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What hair color is the best for dark skin tones?

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

33. Rainbow Colors for Brown Skin. Since these colors are very bright, it is better if you have a short haircut and medium brown skin. The result of this mix is amazing. If you want to quickly spice up your crop, dye it bright!

What color to dye my hair for dark skin?

Selecting the perfect hair color for dark skin is not as easy as it seems, especially nowadays with so many opportunities to make your appearance much brighter and upgrade your look with color. Do not know how to choose?

In this article, I describe a lot of amazing hair color ideas for dark skin so that everyone could find the most appealing and suitable one.

1. Brown Hair with Rose Gold Highlights. Caramel and rose gold will perfectly highlight light brown skin and naturally dark hair. This solution will suit literally every black woman.

2. Rose Gold Hair with Brown Skin. What a look! The warm rose gold color associates with fall weather, cozy jackets, and cocoa. Whatever the tone of your skin is, it will fit every black lady.

3. Strawberry Blonde. Cannot dare to become light blonde but still do not want to stay with brown hair? Try it. Strawberry blonde is the golden mean between reds and blonde shades, and it looks good with medium dark or light brown skin.

4. Ash Blonde Hair. It is an appropriate hair color for dark skin women with cooler undertones. It will also be one of the best hair colors for dark skin of light brown tone.

5. Light Purple Hair. Curly hair and dark skin is a perfect combo. Bleached purple can refresh short hair. Every woman with light brown skin will feel irresistible with pastel purple curls.

6. Sunflower Blonde Hair Shade. It is the most comfortable option among all light hair colors for dark skin. It is soft, warm, and bright at the same time.

7. Gray Hair for Dark Skin. Today it is trendy to go gray and stop hiding your silvery strands. If you have your grays, ask your hairstylist to blend them with highlights and your natural dark hair.

8. Dark Red for Black Women. If you choose this hair color for your beautiful brown skin, remember not to overdo with your makeup. Red lips and smokey eyes will be too much with it.

9. Ombre Hair for Brown Skin. Anyone can try ombre, as it is a great option even for short hair. Your hairstylist will choose the tones, cooler or warmer, that suit YOU perfectly. Here we see a tasty combination of dark, caramel, and wheat blonde shades on pin curls.

10. Platinum Blonde Hair. Do you think that blonde shades don’t flatter darker skin tones? Time to change your mind. Platinum blonde hair is one of the most popular options for those who love blonde hair on dark skin. It will be the best choice for light and medium dark skin tone.

11. Soft Auburn Hair Color for Brown Skin. Girls with warm undertones in their brown skin can pull off this delicate shade of red without any worries and enjoy the highlighted look it delivers.

12. Blonde Balayage with Lowlights. It might be tricky to locate the best hair color for brown skin since it comes with different undertones. However, a mix of light golden and ashy hues is always a win-win for gals with dark complexions.

13. Subtle Cool-Toned Balayage for Dusky Skin. Although blonde hair color ideas for black women are often centered around warm shades, this seamless balayage with cool undertones expands your inspiration base.

14. Multidimensional Red Hair with a Natural Feel. While we absolutely adore various shades of red hair on black people, dark copper hues tend to look more natural on women of color, especially those with neutral and warm undertones in their skin.

15. Two-Tone Bronde Hair Color for Black Women. If you want to stay on the safer side with blonde hair experiments, try a low-contrast combination of complementary dark and light shades that boasts plenty of depth and looks totally elegant.

16. Stunning Blonde Top Against Black Bottom. Daring girls won’t miss the opportunity to find a brighter hair color for dark skin —just like this platinum blonde coupled with shadow roots and jet-black sides and nape.

17. Ginger Hair Color with a Statement Money Piece. Ginger is not a common choice among black women’s hair colors but it does chime well with gold and yellow undertones in dark skin.

18. Rose Gold Highlights on Burgundy Hair Color. While burgundy is a go-to dye for black women’s hair for its power to complement tan to deep complexions, you can elevate the color with illuminating rose gold highlights.

19. Metallic Shine for Light Brown Skin Tones. The light chestnut brown is a versatile color that naturally suits neutral to cool undertones and delivers much glow to your complexion when done with a proper finish.

Golden Brown Hair for Brown Skin
By Dani

20. Solid Bright Copper Hair Color. Going bright doesn’t require bleaching your hair platinum blonde, as this flaming-red hairstyle perfectly proves.

21. Stonewash Denim Hair for Black Women. Not every woman will dare to dye her hair this color. However, if you are not older than 40, your skin is of a light brown tone, and you want changes, you are welcome to try it. Play on contrasts and pair warm gold jewelry with your cool blue hair.

22. Bright Red. This nice hair color will easily fit dark skin. African American females can try different shades of red hair on dark skin, with lighter shades for lighter skin and vice versa.

23. Bleached Blonde for Dark Skin. Bleached hair will fit women with short haircuts and light brown skin. However, if you have, for example, medium or long beige blonde hair, you can also add bleached highlights to diversify your style.

24. Ice Blonde Hair for Brown Skin. Seems like ice blonde hair on dark skin is a topnotch idea forever. It is a must-do for every girl with light brown skin – at least once.

25. Blue Green Hair Color. This unusual hair color is for those who are looking for truly unique hair color ideas for dark skin of light to medium brown tone. Have you ever thought to try green on your curls? This menthol tint will bring you a step closer to your dream.

26. Pastel Pink with Dark Roots. For medium dark skin tone and dark hair, this shade is like a delicious frosting on a cupcake. For sure, it is better if you prefer casual style and do not have to follow a strict dress code since you will look really joyful with this color.

27. Burgundy Hair Color for Dark Skin. Among many hair dye colors, this one is rather close to black, and it will look natural with dark skin of any tone. However, be aware that burgundy color can make young girls look older.

28. Highlights for Dark Skin. You can choose any color to make highlights. Younger girls can go with pink, green, blue, or purple. Women aged 35+ can add blonde, red, burgundy, or brown strands. The tone of your skin can vary from light to dark brown.

29. Bright Pink and Purple Ombre. Dye your hair bright despite your age. It is suitable for dark skin of any tone and will fit girls aged from 14 to 100. Go beyond the limits and be yourself!

30. “Starry Night” Hair. A perfect option for women who think a solid color is too boring. If you have medium brown or dark brown skin, you can try this creative idea.

31. Beige Blonde Hair. This shade is one of the trending hair colors today. For women who love blond hair color for dark skin, this option is great, especially if the tone of your skin is light or medium brown. Enrich your blonde hair with pastel pink highlights if you want to have even more fun.

32. Brown Hair Color for Dark Skin. Brunette tones are absolutely natural for dark skin women. Choose something from chocolate or mocha palettes and freshen up your natural hair shade.

33. Rainbow Colors for Brown Skin. Since these colors are very bright, it is better if you have a short haircut and medium brown skin. The result of this mix is amazing. If you want to quickly spice up your crop, dye it bright!

34. Green Hair Color. Among all the shades of green, emerald is the best to dye your dark hair. It harmonizes with natural black hair color and medium brown skin and creates an unforgettable combo.

35. Curly Hair and Dark Skin. Almost every straight-haired girl dreams of curly hair. And almost every curly-haired girl just embraces her marvelous curls! Try combining your natural hair color with face-framing blonde highlights to illuminate your beautiful dark skin.

36. Short Blonde Hair with Dark Skin. Another variant of a cute haircut and color for women with lighter brown skin. Even with short hair, it is possible to make different hairdos and have fun.

37. Pink Hair with Dark Roots. If the tone of your skin is light or medium brown, don’t hesitate to try pastel highlights. However, women aged 40+ should better have a short haircut for it.

38. Pink and Purple. This bright hairstyle will flatter you if your skin is light or medium brown. However, make this bold change only if you prefer casual or unusual clothing style.

39. Honey Blonde Hair with Dark Skin. It is a suitable color if the tone of your skin is light or medium brown. With very dark tones, it will create a significant contrast, and you risk looking too unnatural.

40. Multicolored Neon Hair. Ladies who have dark brown skin should not be afraid to choose neon colors for dyeing. It can make you irresistible all year long, especially during sunny days.

Have you already called your hairstylist or still cannot decide which haircut and hair color to choose for your dark skin shade and your strong personality? Anyway, don’t be afraid to experiment. Life becomes better when you enjoy it to the fullest.