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50 Prom Hair Pictures to Prompt Your Next Killer Look

The big day is coming but you still have no clue about what your prom hair will look like? Don’t worry, we are ready to lend you a helping hand with a diverse choice of prom hair ideas that have already won the hearts of hundreds and even thousands of Instagram subscribers.

Whether you are a brunette or a blonde with short or long tresses, there are buns, braids, twists, ponytails, and waves to bring the best out of your hair for your prom. Scroll through the most coveted prom hair looks of 2023 and pick the one to unleash your inner belle of the ball!

1. Clean Low Bun with Braids. While low bun prom hair will never go out of style, there is always a way to rock it with a twist. Double side braids, tendrils, and carelessly sticking ends create a unique combo of elegance and casualness.

2. French Roll with Mermaid Waves. Getting a fancy French twist is a piece of cake – you just need to add some haphazard waves to the well-known formula. This stunning example proves that texture is a real game-changer.

3. Flowery High Bun. This sculptured high bun bids to become a favorite among trendy prom hair looks since any girl is sure to steal the show with such a classy updo.

4. Braided Faux Hawk. Prom hairstyles for black hair often revolve around braids, and this elaborate faux hawk totally nails them. Give an eye to the baby hairs and hair rings, as details make a vast difference.

5. Loose Low Bun with a Side Braid. Today’s prom hairstyles for long hair can look messy while losing no chic, just like this gorgeous do that pairs a side fishtail braid with a beautifully textured bun.

6. Minimalist DIY Chignon. A stylish look doesn’t need to be complicated, so you can derive inspiration from this simple yet touching DIY prom hair with a low bun and 3D pieces.

7. Sweet Crown Braid. A grand event is a good reason to crown your head with a nicely textured braid. The smooth and silky hair on the top and around the face will create a spectacular contrast.

8. Pearl Scattering with a Twist. Pearls are what we, girls, need to make our prom hairstyles shine. But a masterfully performed balayage emphasized by sculptured twists will turn any of us into a fairytale princess.

9. Lush Loops and Curls. We could praise this whimsical up prom hair to the skies for its trendy messy feel and texture galore. But we would opt to channel your attention to the perfect match between the hair color and floral accessories.

10. Effortless Side Bun. Cool girls will never trade boho chic for a formal hairstyle, and here is an idea for your next disheveled low bun complemented with free-flowing tresses.

11. Tousled Braiding with a Chignon. This one is a real catch among prom updos for long hair – get your locks braided top to bottom and enjoy envious looks.

12. Romantic French Twist Hairstyle. If you are hunting for prom hairstyles for straight hair, search no further. This textured French twist doesn’t require waves but has a truly artistic feel about it.

13. Yummy Caramel Waves. Plenty of volume, eye-catching movement, and a seamless color transition – this prom hair wins a big round of applause.

14. Long Voluminous Boho Braid. Loose twists and braids are born to work together – they add much dimension to the locks and accentuate the soft play of shades.

15. 3D Blonde Updo with Blue Flowers. Have you ever seen such stunning prom hairstyles with bangs? Apart from its crispy bumps, this do strikes the eye with a killer combination of pearl blonde hair and a deep blue accessory.

16. Half Up Prom Hair with Rustic Flavor. Half up half down prom hair gives us the best of two worlds since it allows the locks to flow down in all their beauty while adding an attention grabber like a messy braid with a hair vine.

17. High Bun with a Big Bow. This simple prom hair is amazing, with the teased locks blending into a voluminous top knot. Creatively styled front pieces and a huge emerald hair bow complete the look.

18. Textured Chignon with Loose Ends. Welcome another prom hair bun version, this time all tied in knots and complemented with a bouffant.

19. Elegantly Twisted Upstyle. If you are not a fan of tousled hairstyles but don’t want to dress your tresses too sleek either, this textured updo is just the thing.

20. Neat Bun with Strips of Color. Picking an updo without adapting it to your hair color is a big mistake! This picture shows how highlights transform a seemingly simple hairstyle into a striking look.

21. Dramatically Shaped Blonde Updo. The delicate hairpiece works as a focal point of this bombshell coiffure, but do not miss those small details like contrasting shadow roots or an elegantly tucked strand on the side.

22. Fancy Messy Bun with Plaits. When you want to add something extra to your edgy boho bun, think of this pretty twisted detail which is definitely worth stealing.

23. Breezy Blonde Waves. This wavy prom hair looks utterly effortless while oozing shine, dimension, and movement. The best part is that you don’t need to have hair down to the floor to recreate those mermaid waves.

24. Stylish Half-Up Ponytail. Old Hollywood waves, a high pony, and a rich hair color – it is our time-proven receipt for cute prom hair.

Cute High Ponytail Prom Hair
By Anna

25. Intricate Side Braiding. We have seen plenty of side braids so far, but there is more room for creativity. So, go for unique plaiting rather than sticking to classic braid patterns.

26. Blonde Top Knot with Volume. Nothing fits the mood of an upscale occasion like the oldie but goodie bouffant style. Surely, you need to upgrade it to look trendy, for example, by adding a messy feel.

27. Twisted Mix of Blonde Shades. This dreamy do incorporates a tousled chignon and multiple twists that do a good job of emphasizing those beautiful color transitions.

28. Plum Red Prom Hairstyle. A vibrant hair color garners attention without any bells and whistles. Moreover, a soft low bun with some interlaced pieces at the nape is a nice prom hair idea for short hair.

29. Elaborated Half Updo with Decor. This prom hair with flowers and leaves will knock your rivals dead with an abundance of details, such as those tiny braids on the sides and wrapped locks on the crown.

30. Polished Loop Bun with a Centerpiece. Even without the decorative chain striking the eye, this prom hair updo would look amazing since the sleek looped bun is a piece of art in itself.

31. Airy Loopy Updo. Textured prom hairstyles for medium hair can work their magic even on fine and weak tresses by infusing them with dimension and dynamics.

32. Strawberry Blonde Low Pony. It seems that this soft ponytail prom hair really glows – that’s what any girl can get if choosing the right hairstyle to play up her hair color.

33. Dutch Braid in Blue. Long live The Snow Queen! From icy blue hair color to silver crystal pins, this hairstyle is absolutely cool. However, the endless Dutch braid winding around the head will do the trick even in a less showy shade.

34. Cascading Locks with Jewelry. Wearing your prom hair down to show those glamorous voluminous curls is a great idea. But if you want it to go with a bang, make sure to adorn your head with a pearl tiara.

35. Fleshy Bun, Tiny Tendrils. Undone hairstyles are hot nowadays, and this textured chignon coupled with a bit of volume on the crown has the right touch.

36. Relaxed Bob with a Braid. While not many prom hairstyles for short hair dare to embrace braids, this lovely bob with highlights has excelled at the task.

37. Naturally Curly Chignon. The next photo shows that curly prom hair goes well with its natural texture, so you don’t need it to be extra polished.

38. Glitzy Look with a High Pony. This high ponytail prom hair comes with tons of volume while its bouncy locks perfectly chime with the shiny blonde to create a glam look.

39. Cute Curled Twist. The French twist gets a new perspective in this medium-length prom hair, all thanks to careless ringlets added to the style.

40. Romantic Updo with Soft Curls. We do believe that twisted messy up-styles work best for ombre and balayage hair, as they allow for a new take on the color schemes.

41. Playful Pony with Pearls. It’s amazing how pearls can transform a cute yet not complicated pony! You should also note the curls melting into the textured ends and loose waves over the head perimeter.

42. Sophisticated Upstyle for African American Texture. Here is a tip on how to dress natural curly hair for a prom – chunky twists creating an intricate pattern that flatters your facial features will tame even 4c coils.

43. Princess-esque High Bun. Tired of low buns and high ponies? Well, a dimensional high bun complemented with long face-framing tresses feels romantic, especially in this sophisticated icy color.

Romantic Loose High Bun for Prom
By Nina

44. A Head of Braids. Flaming red is just perfect in braided half-up prom hairstyles for long hair. Indeed, this disheveled fishtail braid seems to only boost the raging energy of redheads.

45. Half-Up Half-Down Heart Braid Hairstyle. There is always a chance to make a statement with prom hairstyles for long hair down. Two braided buns merging into a heart pattern are sure to create the WOW effect.

46. Gently Woven Bun. Apply a volumizing styling product, blowdry the crown area for better dimension, and start twisting and wrapping to achieve a sweet soft chignon like this one.

47. Pretty Bun with Disconnections. Prom hairstyles for thin hair must have plenty of texture and depth to mask hair scarcity. This updo makes use of highlights and shorter tresses in the front to produce a multilevel effect.

48. Smartly Wrapped Chignon. A sleek and polished hairstyle is not doomed to look too formal and dull, which is proved by this classy low bun shining with a delicate ginger blonde shade.

49. Ethereal Blend of Plaits and Highlights. Soft strands overlapping each other in a fancy weave can be styled in a messier or smoother way depending on the look you want to deliver.

50. Brunette Prom Hair with a Pouf. The sculptured petals of hair create a banging contrast with the perfectly straight pieces in the front, especially those wonderfully dense and long side bangs.

As we can see, prom hair 2023 is truly versatile, ranging from fancy undone hairstyles to glossy looks and sophisticated, almost architectural extravagances. It’s up to you to adapt our prom hair tips to your outfit, lifestyle, hair type, and facial features. However, don’t hesitate to seek advice from your hairdresser since a pro knows what will work best for different hair colors and textures. If you are still not sure, schedule a hair trial since your grand social outing is worth the money.

by Editors
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