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30 Most Beautiful Dark Blonde Hair Colors for 2024

2. Dark Blonde Balayage with Milk Chocolate Lowlights. A dark blonde balayage allows you to blend cooler and warmer blondes into your darker base color giving you that hair transformation you’ve always longed for.

The term ‘dark blonde hair’ includes the darkest shades of blonde with a diverse range of tones going from the warmest, e.g. dark golden blonde, to the coolest, like dark ash blonde.

Since this category of blonde shades can be warm and cool, it goes perfectly with all skin tones and seasons. You don’t have to worry whether it would suit you or not. There is at least one dark blonde hair color solution that will work for you.

Let’s find it!

1. ‘California Surfer Blonde’ Hair. A dark brownish-blonde base with highlights is the hottest trend of the year. Add lighter tones towards the face to instantly draw everyone’s attention.

2. Dark Blonde Balayage with Milk Chocolate Lowlights. A dark blonde balayage allows you to blend cooler and warmer blondes into your darker base color giving you that hair transformation you’ve always longed for.

3. Dark Honey Blonde Hair. If you want to head for honey blonde hair with dark blonde roots, this is what you need. This is a great choice for those who can’t decide which blonde balayage to go for as it is on the lighter side but neither too ashy nor too warm.

4. Shoulder-Length Dark Blonde Hair. Go for a dark blonde shade if you have short-to-medium hair. Lighter strands will emphasize the fullness where you need it most, ultimately adding volume and life to your hairdo.

5. Medium Dark Blonde Hair and Money Piece. This dark blonde lob is amped up by a slight wave and face-framing highlights. You will like this cut and style as it creates gorgeous dimension and a relaxed look.

6. Cool Dark Blonde Hair. A cool dark blonde shade like this one is a great alternative to dark ash blonde that will let you maintain a goddess look without any special efforts.

7. Soft Dark Blonde Ombre. A sun-kissed deep brunette to dark blonde ombre is an exceptionally wearable look. This hair color works for a natural brunette who wants a makeover with a low-maintenance hairdo.

Dark Bronde Hair with Brunette Roots
By Mick

8. Dark Buttery Blonde Highlights. Blonde hair in creamy and caramel hues looks terrific! Create voluminous waves for a fuller effect and don’t forget to choose proper hair care for your locks.

9. Ash and Strawberry with Root Melt. Try an ombre effect by having a dark shade on the top and adding dark blonde tones to the length of your hair. You will never regret this dramatic look!

10. High-Contrast Dark Blonde Hairstyle. Of course, you will need to partly lighten your dark base hair color for a hairstyle like this. However, the result is worthy. The dark blonde hair dye can completely transform your look if chosen and applied correctly.

11. Dark Blonde Shade with Layered Haircut. A gorgeous subtle balayage could be paired with a layered haircut giving the illusion of volume to your mane. The right placement of foils is key here.

12. Super-Dimensional Dark Blonde Hair. You can always go for a dimensional dark blonde hair color with warm and cool tones blended to create a dirty blonde effect. Try a center-parted hairstyle to show all those chic piece-y highlights.

13. Dark Beige Blonde Color Combo. These delicious beige and dark blonde hues on a brunette base look stunning as ever, giving you that modish and chic look. Chop your hair into layers and see how it enhances your appearance.

14. Dark Blonde Shade on Brunette Hair. Dark blonde highlights on brunette hair can always make a statement instantly as even the super subtle highlights are quite defined yet not too overpowering.

15. Dark Blonde Highlights on Medium Hair. Blonde shades can really make you appear more playful and younger if that is what you want. The best thing is that dark blonde instantly gives you a makeover while being low-maintenance.

16. Golden Dark Blonde with Loose waves. When you add loose waves to this sophisticated blend of blondes, they accentuate the color and add more dimension to it, making you dazzle as ever.

17. Long Dark Blonde Hair with Highlights. Long hair with thick contrasting highlights and beachy waves is a chic hair solution. You’ll see how your mane shines.

18. Short Dark Blonde Hair. A dark blonde shade can give your choppy bob a fresh and youthful look. A trendy hairdo like this one looks great straight but goes perfectly well with a beachy wave too.

19. Warm Dark Blonde and Brown Hair. Instead of going from dark brown to light blonde, you can create a subtler look by adding some dark blonde highlights on a brown base color to get that magazine-worthy look!

20. Dark Caramel Blonde Hair. If you have chocolatey brown hair, these warm blended highlights are a pretty fine addition. A messy hairstyle with soft waves is a popular look that will help you show off your glossy waves.

21. Dark Golden Blonde Highlights. If you like a lot of attention, set off your brown roots with golden blonde highlights. This mix of brown and blonde hues accentuates curly manes making your hair appear thicker and more voluminous.

22. Dark Blonde Hair with Beachy Waves. Dark blonde hair color can bring life to your wavy mane. Especially with the right styling. Try adding big side-swept Hollywood waves for a hairdo with extra volume and dimension.

23. Bobbed Dark Dirty Blonde Hair. This sleek bob with edgy highlights emphasizes the fullness at the bottom. Pairing this bob hairstyle with a luscious dark blonde hair color will give a soft detail to your look.

24. Mid-Parted Messy Long Dark Blonde Bob. Pair silver and dark blonde highlights with a mid-parted bob and add a funky messy wave to it. You will look as cool as ever.

25. Curly Dark Blonde Hair. Nothing beats a hairstyle with natural curls and a gorgeous hair color. Worth the try!

26. Long Dark Blonde Hair with Natural Lowlights. The mixture of these hues gives you an easy and low-maintenance look. It works great for all complexions, specifically olive and tan skin tones.

27. Dark Blonde Hair with Strawberry Highlights. Strawberry hair color is not only for redheads. Check this appealing delicate version for blondes.

28. Caramel and Dark Blonde Balayage. These caramel, chocolate, and blonde hues stir up the softness of your hairdo. Try it out and see the result with enhanced depth and illumination.

29. Dark Sandy Blonde. This dark sandy blonde hair is really captivating, isn’t it? Such melting highlights can visually make your locks look longer, fuller, and softer despite the contrast.

30. Dark Blonde Hair with Face-Framing Highlights. Ask your stylist to add lighter hues around your face asymmetrically for a new take on money piece hair. Combine highlights of various thicknesses.

Dark blonde hair color is a great choice to accentuate your natural hair shade in a subtle way. You could pair curls or straight strands with dark blonde highlights and see how your hair gets its new color life. Choose one of these 30 exquisite dark blonde hairstyles and enjoy this appealing low-maintenance hair color solution!

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