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30 Various Types of Bangs You Need to Know to Choose Yours

Serena Piper

2. Ethereal Thin Bangs. You can opt for thin bangs to softly frame your face, but make sure they have enough volume and texture to avoid a sparse and limp look.

With so many types of bangs popping up on Instagram and TikTok, it’s easy to get confused with all those styles which often look very similar and are known under different names.

Moreover, the constantly changing fashion makes it even trickier to keep up with the hottest trends and spot the one that will suit your personality. What are the different types of bangs in the wear for 2023, and how do they work with various face shapes and hair textures? Let’s find out!

The Difference Between Bangs, Fringe, and Fringe Bangs

In fact, all these names describe front pieces of your hair falling over the forehead which are cut and styled to frame your face in some way, preferably flatteringly. The confusion comes from the North American and British versions of English, but the Internet and the fashion world have no boundaries, so the terms are used interchangeably nowadays.

On-Trend Types of Bangs Illustrated and Explained

Here we have collected all types of bangs having a moment in 2024 and provided them with a short description highlighting their specific features.

1. Effortless French Bangs. These are full yet piece-y bangs that can be slightly angled at the edges and often go past the eyebrows, and they do a great job of spotlighting the eyes and cheekbones.

2. Ethereal Thin Bangs. You can opt for thin bangs to softly frame your face, but make sure they have enough volume and texture to avoid a sparse and limp look.

3. The ’70s Curtain Bangs. Effortlessly parted in the middle and growing longer toward the temples, all types of curtain bangs are trending now, on top of being highly customizable to various face shapes.

4. Eyebrow-Grazing Birkin Bangs. This is a softer version of a full fringe sitting around the brows, and it is hairstylists’ favorite among different types of bangs for short hair because of its lightness and piece-y texture.

5. Retro Chic Bottleneck Bangs. Mimicking the shoulders of a bottle with its narrow top getting wider and curving at the cheekbone, this style falls into the best types of bangs for oval faces due to the accentuated symmetry.

6. Feminine Korean Bangs. Korean types of bangs tend to have a softer and wispier feel even when repeating the shape of western hairstyles, which may be the wrong choice if you want your hair to seem fuller.

7. Airy Wispy Bangs. You can tell wispy types of bangs from other styles based on their lightness, but these thin pieces can be attached to both thick and fine hair — to break up the density in the first case or create the illusion of height in the second.

8. Impressive Long Bangs. Types of long bangs range from lengthy side fringes to center-parted feathered styles that hit cheekbones or even the chin level and come with a built-in elongating effect.

9. Easy-To-Wear Layered Bangs. This category covers different types of hair bangs cut with varying lengths and worn side-swept, straight, or parted in the middle, which allows pairing them with a wide range of hairstyles.

10. Well-Defined Piece-y Bangs. Unlike some other types of bangs for hair, this version is more about the finish than the shape since you can get a fringe with separated strands by properly styling almost any texturized bangs.

11. Versatile Middle Part Bangs. Bangs parted in the middle can be both straight or graduated, such as curtain fringes, and they are the best pick for round faces, giving them a much slimmer appearance.

12. Mussed-Up Bardot Bangs. Although you are free to choose different types of bangs for long hair, you can effortlessly arrive at the iconic Brigitte Bardot look if pairing your lengthy locks with a deep, thick, and feathered fringe roughly parted in the middle.

13. Statement Asymmetrical Bangs. Blunt or choppy, long or short, steep or slightly sloping, fringes cut with one side longer than another make a bold statement and suit round faces giving them a nice angle.

14. Classic Straight Bangs. This category encompasses several types of bangs for straight hair, including blunt, feathered, piece-y, side-swept, and even parted styles, which look best when falling somewhere between the brows and the tips of the lashes.

15. Bouncy Curly Bangs. There are many types of bangs for curly hair, starting from choppy fringes that help spotlight your curl texture and ending with baby bangs that play up super tight coils.

16. Low-Commitment Clip-In Bangs. You can try on several kinds of bangs with human hair or synthetic extensions secured by clips before taking the plunge and chopping your natural tresses.

17. Personalized Face-Framing Bangs. This type extends the front hair pieces to blend with side strands and highlight your facial features. It is among the most recommended types of bangs for long hair since it leaves you with nice face-framing layers when you put your hair up.

18. Breezy Feathered Bangs. This airy fringe is texturized around the ends using the “feathering” haircutting technique to land a soft-edge look especially flattering for square and heart-shaped faces.

19. Universal Side Bangs. Front strands parted on one side and thrown to another are called side-swept bangs, whether cut at the eye, cheekbone, or jawline level.

20. Bold Short Bangs. Also called micro bangs or baby bangs, these pieces of hair fall only a couple of inches down your forehead and create a striking look with both short and long hair.

21. Whimsical Arched Bangs. Crescent bangs don’t need to be that short, but they are usually cut bluntly to dramatize the semicircle shape, and they have the power to soften square-shaped faces.

22. Straightforward Blunt Bangs. If you are after types of bangs for thick hair, look no further than this chopped straight-across version since it will showcase the fullness of your mane without any layers or other bells and whistles.

23. Fun Braided Bangs. This group includes different kinds of bangs made with braiding, which can combine long and short strands, feature various plaiting techniques, and be accessorized in many ways.

24. Sassy Choppy Bangs. You might be surprised to find this fringe cut to different lengths among types of bangs for thin hair, but if starting deep enough, it delivers both fullness and texture and can be styled tousled to maximize the volume.

25. Playful Wavy Bangs. We cannot list here all the types of bangs for wavy hair, but you can rock curtain bangs, a straight-across fringe, or a side-swept style depending on your face shape and hairdo.

26. Rock ‘n’ Roll Shaggy Bangs. This is a layered fringe shaped to feature shorter sections at the bridge of the nose and a choppy graduation toward the edges to give plenty of texture and seamlessly blend with the rest of your hair.

27. Sculptured Sticky Bangs. Little strands sticking out of your hairline and called baby hairs/edges can be artistically styled in sleek, swirly patterns to complete your updo with a bang.

28. Scenic V-Bangs. This is probably the most daring style in our types of bangs chart, but girls with oval, heart, or diamond-shaped faces can pull off the look even if they are not Gothic or anime fans.

Blunt V-Cut Type of Bangs
By John

29. Full Volume Thick Bangs. Thick bangs are not always blunt or straight, so you can wear them side-swept or slightly parted in the middle if your face is round or get them full and texturized at the ends for an oval shape.

30. Attention-Grabbing Highlighted Bangs. Highlights go well with face-framing pieces helping to illuminate the face, enhance the texture, and perfectly adapt your hair color to the skin tone.

That’s the list of different types of bangs that are all the rage in 2024, and we hope you have spotted an idea or two to inspire your next transformation. Make sure to take the pictures to your salon and discuss the big chop with your hairdresser to arrive exactly at the look you are striving for. Also, check out more ideas of hairstyles with bangs.