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50 Insanely Pretty Short Hairstyles with Bangs You’ll Want to Copy

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

7. Curtain Bangs with Short Hair. This stylishly sassy hairstyle appears simple but it meets different hair needs. It can be a perfect solution of layered short hair with bangs for women with thin hair or a receding hairline. Not having a thick mane shouldn’t stop you from rocking a gorgeous short hairstyle with bangs. The tousled uneven layers, flipped side pieces, and long curtain bangs lend fullness to fine hair.

Rocking short hair with bangs is one of the best ways to wear any above the shoulder length. Your choice can be a side bang, cropped fringe, or trendy curtain bangs – there is something for everyone.

Here are the 50 best short hair cuts with bangs to look through before your next visit to your stylist.

1. Short Wavy Hair with Bangs. Thick beachy waves look so lovely on slightly messy short hair. A side-swept voluminous fringe blends seamlessly with the style.

2. Short Layered Hair with Bangs. A fun style that’s created with plenty of texture thanks to the full head of layers and a fun cropped fringe.

3. Short Bob with a Layered Side Fringe. Bring some lightness to your stacked bob with a textured thick fringe. If you part your wispy bangs on one side, it can visually give more volume and even out the locks around.

4. Soft Bob with a Feathery Fringe. A classic that suits thin hair of any hair color. It instantly gives off a dreamy vibe because of its tousled texture, and the fringe will have you feeling like one of those French girls, no doubt.

5. Choppy Pixie with Feathered Bangs. The queen of all short hairstyles with bangs, this pixie is completed with a long side fringe. It works best on thicker hair but medium hair texture can pull it off too.

6. Blunt Bob with Wispy Bangs. A blunt-cut bob with feathery face-framing layers and brow-grazing wispy bangs might just be the right short hairstyle with bangs for you. Copy this cute hairstyle completed with bangs and layers to create a youthful, cool-girl look.

7. Curtain Bangs with Short Hair. This stylishly sassy hairstyle appears simple but it meets different hair needs. It can be a perfect solution of layered short hair with bangs for women with thin hair or a receding hairline. Not having a thick mane shouldn’t stop you from rocking a gorgeous short hairstyle with bangs. The tousled uneven layers, flipped side pieces, and long curtain bangs lend fullness to fine hair.

8. Sliced Pixie for Black Hair. Arguably one of the most effortless short haircuts with bangs that you will fall in love with. To style it, you will simply need some texturizing product to give your hair more grip.

9. Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs. One of the easiest ways to style short hair with bangs is with a curling iron or wand. Slightly straighten your bangs to leave them framing your face on the sides and create soft beachy waves throughout the length for a soft everyday feel.

10. Parisian Short Hair with Curtain Bangs. Whether gathered to the front or worn center-parted, these curtain bangs can create volume above the cheekbones to balance the excessive wideness around some parts of the face.

11. Messy Short Hair with Bangs. Not only does this razor-cut mullet remove weight from the girl’s head of hair, but it also releases texture enhanced by a curl cream and echoed by the finish of the full bangs.

12. Classic Short Pixie with Bangs. The timeless short hair with fringe for classy women. The closely cropped pixie cut with longer bangs and crown layers make this cute hairstyle gorgeous and easy to maintain. If you want no-fuss short hair with bangs, consider this idea.

13. Off-Center Bangs on Short Hair. This tousled blonde bob teaches us to switch between looks in no time by wearing layered bangs effortlessly parted instead of styling them straight across the forehead.

14. Short Bob with Long Bangs. A short blunt bob always looks drop-dead gorgeous. It exposes your slender neck and perfect jawline. Pair your bob with bangs and layers that frame your face, highlight your cheekbones and, soften strong features if necessary. Adding longer curtain bangs adds a glamorous flair to this style.

15. Brunette Bob with Choppy Bangs. Here is another great effect of short haircuts with bangs — the choppiness of this eyebrow-grazing fringe repeats the point-cut finish of the blunt bottom and infuses texture into the straight strands.

16. Shaggy Short Hair with Side Bangs. This jet-black pixie builds a shape for the bushy hair and lets it give off rebellious vibes through the shaggy finish while delivering an airy frame for the face.

17. Choppy Champagne Blonde Pixie. If you’re looking for cute short hairstyles with bangs, search no more. This hairdo will blissfully open up your sharp features with micro bangs acting as a natural highlight for your big eyes and bushy brows.

18. Tomboyish Pixie with Wispy Bangs. This cute pixie bob comes with a set of deep and straight yet thinned-out bangs to keep the style consistent throughout, without overwhelming the face.

19. Wavy Bixie with Short and Dense Bangs. Some short hairstyles with bangs opt for playing with contrast, such as this wavy crop matching the feathery feel around the perimeter with the dense bangs.

20. Pixie Bob with Layers and Bangs. Take some weight off your shoulders with a textured version of a short cut with bangs. The lower layers make up a solid foundation for the light and feathery crown which renders an imponderable and soft look to the hairstyle.

21. Vibrant Copper Bixie with Side Bangs. While retaining the shape of a pixie, this style goes down to a bob’s length, offering more diverse styling options, including long bangs swept to one side or side tresses tucked behind the ear.

22. Pixie Crop with Jagged Baby Bangs. The dainty feathered baby bangs that hug the forehead and V-cut sideburns come together to give this textured blonde pixie a fancy appearance. This is the type of short hairstyles with bangs you go for when you want to reveal your cool and confident side.

23. Wispy Short Layered Hair with Bangs. This layered bob creates a striking contrast between the effortless wispy pieces on the bottom and the chunky, ragged micro bangs carefully apportioned across the forehead.

24. Shaggy Bob with Feathery Bangs. A modern style for girls who like unique and stylish everyday looks. It’s chic and works for most hair textures, and doesn’t need much skill to style at home.

25. Short Flapper Bob with Parted Bangs. Re-live the past fashionable decades with this vintage short bob haircut. The retro-style short hair would bring lots of appreciative glances and smiles your way. Instead of the traditional sleeky finish give your hair a messy touch to add a modern, playful twist to the hairstyle.

26. Bold Layered Bob with Statement Bangs. This bright blonde cut gains plenty of volume through well-blended short layers at the top and gets the choppiness accented with highly textured half-moon bangs.

27. Textured Bob with Jagged Bangs. This lip-length bob is made lightweight with layers and sliced-out ends, but it remains full-bodied on the crown and in the front and hugs the face nicely.

28. Short Straight Hair with Baby Bangs. If you have a high forehead, baby bangs will balance out your proportions beautifully. Fear not, they won’t look like the time, when you chopped it yourself in the 5th grade. Just find a good hairstylist or an easy youtube tutorial on how to DIY short bangs at home.

29. Messy Short Hair with Bangs. Here, another version of a pixie with long top strands accommodates a side fringe but takes it a step further and blends the bangs with the crown hair pulled forward for a fuller and edgier look.

30. Straight and Polished Crop with Long Bangs. By creating a striking contrast, these super-long see-through bangs turn the style that could be just neat into an edgy cut.

31. Pixie with a Long Side Fringe. A sleek classic pixie. Its layers are razor cut for a choppy, messy look, and you don’t need more than a tousle to keep it chic and stylish.

32. Ragged Bangs and a Short Bob. Experiment with hairstyles for short hair with bangs to achieve some fresh cool looks. If you want to accentuate your eyes or the upper half of your face in general, the spiky, chopped bangs can surely help with that.

33. Balayage Pixie with Short Bangs. Play around with color and show it off with a cute style to match. The razor cut sides and lower layers create a nice base for darker deep shades, leaving the top to burn bright with fiery burgundy tones.

34. Swoopy Layers and a Thick Side Fringe. Anyone can pull off short hair with a fringe when styled correctly. The rounded stacked back gives the style a nice voluminous body that is gently covered with feathered strands and a swoopy fringe.

35. Smooth Silver Pixie with Bangs. Jump on the silver fox trend, if you haven’t yet, and make it even better with a sleek long pixie cut. See for yourself what power this hairdo holds.

36. Platinum Bob with Bottleneck Bangs. Apart from radiating texture through the choppy ends and tousled styling, this sweet bob with thin bangs in the front blended into longer side layers delivers enough angles to balance out the roundness of the face.

37. Edgy Pixie with Bangs. Show off your bold side with a choppy pixie cut. Razor cut nape and sides look amazing framed by a messy fringe.

38. Retro Chic Wolf Cut with Bottleneck Bangs. We can’t imagine more coherent short haircuts with bangs than shags coupled with a tousled curtain or bottleneck fringe, which is perfectly illustrated by this 70’s style.

39. Super Short Razored Bob with Bangs. The short hair with wispy bangs ultimately gives off a somewhat grungy 90s vibe. The good thing about this particular styling idea is that it doesn’t require more than a hairdryer and a round brush to recreate!

40. Fairy Pixie with Puffy Bangs. For our miniature ladies, a soft pixie elongated to the sides and crowned with a thick fringe will always be the perfect option. It effortlessly underlines the magical features, giving you a glowing makeover.

41. Upgraded Bob with a Choppy Fringe. While polished short hairstyles with bangs are often tricky to style to perfection, short shaggy cuts with textured fringes are more comfortable with air drying and hand styling.

42. Carefree Short Hair with Curtain Bangs. This lovely bob is made pretty simple, with only a few layers placed to invoke movement, but the trendy curtain bangs accentuated with a bright money piece elevate the whole look.

43. Short Thick Hair with Bangs. A cut that is mostly all bangs because of the thickness of the hair! The classy hairdo has plenty of dimensions thanks to the color, layers, and a sleek nape undercut.

44. Short Bob with Bangs. An old-fashioned look that is easy to recreate and doesn’t require much time to maintain at home.

45. Short Hair with Bangs for Round Faces. If you have been wearing a lob with bangs for a while and now want some change, try reshaping it into a cheeky shorter cut with jagged front bangs and shaggy layers throughout.

46. Wispy Bangs with Short Hair. Wispy bangs are as cute as it can get, besides they may help to visually shorten your face if necessary, but generally they work for all face shapes.

47. Very Short Hair with Bangs. While the hairdo seems really short, it is far from boring: the layered crown keeps the volume up and the pointy textured micro fringe creates a soft face frame for days.

48. Soft Pixie Bob with a Full Fringe. Longer front pieces of this bixie give a nice opportunity for framing the face flatteringly, and the fringe is creatively incorporated into the scheme.

49. Asymmetrical Short Hair with Bangs. A layered asymmetrical cut with see-through bangs will hands down get everyone’s attention in the room. Besides, it doesn’t require much styling, as it’s pretty out there on its own.

50. Trendy Short Hair. A non-traditional pixie with a twist! Mix and match any contrasting shades to better show off the color crashing.

Bangs are extremely fun when cut the right way and fitted to the shape of your beautiful face. There are thousands of options of how to go about it, and we bet you’ve found a couple of standout short hair with bangs designs to show your hairdresser at your next appointment!