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30 Curly Shag Haircut Ideas That Will Let Your Ringlets Shine Out

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

As natural textures are having a moment, it’s just the time to try a curly shag haircut and show your waves and ringlets to the best advantage.

Curls and shags are really meant to be together since the choppy layers of the cut have the power to release the curl pattern, while the curly texture adds volume and movement to the hairstyle.

Whether you want to chop off your locks or retain your hard-won length, there is a shaggy style for you out there, and we are going to prove it with real-life examples.

1. Foxy Red Curly Shag. Reds are made for fair-skinned girls with light eyes, and this sis rocks her vibrant copper in an effortless mix of tousled waves and bouncy spirals.

2. Big Hair, Don’t Care. This bronzed curly shag with bangs is cut to liberate the springy ringlets and maximize their natural volume without letting them appear too bulky.

3. Short Shaggy Curls. Short curly shag haircuts look extremely cute, as illustrated by this well-structured and slightly rounded crop with a messy little fringe.

4. Cali Girl Shag. From the sun-dried blonde to the beachy waves and tousled styling, this gorgeous hairstyle screams chill California babe vibes and wows us with the lavish texture.

5. Curly Wolf Cut for Long Hair. The wild curly shag hairstyles mimicking the unkept look of a wolf’s mane continue to thrive in 2024, so long-haired girls are welcome to hop on the bandwagon.

6. ‘80s Curly Mid-Length Shag. This is a modern take on big, soft curls worn by A-listers, such as Brooke Shields back in the 80s when layers, perm, and volume were all the rage.

7. Cascading Curls with Deep Bangs. Shags and bangs almost always go hand in hand, but this combo offers a deeper version of a curly fringe, visually adding to the hairstyle’s height and fullness.

8. Shoulder-Grazing Wolf Cut. While the shorter layers of this black wolf cut work to build volume around the face, the longer part helps to balance out the weak chin.

9. ‘70s Curly Mullet Shag. Here is an updated, curlier, and airier version of Jane Fonda’s iconic Klute hairdo that retains the easily recognizable shape and fills it with movement and texture.

10. Fluffy Curls with Curtain Bangs. Contrary to popular belief, modern shag hairstyles for curly hair don’t need to come with curtain bangs, but they really look exceptionally good when they do.

11. Short Curly Shag with Micro Bangs. Can you think of a cuter way to open up and spotlight the pretty features of this face than framing it with short and shaggy curls?

12. Long Curly Shag with Golden Balayage. Follow the lead of this smart girl, and enhance the pattern of your freshly cut curls with light-reflective golden blonde highlights.

13. Frizzy Mid-Length Curls. You may not worry about how to style a curly shag to perfection, as its messy nature allows you to incorporate frizz as part of your unique look.

14. Top-Heavy Shag with Highlighted Ends. That’s a good idea about introducing color into shag haircuts for curly hair — together with long arched bangs, the deeper shade on the top intensifies the density of the curls.

15. Curly Shullet. Apart from oozing ‘80s rocker vibes, this medium-length curly shag does a great job of elongating the round face with the help of its mullet part.

16. Curly Shag Cut with Well-Blended Layers. This lengthy mane is handsomely layered to provide some lift at the roots and an uninterrupted flow of curls from top to bottom.

17. Midi Shag with Tapered Bottom. This sweet medium shag is an excellent option for girls with square faces, as the length coupled with the volume at the top takes attention completely away from the jawline.

18. Curly Bob Shag. Here is an edgy hybrid of a long layered bob and a short messy shag that derives the maximum wave from the bushy hair.

19. Long Curly Shag Haircut with Rockstar Vibes. This epic shag brings together height and extra length while ensuring the integrity of the hair all through the hairstyle.

20. Beachy Blonde Curly Shag. With the fluffy hair having a moment, you cannot miss the chance to replicate this wispy retro look beautifully updated with a lived-in blonde.

21. U-Shaped Curly Cut. If you are looking for a drama-free hairstyle with a more even length throughout, this U-shaped cut will give your curls a soft shape and plenty of volumizing layers.

22. Curly Mullet Shag with Baby Bangs. These choppy bangs are carefully blended into the side pieces to flatteringly frame the face yet kept rather cropped to showcase the features.

23. Shaggy Curls with Subtle Dimension. Just a bit lighter tone scattered across these tousled curls adds interest and depth to the style comprised of short and long layers.

24. All Over Red Shag Haircut for Curly Hair. This full-bodied shag thrives on a killer combo of prettily defined curls and a saturated copper shade that chimes amazingly with the gal’s complexion.

25. Curly Modern Shag with Piece-y Bangs. We like how the jaggy bits on the forehead work with the choppy texture of this medium-length shullet and give definition to the dense fringe.

26. Bottleneck Bangs and a Cascade of Waves. Not only does this shag volumize the hair and enhance the curl pattern, but it also shifts attention to the eyes and defines the cheekbones.

27. Razor-Cut Mullet Shag. Short shags for curly hair are often cut with a razor to bring out the natural texture, and this curly gamine crop demonstrates the feathery finish you can arrive at.

28. Cherry Red Shag with Sliced-Out Tips. This is surely the brightest of our medium-length curly shags, but it stands out for its stunning styling quite as much as for the color.

29. Curly Layers with Straight Bangs. Unlike most curly shags in our collection, this lengthy hairstyle opts for a lightweight straight fringe, adding a fancy contrast to the look.

30. Layered Shaggy Black Curls. While making the brown eyes feel much deeper, that dark color cannot overpower the shagginess of the layered cut.

If you are not quite sure which curly shag haircut to choose, you are welcome to use these pictures as a reference for more detailed discussion with your hairdresser. Be it a curly shag with no bangs or a sassy crop with shaggy layers, we hope to see your fresh look gathering likes on Instagram.