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50 Stellar Ginger Hair Inspirations for Your Next Makeover in 2024

15. Ginger Brown Hair Color with a Twist. Here is a creative way to turn a natural yet a bit flat medium auburn shade into a crisp iced look.

Be it summer or fall, ginger hair is always welcome, with its innate vibrancy rejoicing the cockles of our hearts and, what is even more important, engaging our eyes.

Whether you are a brunette, blonde, or natural redhead and regardless of your complexion, you are sure to find a flattering ginger hair color in our vast photo gallery of the coolest shades and coloring techniques.

1. Seamlessly Blended Ginger Balayage. From deep red to strawberry blonde, this artful balayage showcases a totally smooth transition of soft ginger hair colors.

2. Flaming Locks with Ginger Strips. Why limit yourself to one ginger hair shade when you can make your strands glow with an amazing striped balayage?

3. Multitone Long Ginger Hair. This color scheme brings together a whole bunch of red and blonde shades to end up in a fully personalized look.

4. Rich and Warm Ginger Hair. It’s amazing how seamlessly this color job flows from the deep auburn at the roots to the fierce copper at the ends.

5. Deep Ginger Hair with Long Layers. Although layering takes away a good portion of volume here, the hair doesn’t feel sparse thanks to the deep color.

6. Vibrant Ginger Red Hair Color. Cherry red chimes well with vivid copper, producing a bold and dimensional hair color, which will suit both cool and warm skin tones.

7. Ginger Balayage with Blonde Ribbons. This waterfall of locks has a red-to-ginger ombre framed with blonde ribbons to deliver an otherworldly look.

8. Inverted Ginger Bob with Burgundy Lowlights. Here, the rich auburn shade gives depth and saturation to the base, while light ginger pieces create glare and movement.

9. Sophisticated Cinnamon Red Hair. Solid-colored manes can look dimensional too, provided you’ve selected a saturated shade, such as this warm ginger with a brown undertone.

10. High-Contrast Mix of Ginger and Blonde Hair. This ginger hair with blonde front pieces is sure to steal the show with its striking choice of contrasting shades.

11. Effortless Ginger Waves with Money Piece. This is a perfect look for a beach vacation, with summer vibes breaking through both the sun-kissed effect and breezy waves.

12. Long Delicate Ginger Hair. That’s what we call masterful hair contouring — just a hint of lighter shades builds a beautiful frame around the face.

13. Blazing Ginger Brown Hair. If you feel that your current brown lacks spice, you need to glaze it with red and add a dash of cayenne copper.

14. Ginger Hair with Chestnut Brown Base. If you are a brunette looking for a way to brighten your look, blonde is not your only and best option.

15. Ginger Brown Hair Color with a Twist. Here is a creative way to turn a natural yet a bit flat medium auburn shade into a crisp iced look.

16. Bright Copper Color Melt. This fabulous balayage really sets the tresses on fire, with the flames dancing from the rich roots to the lightened ends.

17. Subtle Ginger Hair with Bronze Tint. If you are after a cool-toned iteration of ginger, look no further than this dainty muted shade.

18. Auburn Hair with Metallic Sheen. This version of ginger provides a happy middle ground for girls with different complexions since its warm tone balances out the coolness of the metallic sheen.

19. Deep Ginger and Blonde Combo. The full-blast red on the crown creates a cool contrast to the blonde underlayer, which then blends smoothly with light ginger highlights at the ends.

20. Foxy Red Hair Color Scheme. Don’t you want to borrow a bit of cunning from a little vixen? Well, you can start morphing into a fox by trying on its colors.

21. Bright Copper Hair with Face-Framing Highlights. You can choose a ginger hair dye for your all-over coloring and then give it some zest by adding a lighter band around the face.

22. Dusty Ginger Hair Hue. Ginger doesn’t need to be eye-popping all the time, and you can opt for an almost pastel shade like this to arrive at a more exquisite look.

23. Burnt Umber to Coral Transition. A dark ginger hair color dye applied to the roots will give you such a wonderful depth, which can be further balanced with near-the-face highlights.

24. Dreamy Ginger Blonde Hair. This is yet another beautiful combination of blonde and red, with its pink tints being extremely flattering to fair complexions.

25. Orangey Ginger Hair Color on Black Girls. We do like the piquant look of ginger hair on dark skin, especially when the shade is bold and yummy.

26. All-Natural Ginger Hair Color. This version of ginger feels totally native to the gal, having only barely visible splashes of red for extra movement and shine.

27. Whole Spectrum Red Hair. Think of rocking fancifully dyed ginger hair? Get inspired by these fun chunks of gold, red, and burgundy stuffed into one head-turning style!

28. Bronde Hair with Ginger Spice. Here is a cool alternative to dark ginger hair — get it tightly highlighted from top to bottom for a shimmering feel like this.

29. Mix of Reds with Light Ginger Bangs. This textured style goes through all stages of red, from dark auburn on the bottom to the sweetest strawberry blonde in the front.

30. Creamy Copper Balayage. Generously infused with pale highlights, these red tresses gain softness, still staying on the brighter side of ginger.

31. Whimsical Ginger Hair. This girl takes it a step further and pairs a warm base color with the coolest platinum blonde around the entire perimeter.

32. Medium-Length Fiery Ginger Hair. With the root melt and darker shades on the bottom, this electric red is not only eye-catching but also volumizing.

33. Fun Peachy Ginger Hair. This summer-ready hue is sure to attract much attention at beach parties, and it gives you a chance to fade out of a darker shade nicely.

34. Corkscrew Ginger Hair on Brown Skin. Bouncy coils and vibrant red hues are meant to play well together, and a dark complexion makes the formula even more spectacular.

35. Ethereal Light Ginger Hair. If you think that a couple of light pieces make no difference for neutral ginger, this edgy style proves otherwise.

36. Burgundy to Ginger to Blonde Balayage. Ginger can work as a color bridging rich red shades with golden-blonde hues, giving you the right balance of depth and lightness.

37. Glaring Copper with Strategic Highlights. We’ll say again — placement is what distinguishes a skillful balayage from a mediocre color job.

38. Shoulder-Length Ginger Hair with Contrasting Roots. Medium reds usually last quite well, but your color will need even fewer touch-ups with shadow roots included in the style.

39. Glossy Ginger Hair with Root Smudge. You will love this shiny color scheme even more when you see how friendly it is to growing-out roots.

40. Ginger Orange Hair with Face-Framing Accents. This cute bob is full of shine and bold vibes, and the blonde money piece adds a bit of contrast.

41. Bronzed Ginger with Bright Splashes. The flow of this toned-down hair color is suddenly interrupted by pops of a dynamic red.

42. Edgy Short Ginger Hair. The micro fringe is fun, and so is this shag cut, but what sets the whole style apart is how the bold color fits the girl’s features and personality.

43. Intense Ginger with Lowlights. Here is another way to embrace ginger hair, this time by incorporating some fire into a softer base color.

44. Ginger Hair with Yellow Splashes. This is quite an unexpected yet playful mix of colors, more of a lemon than orange or cherry.

45. Flamingo-Inspired Bright Ginger Hair. While we are on the subject of flamboyant hair colors, what about such a startling blend of pink, red, and orange?

46. Neutral Ginger for Curly Hair. When you have a head of carefree curls, a pale shade of ginger might be just the thing to complete the natural look.

47. Blonde Details to Red Ombre. A pair of bleached strands can make a brunette-to-ginger transition even more interesting and truly unique.

48. Statement Ginger Fringe for Bob. This bob would be no better than just cute if it wasn’t for the blunt and deep fringe shining like red gold — it makes the style classy.

49. Deepened Ginger for Long Hair. Long hair requires more effort to maintain dimension throughout the length, which is done here with auburn lowlights.

50. Sharp Bob in Dimensional Ginger. Straight and sleek hair is especially vulnerable to feeling flat, but this iridescent bob is pretty safe from that.

We are quite sure this collection has made you feel the urge to own ginger hair color, but finding the right color palette is crucial for your idea to work. The best way would be to take an inspirational photo to your salon and talk about tailoring the look to your personality by a pro. Good luck!

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