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40 Super Stylish Feed-In Braids to Inspire Your Next Look

2. Feed-In Braids with Fancy Designs. Reveal your creative side and try this fancy half-up hairstyle with feed-in braids. Enjoy the movement of the braids in the back.

So, you’ve heard about feed-in braids and want to try them out? Great! You should definitely give it a go! Feed-in braids are a protective hairstyle that really deserves its popularity!

What Are Feed-In Braids, Their Pros and Cons

What are feed in braids? Feed-in braids are a kind of plaited hairstyles where the braid is built with extensions from the ground up instead of just installing the extensions. So, this is a practice of “feeding-in” bits of hair to the main braid to grow in size progressively, and it prevents your edges from excessive tension caused by too thick extensions.

Why are they called feed-in braids? They are called feed-ins because you can feed in little pieces of hair extensions while you are building the plait.

Are feed-in braids a protective style? Adding hair to your braids makes them fuller, prevents frizz, and adds length. The feed-in technique is used for a lot of protective braided designs.

What is the difference between feed-in braids and cornrows? The difference is in the method of braiding. One piece of hair is added for cornrows, a knot is made at the beginning of plaiting, and everything is braided to the end. While making feed-in braids, a braider adds synthetic hair several times, and without a knot at the beginning.

How long do feed in braids last? Feed-in braid hairstyles last only up to two weeks. With some tricks, you can make them last up to 3 weeks.

Types of Feed In Braids for You to Choose From

Now comes the fun part! We present a list of the greatest styles that can be achieved with feed-in braids for your viewing pleasure! Get enchanted, get inspired, and when you find something you like – and you will find something you like – you should most definitely talk to your hairstylist about it!

1. Feed-In Braids with Designs. A basic variety of feed-in braids where you can add as many designs in-between the braids as your heart desires.

2. Feed-In Braids with Fancy Designs. Reveal your creative side and try this fancy half-up hairstyle with feed-in braids. Enjoy the movement of the braids in the back.

3. Medium Feed-In Braids. How to keep feed-in braids from frizzing? Use a satin\silk scarf to avoid the frizz!

4. Long Feed-In Braids. If you want them long and strong, this is your style to go for. The criss-crossed braids on the sides look more intriguing than the ones going straight back.

5. Feed-In Ponytail. Now that you have the braids fed, how about tying them up in a feed-in braids ponytail? Iconic!

6. Feed-In Low Pigtail Buns. For Princess Leia in all of us. Such protective buns are fun, professional and give you extra time in the morning to sleep.

7. Feed-In Braids and a Low Bun. The right combo of sassy braids and a professional bun! Hello, boss woman calling!

8. Feed-In Braids. You may choose any style you want, even the one that looks the most complicated. Any number of feed-in braids, be it 2-4 or 6-8, are among low-maintenance braided hairstyles! They need minimum upkeep.

9. Feed-Ins and Two Low Buns. Don’t often have time to tie your hair into your favorite low buns? Go for feed-in braids, and wear your cute buns for the next 2-3 weeks!

10. Feed-In Braids on Short Hair. Are you still growing out your hair? We got you covered.

11. Feed-In Braids with a Straight High Ponytail. Here’s a chic ponytail inspired by Arianna Grande. The feed-in braids work as cute accents.

12. Half Braided Half Straight Hair. Can’t decide between braids and straight hair? Get creative with your feed-in braids in this 2-in-1 hairdo.

13. Jumbo and Small Feed-In Braids. Add the oomph to your hairstyle. Mix and match sizes within feed-in braids styles.

14. Braided Hairdo with a Wavy Ponytail. When time is of the essence, this open ponytail is your savior.

15. Bright Red Feed-In Braids. Can’t paint the town red? Feed-in red instead! Leave baby hairs for a flirtier vibe.

16. 4 Feed-In Braids. This is the hairdo that looks gorgeous and super-professional, it is quick to braid and needs minimum maintenance.

17. Two Big Feed-In Braids. The perfect feed-in style for any occasion. The two feed-in braids will make a big statement at any event and work for everyday life!

18. Feed-In Twirls. Afraid of itching that newly-plaited braids may cause? If tight braids cause itch, this may be an allergy to extensions. Together with your braider consider soaking the extensions in apple cider vinegar before feeding them in.

19. Thin Feed-In Braids in a Ponytail. If you have time and can find a stylist with patience, this feed-in is a must-have for hot impromptu photo sessions.

20. Two Feed-Ins and a Puffy Bun Updo. Those who like feed-ins but don’t want a full head of them may try this cute oversize updo. The braids and bun combo stands out from the more traditional feed-in braids styles 2023.

21. Feed-In Braids High Bun. We get it: braids falling onto the face is an inconvenience. This is the perfect feed-in hairstyle for the carefree spirit in all of us.

22. Feed-In Cornrows. This is a simple and cute hairdo for short natural hair. It will help you feel feminine even after the big chop!

23. Red Feed-In Braids in a Big High Pony. When those curls do not stand a chance in small braids, go big or go home!

24. Zig Zag Feed-In Braids. Feeling zazzy today? Get this wacky feed-in hairstyle and be the boss woman that you are.

25. Heart of Hearts Feed-In Braids. Valentine’s day is around the corner! Show the world you are all heart without being too obvious.

26. Feed-In Braids and Curls. Don’t let them tell you beads are out of fashion. This half up half down hairdo is perfect for accessorizing with beads.

27. Small Feed-In Braids. Yet another hairdo with very thin perfectly parallel feed-in braids that will make you fall in love with low-maintenance protective hairstyles.

28. Partial Feed-In Braids with a Bun. Take the next step by tying up your long locks and highlighting your classy updo with feed-ins!

29. Six Curvy Feed-In Braids to the Back. The hairstyle is eye-catching, comfortable, and requires little maintenance.

30. Inspiring Symmetrical Feed-In Braids. The goldilocks of braids. When the small is too tiny, and the large is jumbo, this is the right size.

31. 4 Feed-In Braids. Are six feed-ins too many and two not enough (read: too boring and ordinary) for you? Try four braids!

32. Tribal Feed-In Braids. Can’t decide which hairstyle to pick? Go back to the classics, go tribal.

33. Bright Girly Feed-In Updo. Whether it’s an 80’s disco party or a 90’s boy band theme, this fun, playful updo will introduce you to any crowd.

34. Goddess Feed-In Braids. Fight like a warrior with the braids of a goddess. Move aside, men; the goddess has arrived.

35. Feed-In Twists. Braids may be a bit too much. In times like that, opt for the feed-in twists with added hair. Not many braiders offer them, but they really deserve our attention, don’t they?

36. Crisscross Feed-In Braids. The name truly says it all: you don’t have to be cross with the world to braid your hair crisscross!

37. Lemonade Feed-In Braids. Beyonce isn’t the only one to pull off the lemonade braids. Let your inner single lady dance to the tune of your lemonade twists.

38. Flawless Straight Feed-In Braids to the Back. If a bun and a high ponytail aren’t your things, throw the braids to the back and let them rock!

39. Free-Flowing Braids with Feed-Ins. Enjoy a free-flowing braided hairstyle with partial braided designs. Add the desired thickness and length with feed-ins.

40. Feed-In Braids and Sew In. Get creative with your hairstyle, combine different techniques, braiding methods, braided and straight strands, include braid jewelry if needed. Have fun experimenting!

Feed-In Braids Questions and Answers

If you have more questions about the trendy feed-in braids, here you will possibly find the answers.

What is the point of feed-in braids? Feed-in braids are protective. Moreover, they look far more natural than the majority of other braided hairstyles, including classic cornrows and large box braids.

How much are feed in braids? It will depend on the skills of your braider, and the style you choose (how many braids, how intricate they are, etc.). Feed-in braids can cost upwards of a 100$. Every salon and braider have their own pricing.

How long do feed in braids take? It takes about 2-3 hours to complete feed-in braids.

How to wash feed-in braids? Can you wet feed-in braids? Yes, you certainly can wet your feed-in braids. When it comes to washing feed-in braids, the routine is simple: run warm water through your hair. Apply shampoo to your hair roots, scalp, and cornrows using a spray bottle. Massage the shampoo into your scalp and squeeze it down your cornrows. Wash them from the scalp to the tips instead of rubbing them, and rinse the shampoo away! Don’t allow your feed-in braids to become waterlogged, and blot the rows gently with a towel to help them dry.

How to wrap feed in braids at night? When wrapping them up, use a satin/silk scarf and tie your hair up back to the front, so it stays in the scarf.

How to sleep with feed in braids? When going to bed, do the same and moisturize before if you feel it’s necessary.

How many packs of hair you need for feed in braids? When it comes to picking packs of hair, the number depends on what style you choose and the length of your hair. Our best average is between 4 and 8 single packs for your feed-in styles.

How to stop feed in braids from itching? If this is not an allergic reaction, possibly dirt or lack of nourishing may cause itching. Wash your braids at least once a week, and condition (depending on your hair type, it can be coconut oil or aloe vera gel; ask the hairstylist who plaits your hair how to take care of feed-in braids).

How to do feed in braids? Type ‘feed in braids near me’ and you will have the list of braiders that provide this service nearby. All you have to do now is to read reviews, check out the braiders’ Instagram accounts with examples of their works, and book.

How to do feed in braids on yourself? It may be hard for beginners to master feed-ins from the first try. However, everything is possible if you follow a very detailed step by step tutorial.

Feed in braids are spectacularly fun if you need a makeover, and they are easy enough to maintain with proper care. Be sure to consult your hairstylist to find out which feed-in braids hairstyles would suit you best, depending on your hair type, hair condition, and your style of living. We wish you to make the best decision for yourself and your glamour!

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