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50 Simple Yet Sassy Styles for Short Choppy Hair

Serena Piper

28. Wispy Pixie with Bangs Swept to One Side. Textured doesn’t always mean chunky or jagged, so you are free to ask for a finer finish and get an undone and voluminous yet soft look like this.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same hairstyle. One day we love the hair we have and show it off, but the next day we envy our friend with perfect locks and wish we had her mane. Those of us who love short choppy hair will be relieved to know there are at least 50 hairstyles out there to try.

Whether you want a short and minimalistic pixie, a shaggy cut to flatter your wavy hair, or something in between, there are cool ideas for everyone.

1. Short Stacked Haircut. Welcome to the club of platinum pixies! We enjoy a manageable length and side-swept bangs we can run our fingers through.

2. Stacked Bob with Choppy Layers. Face-framing pieces of this beautiful bob will make you look like a babe.

3. Choppy Pixie with Shaved Nape. The pretty and the edgy come together for this choppy rose gold pixie.

4. Short Textured Pixie with Choppy Bangs. Short hair becomes boho-chic when the top locks are made piecey.

5. Choppy Feathered Haircut with Highlights. An a-line haircut doesn’t have to look harsh. Maintain your soft and sweet self by flaunting a mix of long and short locks with highlighted longer pieces.

6. Shaggy Choppy Hairstyle. Try a choppy shaggy hairstyle that looks messy-cute. Dress it up by adding a headband one day or parting bangs to the side with a small bobby pin for another day.

7. Stacked Choppy Bob. Short choppy hair has its own special charm. Ask your stylist for a short choppy inverted bob and enjoy its perks: the cute shape, feathered layers, beautiful texture, and added volume.

8. Messy Crop with Volume. The pixie with volume maintains its chicness with tousled waves.

9. Highlighted Choppy Cut for Fine Hair. Insert a few highlights, make a deep part, and give it a little undercut for an edgy look.

10. Blonde Pixie Haircut. Take a cue from singer Katy Perry and mimic her platinum blonde pixie.

11. Messy Outgrown Pixie with Highlighted Fringe. This long choppy pixie is beautifully complemented with a shaggy brow-skimming fringe made a bit airier and more eye-catching by the color lifted at the very tips.

12. Messy Asymmetric Cut. Messy short choppy hairstyles are best for a standout look. Besides, if you are brave enough to dye your hair, it will only do good for your new asymmetric style. We suggest the trending cherry and mahogany hues!

13. Nuanced Layers. Choppy doesn’t always mean chunky, and this effortless bixie is nicely thinned out and accentuated with highlights to deliver easy lift at the roots, movement around the ends, and a wispy feel all around.

14. Choppy Short Layered Hair in Mahogany Brown. This sassy style combines the shape of a short bob with the choppiness of a pixie to deliver plenty of texture and volume supplemented with greater freedom in styling.

15. Icy Pixie with Spiky Layers and Undercut. This picture shows that buzzed sides and back can be coupled with layered and sliced top pieces to turn regular crops into edgy short choppy haircuts.

16. Short Choppy Hair with a Mix of Highlights. Apart from volume around the crown, this blonde hairstyle boasts tons of texture built by the sliced-out tips and plenty of depth created by the silver and beige insertions.

17. Choppy Cut with Pearl Blonde Balayage. We like how this massive disconnection breaks the flow of the creamy blonde tones from top to bottom and how the buzzed section at the nape makes the look even edgier.

18. Blonde Top, Brunette Bottom. Looking at this feathery crop, you can’t but agree that adding contrasting colors into short choppy haircuts translates into more dimensional looks and better definition for your razored pieces.

19. Wet Look Waves. This honey-colored shag with a lengthy fringe is made of razor-cut strands and sparingly permed waves which produce texture galore and are ready for flirty wet-look styling.

20. Brushed Forward Pixie. Here is another take on short choppy hairstyles with a high-contrast color scheme, and it also brings depth into the hair and creates a canvas for the texture and movement to shine out.

21. Choppy A-line Bob. If you have waves, curls or any other kind of texture, a choppy shaggy look will flatter you.

22. Choppy Short Hair with Long See-Through Bangs. This platinum blonde pixie accommodates oversized bangs, but in fact they are easy to put away from the face and style in a less provocative way.

23. French Crop with Short Choppy Bangs. There is always something very Parisian about short carefree bangs, and the fun wavy finish along with elongated sideburns just enhance this “French-girl hair” flare.

24. Choppy Layered Bob. Curled or straight, this textured bob has all the fun and sass included!

25. Short Textured Haircut. Though this hairstyle has a tomboyish and cheeky look, if you choose your accessories and outfit right, it will appear very elegant and sophisticated.

26. Choppy Razored Pixie. For a short, choppy pixie, bring the length up just below the ears, razor-cut the hair, and feather out the back. Leave side-swept bangs uneven.

27. Choppy Short Layered Hair. This choppy cut is for those ladies who have passionate nature. If you’ve got the energy you can’t hide from the world, it’s time to get this bright layered pixie cut.

28. Wispy Pixie with Bangs Swept to One Side. Textured doesn’t always mean chunky or jagged, so you are free to ask for a finer finish and get an undone and voluminous yet soft look like this.

29. Smoothed Chestnut Brown Bob. Although short choppy haircuts often have top strands sticking out in all directions, this cut provides you with a much smoother option.

30. Short Textured Brunette Crop. This is a great example of a transition from a pixie to a longer hairstyle that keeps the coarse hair shaped and tamed yet gives it a chance to radiate its natural texture.

31. Elegant Dirty Blonde Pixie with Side Parting. Do you still think that all choppy haircuts look tomboyish? This feminine cut that frames the face flatteringly and gives the hair a nice lift proves otherwise.

32. Bronzed Choppy Hair with Wispy Fringe. While this light metallic shade is a perfect fit for the peachy skin and green eyes of the girl, the thinned-out fringe debulks the top and balances out the triangular face.

33. Pretty Messy Chop. Fluff and scrunch your way through your hair to this short choppy layered hairstyle.

34. Classy Crop with Hair Swept Forward. This is another proof that messy short choppy hairstyles can be styled in many cool ways, such as blending crown tresses with a brow-grazing fringe.

35. Sleek Bob Haircut. Short choppy layers for a bob with bangs mean you can flaunt this style at work or get flirty on a night out.

36. Very Short Choppy Hairstyle. If your hair is already rather short or you just want a dramatic change, texturize the top and push bangs forward.

37. Bronde Choppy Bob with Highlights. This short choppy bob has all the sass needed to conquer your day. The bright blonde balayage adds to the beauty.

38. Rooty Blonde Bob with Soft Face Framing. This style feels really airy due to the lift at the roots, dreamy platinum shade, and thinned-out ends, but it also softens the face by enveloping it with a veil of bangs and side layers.

39. Razor-Cut Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights. Choppy hairstyles with layers stacked at the nape are strongly recommended for fine hair, as they create a buildup of natural volume and enhance the curve of the head.

40. Choppy Hairstyle with Waves. A bedhead has never looked better for short length hair – layers and waves are added to complete the messy look.

41. Stacked Short Choppy Bob. This cute straight bob combines well-blended exterior layers in the front with more defined layers stacked in the back and gains dimension with a lived-in blonde balayage.

42. Side-Parted Pixie Bob with Accents. This soft chocolate style feels lightweight and dynamic due to the subtle layers and feathered ends, but it retains much of the body with the layering shifted toward the bottom.

43. Thick Hair Curls with Choppy Layers. Show off your mane with a layered bob designed for curly hair.

44. Choppy Pixie Bob. The sass of a pixie, the chicness of a bob. Pick and pull locks to texturize for extra customizing.

45. Spiky Pixie with Honey Blonde Highlights. This fun crop gains dimension and texture not only through layering and styling but also with the coloring that intensifies both spikiness and boldness.

46. Showy Vanilla Blonde Chop with a Contrast. While the strikingly dark roots of this exquisite cut give depth and contrast to the bright blonde, the black nape undercut brings in some cheekiness.

47. Blonde Shaggy Pixie. If you’re not quite ready to lose your length, consider a choppy shaggy cut such as this one, which brings long length forward and to the sides, but still keeps hair off the neck.

48. Choppy Pixie with Frosted Tips. Invoke Tinkerbell’s energy and perky sass with a razored pixie polished off with highlights.

49. Silver Bob Cut with Dark Roots. Adopt a messy highlighted bob and you’re the next bold babe on the block.

50. White Blonde Short Length Hair. Transitioning from your current hairstyle to a standout pixie is sure to boost your confidence level.

So, now that you know how to rock your short choppy hair, which style will you choose? Remember the finishing touch to any haircut is to own it with confidence!