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30 Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Younger

Are you looking for hairstyles that take years off your face and make you look younger? Yes, you are right, you can really appear youthful despite your actual age, you just need a proper haircut and a good hair color. Have a look at these 30 hairstyles that would add volume and dimension to your hair, turning your age backwards!

What Haircuts Make You Look Younger

So, what makes a woman look younger? A beautiful smile and a good mood. Jokes aside, a hairstyle is important as well. When deciding on a hairstyle to make you look younger, you need to consider the style, length, and color that would flatter you most. The right hairstyle enhances your best facial features, like your eyes, your cheekbones, or bold brows that take years off your face.

What do hairstylists recommend? Most often they offer their clients to cut the length or at least make layers, consider youthful bangs/fringe, and of course, refresh the hair color with a new shade, highlights, or dimensional lowlights.

30 Trendy Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Younger

So, here we have 30 amazing hairstyles for you to choose for yourself to make you youthful and beautiful as ever. Be ready to note and make screenshots!

1. Side-Parted Pixie-Bob with Layers. Does short hair make you look younger? Yes, it can work miracles. A chin-length bob with bangs swept to a side always delivers the illusion of fullness. If your hair is thin, just layer it up. This will give your hair more volume making you appear youthful and fresh.

2. Short Anti-Aging Hairstyle with Curls. Short hair is a popular choice among older women. No wonder, as with short hair, you can emphasize the fullness at the bottom. And, if you add voluminous curls, they will add life to your flat straight hair, accentuating your cheekbones and beautiful smile. Remember the trick: if you want to look younger, learn how to create flirty curls!

3. Unnatural Hair Color and Trendy Curtain Bangs. This length of hair adds great volume and dimension, and, when paired with beautiful hues of pastel pink, you instantly get glowing skin. Throw in trendy curtain bangs as a cherry on top, and see how youthful you appear without going too bold.

4. Sleek Gray Hair with Outward Layers. How to look youthful with gray hair? Gray hair is on-trend, but a lot of women have a fear that they may look older than they are. In fact, if done with a great haircut, your gray strands will shine through. Add outwarded layers and enjoy the volume and beauty of healthy hair.

5. Messy Modern Bob with Baby Bangs. Do bangs make you look younger? This photo shows the answer and no other words are needed! The hairstylist also cut the model’s hair shorter. There is a reason why many women choose short hair instead of long tresses with age. It works as a non-surgical facelift. It frames the face and accentuates your best facial features along with a lift-up effect.

6. Platinum Blonde Bob with Trendy Badass Bangs. This sleek bob cut in a platinum blonde shade gives a modish and classy touch to the whole look. The thick bangs deliver a sassy vibe.

7. Blonde Hair Color to Look Younger. The blonde balayage looks so exquisite on this shoulder-length hair! You can always ask your stylist to add layers to frame your face and give that oomph. What highlights make you look younger? There is no single 100% working option for all women. You need to consult a hair colorist and find your own formula.

8. Gray Pixie Haircut with Undercut. Adding an explicit hair texture plays an important role in making you look youthful. This pixie cut gives a visually fuller look to your hair and the texture distracts attention from the wrinkles.

9. Shaggy Pixie with Elongated Bangs. This pixie boasts a long fringe that contours the forehead with finer uneven layers, giving a unique fresh appearance. And this two-tone hair color combination! The most stylish over 50 pixie we have ever seen!

10. Textured Side-Parted Pixie Cut. The side-parted pixie cut looks exquisite and low-maintenance. It goes perfectly for the no-fuss female, and it’s easy to style every morning. What do we modern busy women need more?

11. Fine Hair Youthful Hairstyle Over 50. This layered bob features longer curtain bangs enhancing the fullness of fine hair. The hairdo gives a soft framing to the face and reduces your age.

12. Shoulder-Length Hair with Loose Waves. Yes, loose waves are among the most popular younger-looking hairstyles. Even we, girls with pin-straight hair, admit it: curls are playful and flirty. A shoulder-length haircut with beachy waves will create an illusion of fullness and give your mane more movement.

13. Golden Blonde Balayage on Short Hair with Soft Curls. The variety of blonde shades is giving more dimension to the look. The richness of the hair color makes the locks pop. Soft curls are also a foolproof youthful hair hack.

14. ‘Look-Younger’ Highlights with Beachy Waves. These blonde face-framing highlights around the face are keeping the depth underneath to make the blonde color pop. Beachy waves will further give dimension to the hair and add texture even to limp, and otherwise flat hair.

15. Messy Salt-and-Pepper Pixie. The best way to rock your wavy salt-and-pepper hair is to cut it into a trendy longer pixie that is also sometimes called the ‘bixie’ or pixie bob cut. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to give you a messy look for that striking volume. If you want a bit of color, you can tone your gray pixie purple.

16. Honey Blonde Lob with Piece-y Bangs. If you want to look younger, this delicate hair color will fit you perfectly. Add youthful bangs to it in case you have a high forehead. The no-bangs variation of this haircut can draw attention to forehead wrinkles.

17. Edgy Layers with Curtain Bangs. Curtain bangs beautifully shape the face and emphasize the eyes. No wonder why we see the boom of the curtain bangs trend. With this edgy layered hairdo, they get the power to create amazing texture and movement to make you look younger.

18. Asymmetrical Gray Undercut Bob. Lavender-tinted gray hair appears young and fresh. This chin-length asymmetrical bob looks exquisite as it lifts the hair and adds freshness to the overall appearance.

19. Messy Pixie with Jaggy Bangs. These less precise cut bangs can give your hair the edge without hiding your facial features. Head for a messy look to add volume. The spikes at the top are the zest of this badass pixie!

20. Long Hair with Loose Waves. Loose waves are younger-looking than plain straight hair. So, if you choose long hair, go for loose waves, and you will never regret it! If you don’t know how to create waves in your hair, check out the available tutorials and give this look a try!

21. Silver Undercut Bob Hairstyle. Silver hair color is low-maintenance for senior women as it blends seamlessly with gray strands. Also, this textured haircut adds a vibe of youthfulness. Your hairstylist will be more than happy to perform it for you.

22. Funky Pixie Cut. Although pixie cuts are popular among older women for their low-maintenance, the right pixie will also help you look younger. This funky cut emphasizes the playfulness of your character.

23. Side-Swept Bangs with Icy Blonde Hair Color. Our facial features may become more pronounced and stronger with age, and limp hair does not help in this case. Side-swept bangs and layers prevent your hair from falling totally flat. Also, this color is bright enough to draw attention and make your facial imperfections go unnoticed.

24. Sleek Bob with Brown Highlights. This black straight bob with highlights in the front is completely flattering. Cover up all the white strands, give more depth and volume to your hair – and you will be aging backwards.

25. Edgy Pixie Cut with Spikes. The hairdo presents a punk-style spiked-up pixie cut that gives the plain short hair a completely different feel. Also, it fits perfectly with glasses of any type.

26. Retro Mix Hairdo. Does long hair make you look older? Not always, the right haircut and hair color mean more, but here we see a great example of how cutting longer hair short can benefit one’s appearance. This retro-inspired curly wavy hairdo makes an exemplary style. You will look classy and modish.

27. Bob Haircut with Highlights and Lowlights. Brighter highlights always draw attention to the hairstyle. Especially if paired with darker underneath at the nape. This mix will accentuate your bob cut and hide any facial flaws.

28. Edgy Bob for Thin Hair. This bob haircut with edgy long bangs is beautifully veiling the forehead. The style works equally well for those with a high forehead and rounder faces.

29. Medium Thick Hair Transitioning to Gray. This youthful appearing combination of blended grays, loose waves, and face-framing layers complements your gorgeous persona making you stand out and shine.

30. Blonde Balayage for Choppy Lob. A blonde balayage is a great choice to make when choosing a hairstyle that makes you look fresher. Long bobs with strategically placed highlights in the right shade help to open up the face and bring out the color of your eyes.

A few words about haircuts that make you look older. First of all, these are all the haircuts that don’t flatter your face shape, are not well-cared for (outgrown roots, matte strands, frizzy split ends, oily roots – these age a woman), or are worn just in one hairstyle (e.g., a tight gray bun). Secondly, if you don’t want to look older, don’t choose too short crops, long flat hair, baby bangs, too light bleached hair colors, oversized bouffant, and beehive hairstyles.

When picking the look-younger hairstyles that take years off you, you need to focus on the length, color, and style you are opting for. From loose waves and tight curls to sleek bobs and long layers, we have offered 30 gorgeous hairstyles that would add volume and dimension to your hair making you look fresher than ever before. What do you think would work best for you? Don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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