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30 Freshest Androgynous and Non-Binary Haircuts to Unleash Your Authentic Self

2. Disheveled Mushroom Hairstyle. Being highly diverse in styling, this Korean take on the mushroom cut has long spread beyond the country of origin and captivated both sexes.

Actually, non-binary haircuts are not about gender — they are just a way to convey our sense of self and embrace our Yang and Yin duality. They blur the line between the feminine and masculine and allow for sporting bold looks going outside the choice dictated by heteronormative codes.

We can mix and match bobs and pixies with buzz cuts and Mohawks endlessly to arrive at unique styles that highlight certain traits of various personalities. Scroll through our fresh collection of masculine haircuts for females/feminine haircuts for men to find a bombshell idea for your next chop!

1. Trendy Mullet with Piece-y Finish. An updated mullet should be your No. 1 choice among androgynous haircuts since retro styles, particularly shags, are seriously trending right now.

2. Disheveled Mushroom Hairstyle. Being highly diverse in styling, this Korean take on the mushroom cut has long spread beyond the country of origin and captivated both sexes.

3. Long Top Clipped Bottom Pixie. Don’t you love low-maintenance androgynous haircuts where the back and sides are cropped very short while the long crown tresses can be left tousled?

4. Asymmetrical Crop for Wavy Hair. Asymmetry always looks sassy, but this style also adds contrasting textures to the funky formula.

5. Wispy Pixie with Micro Bangs. Here is proof that non-binary haircuts don’t need to be extravagantly messy or, vice versa, dramatically sharp to stream the right vibes, as this style softens the choppiness with a wispy finish.

6. Messy Bixie with a Jagged Fringe. This nonbinary hair is shaped and layered to pair the fullness of a pixie with the length of a bob for versatile styling.

7. Short Hair with Choppy Face Framing. This style stands out with its unexpectedly long and spiky side tresses, which create an interesting contrast with micro bangs.

8. Tousled Bixie with a Handful of Waves. If super short androgynous haircuts are not your cup of tea, the style that combines the shape of a pixie with the length of a bob will release your natural waves and give you a few extra inches to play with.

9. High-Contrast Androgynous Look. Such a stunning color combination can turn any cut into a statement, but it also accentuates texture and adds depth to fine straight tresses.

10. Choppy Pixie with Undercut. While other androgynous haircuts for straight hair may lack bounce, this well-defined cut with chunky tresses has both springiness and texture.

11. Designer Undercut with Layered Top. This cut borrows a little something from several androgynous hairstyles, such as bowl cut and pixie, to deliver texture and volume coupled with an edgy feel.

12. Long Bumpy Pixie Cut. Retaining the short layers of a pixie around the crown, this style hits the cheekbones with side tresses going far beyond the usual.

13. Classic Pixie with Shaggy Bangs. The most obvious choice among androgynous haircuts, pixie styles require different styling skills, and this crop with shaggy micro bangs lets the texture speak for itself with little effort from your side.

14. Edgy Shag with Full Bangs. This style will be a nice pick for thin hair, as it creates fullness in the front with the help of a deep point-cut fringe and forward-swept top pieces.

15. Curly Gender-Neutral Hairstyle. If you want to rock curly bob-length enby haircuts like this one, you will need to get your waves properly layered and defined to beautifully fall into place.

16. Front-Flipped and Textured Undercut. This crop looks absolutely cool and boyish with the front pieces pushed upward using a bit of styling gel and blow-drying.

17. Grown-Out Pixie with Lush Side Bangs. Those who don’t mind tinkering with styling enby haircuts will love this smokey cut that leaves enough length in the front to create a stunning frame for the face.

18. Highlighted Pixie with a Stepped Detail. While androgynous hairstyles make a statement of their own, it never hurts to add an eye-catching accent like these strips on the temple directing attention to the ear jewelry.

19. Long Top Shaved Bottom Hairstyle. Pairing the haircut sides cropped very close to the scalp with long strands on the crown is a surefire way to bring drama into masculine haircuts and have fun with messy styling.

20. Mullet with Shaved Sides. As androgynous haircuts for round faces should have plenty of volume at the crown while keeping the sides close, this style obviously nails it.

21. Short Wavy Mullet Cut. Courtesy of celebs like Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, and Scarlett Johansson, mullet-inspired non-binary hairstyles are all the rage nowadays, and this wonderfully choppy cut with short bangs and elongated back keeps up with the trend.

22. Boyish Haircut with Delicate Face Framing. Although this crop is fairly short and shaggy on the back and sides, it is cut longer and softer in the front to allow you to effortlessly tousle the strands on the forehead and temples.

23. Quiff Pixie for Thick Hair. Gender-neutral haircuts like this close-cut pixie is a good pick for thick manes because they remove bulk and facilitate styling, but you definitely need to master the quiff for an edgy look.

24. Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides and Uneven Bangs. It’s a nice idea to borrow something from masc haircuts, such as a fade with shaved lines, to arrive at a sassy and beautifully customized style.

25. Wispy Bob with Ashy Highlights. Don’t forget about a play of shades in gender-neutral hairstyles, and take the cue from this inverted bob emphasizing the wispiness through the dreamy color.

26. Striped Asymmetric Bob. You might be surprised to find a bob in the list of genderfluid haircuts, but this seriously asymmetric version with a side buzzcut and the rest of the hair swept to one side ticks all the boxes.

27. Mid-Length Textured Mullet. If you are after medium androgynous haircuts, look no further than this lavishly layered and textured mullet, which is long enough in the back to allow a cute pony.

28. Choppy Two-Color Pixie. Surely, you want to go shorter on the back and sides to show off a cool tattoo or a nice set of earrings, which cannot prevent you from rocking voluminous choppy strands on the crown, accentuated with a high-contrast color combination.

29. Non-Binary Hair with Undercut. Getting an undercut pixie can be a great solution for thin and fine tresses since the closely cut strands look denser and create support for the longer strands on the top.

30. Shaggy Lob with Side Parting. Include this banged lob into your selection of medium androgynous haircuts for its effortless look and great versatility.

The diversity of modern gender-neutral haircuts gives us plenty of space for creativity and self-expression. But the main goal is to adapt a hairstyle to your personality, not to mention your bone structure and hair texture. Make sure you feel comfortable with the chosen cut and rock it proudly regardless of gender!

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