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50 Hairstyles for Oval Faces You’ll Be Dying to Try!

2. Medium Wispy Shag. Mid-length and short hairstyles for oval faces with bangs are super cute and chic.

After seeing those classy haircuts for oval faces, you may have a bit of trouble deciding on a particular cut, as they are all so good!

You may be surprised, but there are so many flattering haircuts for oval faces. Consider yourself lucky if you have an oval face because you can get away with almost any hairstyle. The key is to make sure the hairstyle you choose doesn’t elongate your face too much.

As you’ll see from the 50 current haircuts below, you have plenty of styles to choose from!

1. Highlighted Shag Haircut. If you’re looking for the best bangs for an oval face, ask your stylist for a shaggy fringe to hide a big forehead.

2. Medium Wispy Shag. Mid-length and short hairstyles for oval faces with bangs are super cute and chic.

3. Wavy Shoulder-Length Hair. For women with wavy hair and an oval face, a side part is a great style secret to flatter both the face shape and hair texture.

4. Chin-Length Bob. In search of trendy short haircuts for oval faces? This is an excellent look for you! The dark hair color perfectly complements the short thick hair that will surely let your distinctive style shine!

5. Center-Parted Shaggy Bob. A collarbone bob for an oval face is a great choice and it’s easily styled up with piece-y waves if you need a chic look for a date night.

6. Wispy Lob with Layers. If your hair is not very thick, choose those hairstyles for oval faces that add fullness to your fine strands. Check this wavy medium style with elegant and chic vibes. It makes your hair look thick, soft, airy, and effortless!

7. Choppy Haircut with Curtain Bangs. Thinking of trying some bangs for an oval face? If you’re new to wearing bangs, then curtain bangs should be your go-to. They are versatile, easy to maintain, and fit any face shape! You just have to be careful with the length and make sure they don’t overwhelm your face.

Curtain Bangs for an Oval Face
By Yuki

8. Asymmetrical Shaggy Cut. If you’re looking for movement and texture you can easily play with, a long bob haircut with an asymmetrical twist is a great option.

9. One-Length Midi Cut with Waves. Undeniably the best haircut for oval face, long tresses framing the face have been always popular. Take Jennifer Aniston, for example, who sticks to this basic flowing haircut and sometimes adds layers to it.

10. Choppy Long Bob with Highlights and Layers. This is one of the best hairstyles if you want that elegant and mysterious vibe. You can never go wrong with a combination of waves and blonde highlights! It suits any occasion – formal or not.

11. Short Straight Blunt Cut. One of the classic, feminine oval face haircuts! If you want to highlight your oval face shape, a short straight haircut will definitely look good on you! Add some highlights of your choice to make your hair look softer and brighter. You can also keep your dark roots and make a side part.

12. Buttery Blonde Peekaboo Bob. While hair experts recommend center-parted haircuts for oval faces to emphasize the perfect symmetry of the oval face shape, you can create a more playful and voluminous look with a swoop in the front.

13. Long Bob with Feminine Waves. Bobs with a tousled texture are among the best oval face haircuts too. Aside from being runway- and vacation-ready, this hairstyle looks awesome in both downdos and updos.

14. Medium Messy Wavy Hair. Playful wavy layers of medium haircuts for oval faces give a fresh glow-up and flirty vibe.

15. Long Hair with Long Curtain Bangs. Thick hair with an oval face is the most winning combo – if you are blessed to have thick strands and a perfectly shaped face, you’ll probably want to grow your hair out. The long hairstyle with curtain bangs is both romantic and dramatic, ravishing indeed.

16. Dark Brown Short Bob. Short hair for oval faces can look super cute when styled forward onto the forehead and toward the chin, like in this edgy straight hairstyle.

17. Layered Midi Haircut with Bangs. In search of bang hairstyles for oval faces? A dark hair color and semi-parted bangs for oval face will make you look young and quirky. Go ahead and try this makeover!

18. Shaggy Lob with Curtain Bangs. Flat hair hanging around the face can impair the balance of the oval shape, which just cannot happen with a heavily layered cut full of movement and texture.

19. Asymmetrical Caramel Brown Lob. We can only praise the idea of accentuating the oval face shape with highlights, but make sure to choose a shade that complements your complexion.

20. Choppy Bob with Bold Layers. One of the best haircuts for young adults and middle-aged women is a side-parted bob with shadow roots. This haircut offers a fresh and vibrant look. Plus, it’s easy to maintain.

21. Neck-Length Hairstyle with Front Bangs. Are you ready to commit to having bangs? Another great haircut for an oval face with bangs is the one covering your forehead. To get the most flattering bangs, make sure they graze just above or entirely cover your eyebrows.

22. Shoulder-Length Hair with Layered Bottom. This hairstyle features fairly straight pieces flowing along the face yet it gains dimension and bounce a bit below the jawline, thus avoiding the flat feel.

23. Choppy Mid-Length Brunette Hair. Shaggy oval-face haircuts are strongly recommended by hair stylists because they create much volume at the jawline, the narrowest part of an oval face.

24. No-Bangs Messy Bob Cut. This flyaway hairstyle is easy to handle. Ladies with an oval face shape will feel super-comfortable having the wind-blown waves that showcase their natural beauty. Show your confidence with a stunning hairstyle like this one!

25. Chin-Length Blunt Cut Bob. One of the cutest short haircuts for oval faces is the no-nonsense straight bob that highlights your best facial features. This clean, sleek cut is also easy to maintain, and you will not have trouble pairing it with any style since it fits everything!

26. Medium Shag with Curtain Bangs. The shaggy shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs perfectly frames this cute oval face.

27. Voluminous Blowout with Soft Waves. Since ‘90s hair is all the rage nowadays, you should embrace longer oval face shape hairstyles filled with movement that is achieved by layering and blowout.

Long ‘90s Hair Blowout for Oval Face Shape
By Rita

28. Thin See-Through Fringe. There are many ways to style bangs for oval faces – the thin fringe is effortless and shows off the eyes.

29. Choppy Center-Parted Lob. An oval head couldn’t get a better frame than the bent waves of the angled lob creating a flirty peek-a-boo look.

30. Undone Medium-Length Hair. Tousled styling and sliced ends give you a nice chance to rock quite another — more rebellious — look without sacrificing waves or dimension.

31. Textured Bob for Long Oval Face. Not all oval faces are ideally balanced, and here we can see how the masterfully carved face-framing pieces visually reduce a large forehead and shift attention to the beautiful cheekbones.

32. Piece-y Inverted Lob. Although this cute bob is basically blunt, it features point-cut ends and slight graduation towards the front, which add texture and make it look edgy with little styling effort.

33. Beachy Waves with Color Accents. The best hairstyles for oval faces will never drag the face down because they leverage a play of color, movement, and texture for extra fullness in the lower part.

34. Voluminous Shorter Shag. Short haircuts for oval faces get their body from a heavy side part and teased roots.

35. Face-Framing A-Line Haircut. This haircut excellently hugs the oval face shape and emphasizes both the cheekbones and jawline. Experiment with highlights of different shades and dark roots for a cool and unique look. Let your natural beauty out to feel years younger!

A-Line Bob for Oval Face Shape
By Igor

36. Mid-Length Blunt Cut with Facial Framing. This cut has no layers around the perimeter except the area around the face where the shorter tresses create bounce and then merge with slightly textured ends.

37. Face-Framing Balayage for Long Hair. We have another rule for you, girls: the best haircuts for oval faces work to show off the shape of your face, for example, by illuminating bright blonde highlights.

38. Wispy Lob with Strawberry Blonde Highlights. An airy bob like this will work great for fine hair since it creates lift in the front and adds volume on the sides while making the cheekbones more prominent with the help of face-framing layers.

39. Long Feathered Layers. If you have an oval face shape, hairstyles that use bangs to cover the forehead and long waves to drape over the shoulders will certainly flatter and stun.

40. Short Wavy Haircut for an Oval Face. The wavy chin-length haircut flatters the oval face, showing off its delicate shape and beautiful jaw-line. What’s not to love?

41. Lived-In Blonde Shag for Mid-Length Hair. In addition to the low-maintenance color scheme, this sassy cut flatteringly opens up the face to show its beautiful features and delivers plenty of choppy ends at the jaw and below it.

42. Long Wavy Locks. A long oval face looks rounder with straight bangs and voluminous wavy hair.

43. Classy Shaggy Cut. The best haircut for an oval face and medium hair is the one with texture and face-framing layers or long bangs.

44. Short and Simple Hairstyle for Oval Faces. Chin-length styles that take a short styling time in the morning are always good haircuts to try as far as we’re concerned.

45. Icy Bob with Deep Side Part. Side-swept short hair cuts for oval faces come with a nice lift in the front, which is handsomely paired with an extra angle to bring attention to the eyes.

46. Messy Graduated Bob for Thin Hair. The shorter back tresses of this bob make the crown lighter and, therefore, higher, yet the fullness around the face is retained thanks to longer front layers.

47. Straight Neck-Length Hair for Oval Face Shape. Girls with oval faces can pull off a one-length bob without worries, even having only the slightest movement in it rather than tons of waves or layers.

48. Wavy Mane. The wavy haircut with choppy ends is gorgeous for the oval head and makes those brown eyes pop.

49. Flowy Locks with Bangs. Long hairstyles for oval faces paired with piece-y bangs and a little curl will have you looking like a supermodel.

50. Short Haircut with Jagged Ends. The short hair for an oval face is so pretty given caramel blonde highlights and a center part.

When it comes to haircuts for oval faces, there are a few keys to remember: add layers or waves for volume, a side part and bangs help with dimension, and your smile will be the finishing touch to feel stunning!

by Serena Piper
Serena graduated from the University of Oregon where she majored in magazine journalism. She is a published writer both in print and online. She currently lives in Daytona Beach where she works at the Early Learning Coalition, an organization supporting children of low-income families. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, country music concerts, exploring Florida, and of course, the beach.
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