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30 Peekaboo Hair Highlights Ideas for a Hot and Trendy Look

Ema Globyte

29. Peekaboo Highlights Hairstyle with Bangs. Peekaboo highlights can transform any type of hairstyle from plain to adorable. Check out the classy dimensional blonde highlights added to this shag with bangs. Place your highlights on any side and you won’t be wrong.

Peekaboo highlights are some hidden dyed hair under the top layer of strands. Introducing them into your style gives you a quirky and unique look.

Such dyed strands can work in all types of haircuts. You can now go to work without getting anxious if your hair dye is allowed in the office. You can simply hide the peekaboo hair and flaunt it whenever you want – parties, dates, and other occasions you have in mind.

Here are 30 peek-a-boo hair highlights pictures we compiled for your inspiration.

1. Silver Peekaboo Hair. Enhance the beauty of your natural dark hair color by adding some silver highlights. This style looks classy and fun without being overwhelming.

2. Blonde Peekaboo Highlights. These are the go-to highlights for the women who can’t fully commit to a solid blonde hair color. The blonde ribbons will contribute to a bold look that can be worn straight or wavy.

3. Shag with Peekaboo Highlights. The shaggy cut and peek a boo hair color for brunettes are a hot combo. Some great highlights options for dark hair are gray, platinum blonde, and pearl white.

4. Money Piece and Peekaboo Hair Combo. Who could have thought that a lavender shade would chime with chocolate brown? But it does and spotlights the face perfectly while the peekaboo pieces emphasize the hair length.

5. Blonde Underlayer for Long Hair. Treat yourself to a new look featuring blonde shades in dark hair. You can style this hairdo by adding some waves for the bleached strands to show up.

6. Dark Peekaboo Hair in Blonde. The mid-length haircut with layered bangs and strands of scattered black peekaboo highlights creates a sexy, subtle style.

7. No-Frills Brown with Blonde Color Blocking. Color blocking is back, and this simple scheme hiding dyed hair under a dark brown and making it feel even deeper offers an easy-to-adopt approach to the huge trend.

8. Lilac Peekaboo Highlights. Try to spice up your brunette hair with this fresh hue. Lilac will add an instant pop of color and leave people gazing at you.

9. Sweet Unicorn Peekaboo Hair Color. This fairy hair dye job pairs pastel pink and peachy tones with pearly blonde to deliver an eye-popping yet gentle transition and land an absolutely dreamy look.

10. Money Pieces Meet Peekaboo Hair Streaks. Rather than striking the eye with bold panels of color, this hairstyle delivers a more diffused look by combining the blonde hair underneath with the same shade placed around the face.

11. Peekaboo Highlights for Brown Hair. The perfect highlight colors for brown hair are high-contrast hues, such as different tones of blonde. This combination adds an edge to your hairdo.

12. Toned-Down Peek-a-Boo Hair. This dreamy mauve mushroom brown hairstyle proves that you can safely stick to a low-impact color combo and still get the desired dimension-adding effect, although in a softer wrap.

13. Brown Hair Infused with Sunset Hues. Instead of using a sole bold color for the underlayer, this hairstyle incorporates a whole bunch of red, purple, pink, and yellow hues, which chimes well with the bronzed brown and ensures a head-turning result.

14. Black Hair with Something Blue. This version of peekaboo hair playfully shifts the placement to the temple and pairs an off-black shade with soft blue highlights for a more blended feel.

15. Half-Peekaboo Half-Money Piece Highlights. Create a stylish and quirky statement with your highlights. The marriage of a conspicuous patch of one-sided blonde money hair and barely-visible half dyed hair underneath on the opposite side lends an eccentric vibe to her messy brunette hair.

16. Colorful Peekaboo Highlights. Adding different highlight colors to short hair is a great way to look groovy! This is an incredible idea for the women who would love to stand out from the crowd.

17. Icy Platinum Blonde with Intense Violet. This combo of a shimmering cool-tone blonde and a bold purple gives us a stunning idea for a high-contrast look.

18. Pink Peekaboo Highlights. Get summer vibes regardless of the season with a bright pink underlayer hair color peeking through your blonde strands.

19. Rose Gold Peekaboo Highlights. A sophisticated and classy look great for wild parties. The rose gold color can add an accent or match your lip color and make your style unforgettable.

20. Muted Purple Peekaboo Hair Color. Unlike the more vivid options in this article, this color scheme opts for a more subdued hue of purple, which plays perfectly well with the ashy brown base.

21. Bold Pastel Color Mix. Do you know that bold pastels are listed among the trendiest ways to wear color blocking in 2024? This hairstyle successfully adopts the trend by matching rosewood and lavender in a vibrant color mix.

22. Blonde Face Framing with Peekaboo Highlights. Chunky highlights are officially back, so this style complements the wide ribbons around the face with some blonde peeking out from under the brown.

23. Brown Hair Spiced Up with Cyan Blue. Rainbow, galaxy-themed, and electric hair colors are also big this season, and these striking cyan peek-a-boo highlights seem to check all the boxes.

24. Smokey Blonde Hair with Black Underneath. You can give a new twist to a monochromatic black-and-white look by replacing white and dirty blonde on the top with a soft blend of gray hues on the bottom.

25. Pink Streaks Against a Brown Base. Since peekaboo hair with colorful highlights is one of the hottest Y2K trends, you should definitely steal this brunette and pink hybrid idea and try it ASAP.

26. Unicorn Peekaboo Hair. Your perfect colorful look that reminds of unicorns! This style can potentially fit all hair types and skin tones. We suggest a choppy cut to balance out the sweet vibe.

27. Ashy Brown with Purple Peekaboo Highlights. Purple and gray are best friends, so you just cannot go wrong with a mix of smokey brown and mesmerizing violet.

28. Blonde Underlayer Hair Color. These chunky blonde peekaboo hair stripes are definitely attractive. As attractive as only blonde highlights can be under brown hair. The highlights enhance the movement and dimension of this gorgeous wavy hair.

29. Peekaboo Highlights Hairstyle with Bangs. Peekaboo highlights can transform any type of hairstyle from plain to adorable. Check out the classy dimensional blonde highlights added to this shag with bangs. Place your highlights on any side and you won’t be wrong.

30. Pink-Purple-Blue Peekaboo Hair. Opt for a bright ombre underlayer with a perfect gradient created to achieve a mix of your favorite hues. This look is a sure stunner!

There are many varieties of peekaboo highlights that you can try. If you don’t want a solid hair color and wish to try something bright and bold, you’ve got many options to choose from. Remember to take care of your dyed strands by using appropriate shampoos and conditioners to make the colors last and have fun with your peekaboo hair!