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30 Stunning Partial Balayage Ideas That Are Trending in 2021

Partial balayage is a modern classic that has numerous variations. Whether you are thinking of subtle highlights or a bright contrast of hair strands, there sure is an ideal option for you. Keep reading for style tips, tricks, and ideas for a beautiful hair transformation!

What is a partial balayage? Essentially, it is a freehand hair dyeing process that implies adding highlights to a certain part of the hair rather than all over the mane.

Take your time to go through these gorgeous partial balayage styles below and pick the one that matches your personality best!

1. Face-Framing Balayage. A partial balayage on dark hair looks especially stunning if the brighter strands are concentrated near the face. This style has the power to highlight your beauty and freshen up your overall look.

2. Front Balayage for Long Hair. A partial balayage for long hair is a stunning styling option for those who want to visually elongate their face shape. Such highlights focus on the front strands and create a romantic look with wavy locks.

3. Partial Balayage and Layers. A partial balayage on dark brown hair combined with a layered cut is a match made in heaven. Not only will your hair look textured, but it will also reveal your tender and dreamy nature.

4. Natural-Looking Partial Balayage. This style clearly demonstrates the main difference between partial balayage vs full balayage. Watch how the partial highlights peek through the natural shade and create a natural sun-kissed hair effect instead of taking the spotlight.

5. Partial Balayage on Black Hair. The contrast of black hair and a blonde balayage is drool-worthy. Your hair color will look different depending on the light and the way you choose to style your hair – perfect for daily transformations!

6. Partial Caramel Balayage. The caramel shade deserves its popularity among fashionistas. After all, it creates a delicious-looking combination with natural brown color and adds a joyful vibe to it. If you’re a brunette, give it a try!

7. Partial Balayage on Short Hair. If you have short or shoulder-length hair, trying a partial balayage is a great idea. Firstly, the partial balayage price for short-haired ladies is always lower, and secondly, it looks simply amazing!

8. Flirty Contrasting Blonde Balayage. Put yourself in a mood for romance by getting a partial balayage in blonde hues. The bright wavy locks contrasting with a darker background look flirty and alluring, so you’ll always be the center of attention!

9. Balayage with Creative Placement. One of the greatest advantages of this style is that the right partial balayage placement can create an amazing dimensional look and minimize hair damage from bleaching. Come up with an idea to create a custom look and enjoy the result!

10. Shaggy Balayage Look. A partial balayage on brown hair works miracles in a messy style. It is a hot trend that makes your beauty look effortless and cool while adding volume and texture to your locks, regardless of their length.

11. Dark Hair Partial Balayage. If your dark hair is asking for a change, go ahead! Partial highlights don’t require you to commit to a completely new hair color and yet enable to freshen up your appearance.

12. Partial Balayage Ombre. Ask your hairstylist to use the balayage technique to create this ombre style. You will definitely love the gradient of colors and the number of compliments you will be receiving!

13. Sandy Balayage on Dark Hair. Partial balayage highlights in a sandy hue are reminiscent of the beautiful summer days you can feel every time you look in the mirror. This tender tone of blonde is aristocratic and chic!

14. Partial Balayage on Curled Hair. If you like wearing curly locks, there are plenty of balayage ideas to flatter you. One of our favorite variations is the one with a subtle gradient from the front to the back – how cute is it?

15. Light Brown Hair Balayage. A partial balayage on light brown hair can work as a stunning accent you’d love adding to your look. Pick a shade like caramel, cinnamon, or chestnut, and notice how your appearance changes for the better!

16. Partial Balayage Brunette Style. Dark-haired ladies are often concerned about getting highlights of a contrasting hue. If that’s your case, worry not! A subtle face-framing balayage is an ideal option for your mini-transformation!

17. Pinkish-Blonde Balayage. Strawberry blonde and pearl pink are great not only as solid colors but also as highlights. Meld them into your naturally dark hair and embrace your quirky side with this stunning hairdo!

18. Light Blonde Partial Balayage. One of the most feminine partial balayage variations is the one in light blonde. Bright strands popping here and there will complete your look and make you appear youthful and lively.

19. Thin Balayage Strands. The balayage technique can create a variety of different styles. Less is more, so, if you prefer thin highlights over chunky ones, this partial balayage option will be a perfect fit for your needs.

20. Symmetrical Partial Balayage Highlights. Perhaps, chaos is not your cup of tea, and you prefer your hairdo to look symmetrical. Not a problem! Ask your stylist to recreate this balayage style with flawlessly matching highlights on the sides.

21. Shaggy Balayage Hair. Going for an effortlessly stunning look? This styling solution has everything you’re searching for, from perfect ‘money piece’ highlights to quirky shaggy ends and irresistible waves.

22. Subtle Partial Highlights. Some partial balayage variations have a superpower of being subtle yet channeling the big diva vibe. This style is a great example of that quality! Pick a tender tone to match your mane and shine, girl!

23. Dark Brown Partial Balayage. If someone tells you that dark brown is not good for a partial balayage, don’t listen to them. Look at this style and trust what you see! A combination of dark brown shades will make you runway-ready.

24. Partial Balayage on Straight Hair. A partial balayage on sleek hair creates a glossy style worth of a magazine’s cover. Whether you have short or long hair, such highlights will surely look marvelous!

25. Partial Foil Balayage. The defined dyed strands created by a foil balayage are simply adorable! They will help you to achieve a cute look and demonstrate your sweet personality to the world.

26. Partial Copper Balayage. Blending long dark hair with thin partial balayage highlights creates a savage mix that is low-maintenance and natural-looking. Be ready to look fierce and wildly gorgeous with this style!

27. Partial Balayage in Ash Blonde. Incorporating a beautiful ashy hue into your balayage hairstyle is an amazing idea! Find a great stylist to achieve a smooth transition between the dark and light tones, and you are guaranteed to receive lots of attention.

28. Cinnamon Balayage on Short Hair. Cinnamon is a beautiful shade that will make your partial balayage style special. Grazing the dark brown hair, it gives that fall feel regardless of the season, and we love it!

29. Partial Balayage in Strawberry Blonde. Have you ever thought of going blonde from dark hair? A partial blonde balayage is an incredible chance to give light hair a try without any fears of the outcome!

30. Rose Gold Partial Balayage. Have you ever seen partial highlights that are so magical? The rose gold dye is unusual, classy, and otherworldly. Decorate your hair with this precious shade while focusing on the front strands for the best effect!

Partial balayage is an amazing styling solution for ladies of all ages, skin tones, and hair colors. It is a trend that seems to never go out of fashion. As you can see, partial balayage highlights come in a variety of ideas. We hope you’ve found the styling solution that fits you best and will try it anytime soon. Get your dream balayage style and transform your look! Wishing you great hairstyle experiments!

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