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50 Easy Braided Hairstyles You Can Copy When You’re Out of Ideas

If you are in search of really easy braided hairstyles and simple plaits, look no further, because we have what you are looking for. These braided styles are quick, trouble-free, and very cute. The only thing you will need for these plaits is to know how to master basic braids, i.e. the two-strand braid, the French braid, the Dutch braid, and the Fishtail braid.

So, whether you’re attending a fancy event that calls for a stunning hairstyle or you’re just looking for a way to quickly add a beautiful detail to your look, consider one of these easy braids available for any hair type and length!

1. Easy Loose Ponytail Braid. To get this fancy ponytail braid, make a few ponytails one under another, and pull at each for maximum volume.

2. Thick Rapunzel Braid. Simple fast-braiding hairstyles, like the chunky braid here, are easy and perfect for taming long thick locks.

3. Simple Side Braid and Knot. Quick braid hairstyles like the side braid with a knot are an easy way to look cute and stylish this season.

4. No-Problem Wrap-Around Dutch Braids. Be a sexy milkmaid with Dutch braids that are loose and curly.

5. Pull-Through Pigtail Braids. Two plaits are definitely better than a single one even if we are talking about simple braid hairstyles. The more so that you actually don’t need to do any braiding but tie your locks into a sequence of ponytails and pull them through each other.

6. Half Up Boho Braid. For boho vibes at a wedding or night out, try a cute fishtail crown braid.

7. Simple Braided Mohawk Updo. The teased braid with volume adds an edgy touch to an otherwise elegant updo.

8. Careless Braided Chignon Updo. To own this style, you need to curl your locks, braid them on one side, tease the top, and intertwine the braid with the strands at the nape to complete a relaxed low bun.

9. Half-Up Braids and Bun. We love medium-length braided hairstyles like this half updo with tiny braids.

10. Crimped and Braided Faux Hawk. Easy braids like reverse French plaits will gain a new perspective if you place them creatively and add extra volume and texture.

11. Easy Wedding Braid. The wedding braid is elegant and even prettier with highlights to show off the texture.

12. Braided Wedding Updo. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or the bride, quick braids, like in this elegant braided updo, are a favorite.

13. Simple Diagonal Braid. Simple braided hairstyles are often the prettiest, like this thick diagonal braid updo.

14. Relaxed Braid and Bun. Secure your loose bun with a regular hair tie and add a ribbon to look even prettier.

15. Easy Bridal Half Updo. Form two simple braids or fancy fishtails on the sides of the head and cross them over and under, then secure. Add hair jewelry.

Easy Updo with Fishtails
By Alex

16. Polished Braid with Low Pony and Bangs. This gorgeous copper-red hair gains even more depth thanks to the twist on the crown framed with a side braid. Meanwhile, the smoothly styled pony and bangs create a nice contrast.

17. Sleek Look with Micro Braids. Classic three-strand plaits are just the thing for beginner easy braided hairstyles since they don’t require any special skills. However, you can still play with sizes, textures, and placement to create a unique do.

18. Loose Braid with a Romantic Touch. Quick braid styles look more than just cute if you manage to play to your strengths. This loose yet smooth braid lets the locks radiate softness and show the subtle balayage to the best advantage.

19. Densely Textured Crown. This updo may seem overly complicated, but it simply embraces a pair of Dutch braids plaited on each side of the head and styled messy for a boho vibe.

20. Easy Braids for Short Hair. A chin-length bob gives enough room for braiding, so you can incorporate even a set of Dutch plaits into it finishing the look with trendy tousled styling.

21. One Side Braid and Low Bun. This style requires a bit of Dutch braiding starting from one side of the head and then flowing into a chignon at the nape. Keep the strands loose enough to recreate this soft look and also mask imperfections.

22. Stunning Lacing with a Micro Braid. Take a closer look at this amazing weaving — actually, it is not as scary and difficult as it may seem. You will need to sweat a little over pulling and smoothing out the strands but the style is totally worth it.

23. Elegant Braid and Low Ponytail. Although you may have difficulties with replicating this dimensional plaiting on the crown, you can customize it to your skills and steal a lovely trick with the side locks wrapped around the ponytail.

24. Crown Fishtail with a Pony. Artfully mussed hairstyles are always appealing to beginners, and this look is no exception. Just master the art of fishtail braiding and couple the plait running from the top with a low pony and loose waves.

25. Super Messy Multi Braided Do. This absolutely touchable style accommodates a whole slew of braids and braiding patterns while loosening plenty of strands to wow us with texture and volume.

26. Sweet Partially Braided Lob. With easy braided hairstyles, you do not need to push all your hair into braids. Here is a cool look that thrives on two simple tight plaits made on one side and joined behind the ear.

27. Effortless Half Up with a Bow. A pretty red bow against vanilla blonde locks? We love the contrast! And you may also like this loose braiding throughout the top cascading into a messy fishtail braid with undone locks all around.

28. Classy Textured Bun. We have another great idea for newbies to braiding: make a loose braid only to wrap it into a handsome chignon. Fishtail braids are the best choice for the stunning texture we can enjoy in this picture.

29. Chic Twisted Updo for Medium Hair. This Insta-worthy style is all about twisting pre-curled strands in different directions to shape a soft and dimensional updo adorned by a textured low bun.

30. Colorful Pony with Face-Framing Braids. Simple fast braiding styles are often created around fun details like these thin vibrant purple braids that direct all attention to the face.

31. Wavy Chignon with a Twist. You may take this updo for just another version of wavy locks rolled into a bun until you spot the cute fishtail braid peeking out.

32. Bombshell Boho Braid with Floral Decoration. All you need to shine out on your special occasion is that enormous Dutch braid cascading down and blooming with flowers.

33. Messy Crown Braid. If you’re not too familiar with how to braid hair, keep it simple with two low braids that wind up around the head.

Simple Updo with a Messy Braid
By Jody

34. Easy Dutch Braid and Pony. The cool blonde look with a Dutch braid makes for a statement style.

35. Voluminous Braided Ponytail. Easy braids to do on yourself include this half fishtail/half bushel braid.

36. Easy Braid and a Low Bun. For short hair, turn your look into a beauty with a side braid that feeds into a tight side bun.

37. Simple Fluffy Fishtail. A slightly messy braid, like this voluminous side fishtail, is great for a fancy night out look.

38. Fast Long Messy Braid. Work in your favorite colored head scarf by winding it in and out of a long loose braid.

39. Fancy Half-Up with Micro Braids. If you’re all about details, you have to try this half-up braid with micro-braids!

40. Pretty Quick Braid and Chignon. Looking for elegant braid ideas? This braided chignon is thick and luscious, accented with a printed scarf.

41. Side Fishtail with Tendrils. Show off a long fishtail braid with wavy texture and loose tendrils.

42. Casual Braid for Medium-Length Hair. On hot days, seek out braids for medium-length hair, like this messy boho braid.

43. Half-Up Braid for Short Hair. Use a loose fishtail braid to add a dash of romance to your cute short wavy hairstyle.

44. Thick Low Braid. One of the best quick braid styles is this low two-strand braid for thick hair. Starting at the nape, wind a loose braid with a chunky tail.

45. Easy Office Look. Easy braid styles like this long low ponytail braid can become your favorite office style.

46. Messy Low Braid. Twist sections of hair and mix them with a jumbo braid for boho vibes.

47. Poofy Low Twist Braid. The poofy low twisted braid is packed with glorious touchable volume.

48. Infinity Braid. Infinity braids are another elegant braided style. Leave the end loose and tease it slightly.

49. Tiered Fishtail Braid. One of the most gorgeous and easy braids for long hair is the tiered fishtail braid.

50. Curly Crown Braid. Curls and braids combine for a dream hairstyle.

Any of these easy braided hairstyles will work wonders to make you feel like a queen. And hey, while those fancy braids with lots of detail and texture are great for glamor, a simple and classy low braid is just as pretty!

by Serena Piper
Serena graduated from the University of Oregon where she majored in magazine journalism. She is a published writer both in print and online. She currently lives in Daytona Beach where she works at the Early Learning Coalition, an organization supporting children of low-income families. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, country music concerts, exploring Florida, and of course, the beach.