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40 Camouflaging Hairstyles for Greasy Hair That Hide Oily Roots

Unlike what you might initially think, there are actually many hairstyles for greasy hair you can choose from. You can also try to find out how to get rid of greasy hair, but in the meantime, take full advantage of it!

Check the list below to get inspiration from the most creative hairdo ideas for greasy hair.

1. Double-Bubble Ponytail. An easy fix for unwashed hair is to do a simple bubble ponytail. Feel free to create as many sections as you want.

2. The Messy Clip. How to make your hair less greasy without complicated braids? Just make a messy French knot and clip it with a trendy accessory!

3. Two Chunky Twist Braids. Hairstyles for oily hair often entail lovely French braids. No wonder why. Oily hair helps in stylishly tucking your hair strands away, making them look polished!

4. Waves and a Clip. One of the simplest ways to fix greasy hair is to put the top section of your hair up with a claw clip. Create waves for more volume.

5. Low Pigtail Buns. Know how to hide greasy hair with simple buns. Such ‘pigtails’ also keep your look fresh and charming!

6. The Perfect Bun. What to do with greasy hair? The simplest solution is to turn it into the perfect bun! The grease will even out your hair and neatly tuck any flyaways!

7. Viking-Inspired Hairstyle for Greasy Hair. Tease and comb your greasy bangs back, then style the rest of the hair to create a mind-blowing Viking-inspired hairstyle. The macramé braids and swirled-up half-up bun look very inspiring. Pair with statement earrings.

8. Thick Braided Crown. This hairstyle is not only for hiding dirty hair. It also adds volume for thin greasy hair while looking festive and chill.

9. Super Messy Bun. Avoid complicated hairstyles to hide greasy roots and try a simple messy bun to look casual and save some time on preparation! Use dry shampoo if needed or wash just the bangs to make your hair look fresher.

10. Cute Half Up Ponytail. To keep your hair from getting greasy, you can just put the top section in a sweet high ponytail. Dry shampoo or its alternatives will let the rest of the hair look less greasy.

11. Boho Braids for Long Greasy Hair. Long greasy hair can be ‘accessorized’ with multiple braids. We are getting strong Coachella vibes!

12. One Simple but Cute Braid. Getting ready for a long trip? If your hair gets greasy after one day, you can section it and do one braid starting from the front hairline to keep it away from getting messy and even greasier.

13. Heavily Decorated Messy Top Knot. We can hardly find more fit-for-purpose and easy-to-do hairstyles for greasy hair than top knots, but you can take it a step further and hide greasy roots under a bunch of sparky accessories scattered around the bun.

14. Cute Afro Braids with Hair Rings. If you are not that daily shampooing kind of girl, turning to braided hairstyles to hide greasy hair would be your best option. Have fun with different braid sizes, face-framing pieces, and fancy accessories instead of bothering about trivialities!

15. Dutch Braid Centerpiece with Textured Pony. This offbeat do combines a whole set of tricks used in dirty hair hairstyles: both sleeked sides and crown plaiting make your hair look less greasy, and the textured pony doesn’t require your locks to be freshly washed.

16. Tousled Chignon with Micro Braids. Messy low buns with a smoothed crown work fine for greasy hair hairstyles, and you can elevate the look without washing your head by adding a couple of fun micro braids and creating some texture.

17. Easy Bubble Halo with Loose Hair. The main task of hairstyles for dirty hair is to hide oily roots in the front, and this whimsical coif does the job perfectly while also building volume.

18. Sleek High Pony with Bouffant. Actually, you do not need crispy-clean hair for many styles since it lacks grip and produces tons of flyaways. Tip: a bit of backcombing is the right way to style greasy hair in a classy pony like this.

19. Braided Pony with Face-Framing Plaiting. Braiding is what you need to get rid of greasy hair fast. Yet, don’t miss your chance to spice up the look with lovely micro braids in the front and multiple plaits in the back.

20. 3D Halo Braid with Looped Low Bun. Have you ever thought that hairstyles for oily hair can be that chic? If your locks are thick enough, the braid crowning your head will completely cover the greasy roots, leaving only some tiny tendrils for a romantic feel.

21. Pull-Through Braid with Low Pony. This style offers to fix greasy hair with smoothed strands in the front while adding volume and texture through the pull-through braid and curled ponytail in the back.

22. Fishtail-Braided Tight Chignon. Sleek hairstyles allow using naturally produced sebum to the advantage and create elegant updos without dry shampoo or styling products. Just bring a touch of texture into the style by plaiting.

23. Messy Half Updo with a Retro Vibe. Looking for ways to fix greasy hair fast? Prepare natural homemade dry shampoo and then just gather your hair in a messy bouffant half updo like in this picture!

Bouffant Half Updo for Greasy Hair
By Katy

24. Messy Twist Braid and Pony. Fix the hair that gets greasy overnight with some messy braid and ponytail styling. Accessories are always welcome!

25. Two Twist Braids Updo. Showcase your free and easy-going personality with loose twist braids knotted at the ends. It’s crazy how long this updo can last looking fresh!

26. Chignon Bun for Greasy Locks. Be elegant and classy and achieve this bun even without dry shampoo. Just wrap cheesecloth around your brush and brush your hair as you normally do before styling it. This natural look is a sure stunner!

27. Messy Twisted Low Bun. Another variation of the bun that works for all hair types, including greasy curly hair. It’s romantic and chic!

28. Loose Curls with a Headband Braid. Deal with oily curly hair properly by leaving your curls loose. Add a braid on top as a stylish detail.

29. Lovely Dutch Braids. This look doesn’t seem like it’s one of the hairstyles for dirty hair. However, these adorable thick braids are ideal for concealing the grease!

30. Braided Scarf Bun. Take your bun game to the next level with some colorful scarves. No one will notice hair grease with such an accessory!

31. Loose Low Fishtail Braid. Let your hair free and get rid of greasy hair without washing it – try some dry shampoo and a loose fishtail braid. A perfect idea for the second-, third-day hair.

32. Simple Messy Ponytail. You don’t need a ton of tricky ways to learn how to style greasy hair. Especially if you have thin oily hair, you can just put it in a loose, relaxed ponytail. Be sure to tease the hair a bit and add a big trendy scrunchie.

33. Wrapped Afro Puff for Greasy Curly Hair. Looking for some cute hairstyles for greasy hair? Master the headwrap style of the popular afro puff! Show off your curls and let your hair do the talking.

34. Multiple Braids. For the hair that gets greasy so fast, create multiple cornrows. They are best for super greasy hair and look incredibly stylish.

35. Side Double Messy Braid. Are you in a romantic mood? You can try baking soda or dry shampoo to get rid of greasy hair fast, but you can also just put it in an elegant double braid.

36. Braided Bun Hairstyle. Hide dirty greasy hair and create a sophisticated hairstyle by combining French and Fishtail braids in a classy bun updo.

37. Hair Hoop and Hollywood Waves. To deal with oily hair while still feeling like the main lady of a movie set, try some Hollywood waves with curl hold spray, accompanied with a headband.

38. Bantu or Zulu Knots. These knots are from the Zulu people of southern Africa. It is a hairstyle that sections the hair and keeps it neatly tucked away. Perfect!

39. Simple Waves and Hair Clips. If you find yourself lacking time but still need to style dirty hair, use some hair clips to be ready in a couple of minutes. Blotting papers will help to remove excess oil before styling.

40. Sleek Straight Ponytail. Be edgy while hiding your oily roots with a gorgeously sleek and straight ponytail. Wet hair looks are still trendy in 2024!

And there you have it! The good news? There are more hairstyles for hiding greasy hair than you have always been thinking! You just have to pick the ones that work best for you. No more worries about greasy hair! Get inventive and come up with your own hairdo idea or choose from the classy hairstyles for greasy hair listed above.

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