Long Wavy Curly Pixie Cut. The long wavy pixie cut is ideal for anyone who wants to hide the forehead or sides of the face. Add volume to the roots and tousle the layers to enjoy the effortless messy look.

6. 3B Curly Pixie Cut for Brunettes. The edgy pixie with bouncy ringlets is fast-to-style and easy-to-wear. Don’t overdo it with spray and let the wind blow through your curls.

7. Blonde Curly Pixie Cut with a Fringe. If you want to transform the traditional short bob into something more playful, curl it up! Don’t forget about the fringe.

8. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut. Short on one side, long on the other. Allow some strands to touch the eyebrows. This hairstyle flatters triangular- and diamond-shaped faces.

9. Blown-Out Pixie Cut for Thin Curly Hair. If you feel like your pixie haircut needs some fresh, daring volume, use a hairdryer to blow the curls away from the face and give them that cool wind-swept look.

Pixie Bob for Thin Curly Hair
By Emma

10. Voluminous Pixie Cut for Thick Curly Hair. This wavy pixie remains straight at the edges. The combination of straight and curly hair is a perfect solution for those with creative and passionate personalities!

11. Slightly Curly Pixie Cut for an Oval Face. Remember women’s hairstyles from the Great Gatsby? This cut with a side bang will make you look like one of them! Just keep the fringe wavy and styled to the side.

12. Mohawk-Inspired Curly Pixie. A short cut on one side and long waves on the other give you a vibrant, asymmetrical look. Add hoop earrings to complete this style.

13. Messy Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs. Small curls are an amazing way to transform a simple pixie cut with deep bangs into an exquisite 90’s-style hairstyle.

14. Easy Curly Pixie Cut for a Square Face. How to style a curly pixie cut if you want to elongate and soften your square face? Use a curler to create perfectly shaped thick curls and pile them on the top of your head. Combine with short tapered sides and neat sideburns.

15. Voluminous Curly Pixie Cut for Ladies Over 50. Curls on curls build the basis for an outstanding, voluminous look. It makes you stylish and vibrant and pairs well with jewelry and glasses of your choice, whether basic or bright.

16. Androgynous Curly Pixie Cut with Bangs. A curler and a definition cream are all you need for this style. An undercut with romantic bowl-cut curls suits a long face well.

17. Thin Wavy Hair with a Short Fringe. Turn to a perm and forget about styling. Low maintenance guaranteed! It’ll only take a couple of minutes for your short cut to look awesome.

18. Curly Frizzy Fine Hair with Bangs. Fine hair looks far thicker when it’s wavy. Use a spray or a defining cream for curly frizzy hair to give your curls the cute look of organized chaos.

19. Curly Pixie Cut with Highlights. Those tiny curls help to bring out the nuances of highlights. The very curly pixie cut hairstyle with an undercut goes well with hoop earrings.

20. Vibrant Red Curly Pixie Cut. To achieve the hot booming effect with stubborn curly hair, try a tapered cut for natural hair. If your curls will survive coloring, this burgundy balayage is a stunning juicy solution for any time of the year.

21. Diva Curly Pixie Cut for Short Black Hair. These delicate finger curls call to mind the elegance of the 20s. It pairs well with the boho style in clothes and accessories.

22. Curly Pixie Cut with a Defined Parting. This 3c curly pixie cut transforms you into a goddess. Style with some mousse and create a defined parting for a wow-effect.

23. Kinky Curly Pixie Cut for Black Hair. This pixie cut looks like a dream to all straight-haired girls. Your 3С curls will work on their own with proper hair care. Your hairdresser will help you choose the right products.

24. 3С Tapered Short Curls for Round Face. This hairstyle is based on the tapered shape building the flattering height for round faces. For an extra glamorous finish, complete with minimalist black frames and hoop earrings.

25. Undercut Curly Pixie Cut with Highlights. Ringlet curls don’t take much time to create (you can use hair rollers) and quickly transform you into a modern princess. Leave them to hang loose covering the undercut and mess up the curls on top to your heart’s content.

26. Curly Pixie Cut with Curly Bangs. Curly bangs are a trendy solution for any face shape. No pixie cut has ever attracted more attention!

27. African American Curly Pixie Cut with Diva Curls. An undercut and voluminous, thick diva curls going down to the eyebrows make you look like a real-life goddess.

28. Touchable Soft Curly Pixie. This hairstyle is the celebration of the ultimate voluminous pixie cut. Leave the fringe slightly longer to complete the look.

29. Long Slightly Curly Pixie Cut with Side Bangs. Beach waves are well-suited to finer hair types. For this hairstyle, you don’t need to use a curler. A curl-enhancer and hairdryer will do the job just fine.

30. Super Short Natural Curly Pixie Cut. You will hardly do anything to style this sweet TWA. You need only a brush and products for your hair type. A big chop is a great idea if you want to go back to your natural hair.

Even the shortest pixie cut on wavy hair looks feminine, exquisite, and stylish, doesn’t it? Depending on your choice of clothes, a curly pixie hints at various aspects of your personality. What do you think the best pixie cuts for curly hair are? What was the worst wavy pixie cut you have ever had? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below!

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