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50 Unique Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

24. Light Golden Blonde Pixie with Glasses. All you need to create such a sultry look is your natural curls and an experienced stylist. Visit a beauty salon to get a trendy dye job and a classy short cut – voila! You are ready to slay!

There was a time when women with natural hair tried to hide their manes, but now they embrace their textured curls and proudly try different hairstyles. Many of them choose to cut their hair pretty short, and the result is breathtaking. We know it’s a bold step, but after a quick look at the hairstyles below, you’ll want to have short natural hair too.

1. Short Caramel Taper. That razored line is a little edgy detail to give you a glamorous look. Another advantage is that you can enjoy quick hairstyles and stop losing precious time in front of your mirror every day.

2. Extra Short Natural Hairstyle. No need to worry about your hair in the morning with this haircut. Moisturize it well, and you’re good to go!

3. Brightly-Colored Short Length Hair. If you’re sick of your regular color, try something brighter while your hair is short. Will it be copper, auburn or blonde?

4. Short Haircut with Tapered Sides. In this picture, it’s not only that the haircut is amazing, but also the awesome highlighted curly top!

5. Short Sides Long Top Curls. If you desperately need these curls, conditioners, masks, and oils are your best buddies!

6. Twisted Protective Style. This updo is perfect as a protective style! The pattern is incredible and you’ll get a break from your unmanageable hair.

7. Chic Snow White Crop. When cropped very close to the scalp, short natural hairstyles for black women promise low maintenance since they remove frizz and tangles from everyday routine. And you can elevate your chop by going all blonde, for example, with bright platinum.

8. Edgy Blonde Hairstyle. Dare to be different, get out of your comfort zone! This light blonde taper is a thing you won’t regret!

9. Dreamy Amethyst-Colored Frohawk. Can you think of more daring short natural hairstyles for black women than faux hawks and undercuts? Well, if only to bring them together and top them up with an otherworldly lilac balayage.

10. Wrapping Flat Twists for Short Hair. Do you want your hair to grow faster? A protective hairstyle is what some stylists recommend. Others say that such a thing doesn’t exist. What do you think?

11. Purple Hair with Shaved Sides. This style is a bold fashion statement for the world to see. Purple-toned hair, patterned shaved sides, and coils create a daring look for short natural hair that everyone you meet will remember.

12. Wash and Go Fro with Bangs. Modern short natural haircuts customize the classic afro to reveal the beauty of different curl patterns and enhance facial features. So, if your bone structure cries for volume around the forehead, get your coils nicely defined and go for lavish bangs.

13. Bright Short Natural Hair. How cute is this transition from bright raspberry to deep burgundy? And coily hair only adds up to the sweet image! Let your creative nature bloom with this bright style.

14. Short Curly Hair with Highlights. Caramel highlights are a sure way to introduce sunset shades to natural hairstyles. Simply add highlights to your basic pixie, and you will be impressed by the changes!

15. Lovely Face-Framing Spirals in Ginger. Lifting the color about five levels is a good move for black females who want to rock a brighter shade without turning into a blonde. The more so that red can add fun to bouncy ringlets dancing around your face.

16. Short Golden Cut. This is a classic among short natural hair styles. Complemented with a gorgeous side part, and a breathtaking light golden brown hair color, this pixie is simply an incredible style!

17. Coily Pearl Blonde Pixie. Short natural haircuts for black females come in different shapes and colors but are always magical. This pearl pixie with tapered sides oozes a fairy vibe and allows you to keep it slightly messy.

18. Faux Hawk with Colored Streaks. What’s the greatest thing about short natural hairstyles for black women? Volume! Making your hawk style stay in place is easy for ethnic hair. Add random colored streaks for fun!

19. Simple Twists Hairstyle. A neat back and dynamic top provides a convenient and cool hairstyle. Twist that black hair, girl, it looks incredible!

20. Short Caramel Blonde Curls. Short natural haircuts for black women are especially magnificent with exotic colors. Amber, sandy blonde, and caramel look ravishing against a dark skin tone.

21. Easy Short Natural Curls. Loops at their finest! Rod set curls of varied sizes can do magic, as we can see in this example.

22. Short Natural Curly Undercut. If you are up for a cheeky look, there is hardly any better option than getting an undercut. This curly version combines the delicacy of natural curls with a tomboyish vibe and blends them into a harmonious look.

23. Sassy Undercut with Highlighted Top. This cool cut totally embraces the natural puff of afro hair, retaining its authenticity yet ensuring easy styling. And it is full of fancy details like the lengthy sideburns and splashes of highlights.

24. Light Golden Blonde Pixie with Glasses. All you need to create such a sultry look is your natural curls and an experienced stylist. Visit a beauty salon to get a trendy dye job and a classy short cut – voila! You are ready to slay!

25. Buzz Cut with a Side Pattern. One of the bravest hairstyles for short natural hair one can get is a buzz cut. What’s more, you can add a design of your choice. For instance, the geometric flower ornament looks lovely!

26. Short Layered Bob for 4C Curls. A curly bob is a hairdo to fit a lively lady. Go with your natural hair color or explore the trendy dye options and enjoy your refreshed style! Anyway, be ready to pay a visit to a beauty salon approximately every three weeks.

27. Mahogany Brown Tapered Pixie with Signature Undercut. Here is another bold version of short natural hair styles based on a tapered cut: this time, it combines shaggy bangs, closely cut curls on the sides and back, and an intricate pattern on the buzz-cut temples.

28. Short Tapered Black Hair with Golden Highlights. The next iteration of short natural hairstyles with ornately shaped undercut features a voluminous crown emphasized with blonde curls and the hair getting shorter toward the back.

29. Short Tapered Cut with a Pop. This girl also rocks golden spirals sticking up and out but they are cut in a more rounded shape and by far clearly textured.

30. Big Hair with a Contrast. Free-spirited black females won’t miss an opportunity to rock a cloud of rebellious coils, with its volume accentuated by the sides cut very close to the scalp.

31. Bright Copper Hairstyle. This color is eye-popping! If you want to make a radical transformation, why not try a look like this?

32. Wash and Go Hairstyle. Who says that if you have short curly hair, there’s not much to do with it? Take a look at this fantastic short haircut with line up!

33. Fade with Design. Want to spice up things a little bit? If you have very short hair, you can make some designs on the sides and back, and you’ll change your boring haircut.

34. Cute Low-Maintenance Afro Hair. Although this tapered cut is not as provocative as the previous options, it allows you to have fun with longer spirals at the top while requiring little styling effort.

35. Short Natural Waves. Those easy natural curls blend perfectly with nape-to-crown flat twists.

36. Flat Twist Updo. Get your ends dyed, twist your hair vertically up and adorn with colored curls. Charming! You won’t need and won’t want another hairdo for a couple of weeks.

37. Crochet Braids. Hair crochet extensions can be a real aid when you want to recreate certain hairstyles. It looks so perfect! Tell us what you think!

Short Upswept Crochet Braids
By Ntia

38. Short Textured Hair. Short is sexy! The key for a mane like this is hydration. Cut it, dye it, and always keep your hair moisturized.

39. Side-Parted Wash-And-Go Hairstyle. This curly hair is neatly cropped around the perimeter to pair built-in dimension with a clear shape, so you will need to only part your coils for an interesting asymmetry.

40. Tapered Hairstyle with U-Shaped Nape. Short natural haircuts with undercuts always look edgy, and you can toy with various designs and shapes to create a unique style, which will still have tons of dimension and texture around the crown.

41. Colored Top with Dark Back. Now it’s time for tight curls! It takes some time to get this tapered cut and color but look at her! She’s definitely wearing her hair like a crown! And with a hairstyle like this, so should you!

42. Mix and Match Burgundy Twists. Blending braids with twists featuring burgundy ends is a mere pleasure! If you’re tired of a regular hairstyle, give this mix a try.

43. Rich Natural Curls. Your mane looks beautiful when your curls are well defined. And of course you need a structured cut.

44. Statement Salt-And-Pepper Hairstyle for Mature Women. This style boasts plenty of bounce at the top thanks to the well-defined tight coils, and the super-short sides and back make it feel fresh and on-trend.

45. Short Thick Cut with Undercut. Never been to a barber? Maybe it’s just the right moment to do that! The combination of the sharp design and those thick curls is outstanding. It’s a bold solution but why not try it?

46. Textured Natural Coils. Detangle your hair with a brush and start moisturizing. Try twist out curls with a side part for a neat and chic hairstyle suitable for work and play.

47. Highlighted Curls. Don’t be jealous of this girl, all you need to do is to book an appointment at your salon and show them this picture. You’ll love the result!

48. Black “Big Chop” Hairstyle. It takes a lot of courage to cut your hair this short, but it also comes with some advantages: easy to wash, dry and hydrate.

49. Chocolate Brown Finger Coils. Finger coils provide a fast and easy coil-defining technique, but this style makes things even simpler, as it requires some twirling only in the front, leaving the back short and fluffy.

50. Neat Haircut with a Shaved Design. Consider a stylish makeover for your short natural hair. That pattern is eye-popping, indeed.

Yes, natural hair is not the easiest thing to have! But women all over the world have embraced their rich manes and created astonishing hairstyles. Whether it’s long or short natural hair, the opportunities of having a perfect style are encouraging. Braids, twists, razor designs, colored curls – all these fit perfectly.

by Andreea Haba
She is social media enthusiast and loves everything that goes hand in hand with that. Since high school, writing is one of her passions and that's what got her into PR and social media area. She loves animals, has two dogs and enjoys any moment she can spend reading. When it comes to hairstyling, she loves bright colors and she's not afraid of changes.
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