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30 Killer Examples of Red Hair with Highlights You’ll Want to Follow

While redheads rarely suffer from a lack of attention, there are many reasons to take it a step further and enhance your red hair with highlights. By depositing some new hues into your locks, you can make them more dimensional, accentuate their texture, create movement, direct attention to your best features, and achieve many other hair goals.

From showy red hair with black highlights to a barely-there play of shades, you have lots of looks to choose from, and we’ve gathered some of them here to inspire you.

1. High-Contrast Dark Red Hair with Money Pieces. This high-contrast scheme stands out a mile and delights the eye with a rich base shade while the strawberry highlights placed around the face save the fair skin from feeling washed out.

2. Brick Red Hair with Glossy Money Piece. Girls wishing to emphasize golden undertones in their complexions can safely try on this warm copper hue made a tad brighter near the face.

3. Wine Red Hair Color with Highlights. This vivid color combination fills a deep purplish base with fierce red flames, which add plenty of light reflection on top of the brightness.

4. Crimson Fade to Peach. This is a more polychromatic take on red hair transitioning to blonde, incorporating a whole lot of crimson, red, and golden tones into a dramatic fade.

5. Red Hair with Purplish Highlights on the Ends. We could itemize all the shades stuffed in this fancy shag, but we’d better point out only the stunning white and maroon combo on the bottom.

6. Roasted Ginger on Shoulder-Length Hair. Although not too vibrant and shiny, this dusty shade of red punctuated by natural dark brown provides lots of depth and offers a simple step up for brunettes.

7. Lush Copper Brown with Peachy Streaks. We can’t take our eyes off this flow of blonde and red shades that starts soft around the face and grows into a striking contrast toward the ends.

8. Dimensional Dark Hair with Red Highlights. This sultry shade of mahogany is carefully hand-painted to give the thick hair even more dimension and arrive at a warmer result.

9. Burgundy Red Hair with Reddish Blonde Highlights. We are not sure if this look is considered more blonde, red, or brunette, but we are definitely in love with the amazing transition from purplish brown to golden blonde.

10. Orange Red Hair with Highlights and Lowlights. Although this flamboyant hair catches the eye with a joyful pumpkin hue, its color palette actually ranges from a bluish red to a nearly blonde.

11. Silky Red Hair with Brown Lowlights. This gorgeous mix of red and brown comes with bright metallic accents further polished by hair gloss to derive maximum shine.

12. Muted Red Brown Hair Color with Highlights. Unlike the previous combo, this red and brown version swaps the metallic sheen for a softer copper giving some warmth to the ashy brown base.

13. 3D Brown to Red Color Melt. This masterful color job delivers a startling dimension by placing strawberry blonde highlights atop a deep brown-mahogany base and adding some shadows here and there.

14. Eye-Popping Fire Red Hair with Highlights. This intense red is truly a statement-making shade, which is often toned down by brown, but the daring girl here pairs it with a burgundy base to set us on fire.

15. Auburn Red Hair with Copper Highlights. Just look how skillfully these copper pieces are implicated into the layers to give them more brightness while leaving the roots and the ends on the auburn side!

16. Mulled Red and Copper Hair. It is a great idea to add dreaminess to this sassy shag by infusing its ginger base with soft berry hues to enforce definition of the choppy bangs.

17. Red Brown Base with Flaming Money Piece. If you are looking for an off-beat way of spotlighting your face, take a page from this girl’s book and go for some full-blast orange.

18. Pumpkin Spice Balayage on Brown-Burgundy Base. Here is another approach to spicing up your red hair color with highlights — by inserting both bold and light coppers into a purplish shade.

19. Copper Meets Honey Blonde. This beautiful balayage transforms the cowboy copper hair into a summer-ready look with sun-kissed bits around the face and textured ends.

20. Burnt Orange Framed with Amber. This balayage shifts the focus towards the edges to highlight the shaggy finish and creates a lovely ombre effect with a seamless color transition.

21. Toned Down Red with Highs and Lows. This is a perfect find for fair-skinned girls scared of plunging into bright reds since the soft shades and a neutral color palette won’t contrast much with their complexion.

22. Illuminated Ginger. Red is certainly the right hair color to bring out your green eyes, and you can enhance the effect by framing the face with orangy hues.

23. Blush Red Balayage. Make sure to steal this look if you wish to amp up your fine hair by depositing depth with a mix of peach highlights and auburn lowlights.

24. Autumnal Red Hair Color with Highlights. This picture proves that auburns play well with cool complexions, even when they are warmed up with copper for the cold season.

25. Color-on-Color Red. Here is a quotable example of a low-impact look created exclusively with several levels of the same ginger tone, which brings dimension and makes the base color pop.

26. Pink and Copper Blend. This outstanding balayage puts together a great many shades, from violet and magenta to copper and brown, and lets them shine against the black root smudge.

27. Red Hair Color with Blonde Highlights Around the Face. This redhead wins our plaudits for both the attention-grabbing face frame and the way her blonde highlights emphasize the shagginess of the cut.

28. Bobbed Short Red Hair with Highlights. Although skewing purple in general, the bends of this textured bob are painted to give off all the gloss of rose gold and coppery hues.

29. Butterfly Layers with Chunky Highlights. This streaky hairstyle happily marries some of the hottest hair trends — the ‘90s chunky highlights and voluminous blowouts, both making a big comeback nowadays.

30. Rooty Red with Subtle Highlights. If you are on the fence about vibrant shades of red, just check how this saturated ginger hue gives a livelier appearance to the pale complexion.

Now you definitely have an idea of how to couple red hair with highlights of different shades and contrast levels. Whether you opt for a red hair color with high-contrast highlights or choose a natural sun-kissed effect, we will be glad to spot your fresh look on our feed. See you soon!

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