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30 Undercut Pixie Cuts That Look Really Bold and Stylish

Undercut pixie cuts are for all those ladies longing for a low-maintenance and cool short hairdo.

It’s easy-care, outstanding, and contemporary. If you want to have more reasons to opt for a cool undercut pixie cut, don’t miss out on these 30 striking hairstyles!

What Are Undercut Pixie Haircuts?

Pixies undercuts are the haircuts where one or both sides and/or the nape are either shaved or detached from the top of the hair to create an edgy hairdo that fits style-savvy women.

Is it diverse enough to not look boring and too masculine? You can style it straight or wavy, sweep it to the side, create a mid-parting or make a comb over, add accessories. Plus, coloring your hair with some statement hair colors could give you a finished look. So, despite the short length, there are lots of styling options for undercut pixie crops.

Wanna know more? Read below and check out the pictures.

1. Feathered Curls on Pixie Undercut. Take your styling to the next level of creativity with a feathered curly pixie and a neat undercut. This is a great choice for women who want to go for short hair and add a feminine feel to it!

2. Platinum Blonde Undercut Curly Pixie Cut. Adding tight curls to your hairdo always rewards you with a voluminous and dimensional look. Also, try playing with statement colors to dress up your pixie undercut and see how it accentuates your appearance.

3. Pixie Undercut with Pompadour Bangs. Whenever you feel like being in the limelight, try this long pixie styled with strong hold styling products. Add highlights to the top of your hairdo to help you complete this magazine-worthy look.

4. Pixie Undercut with a Cool Hair Tattoo. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that you could come up with different undercut designs and hit the spotlight with your exclusive ideas.

5. Androgynous Long Top Pixie Undercut. If you want to stay on the safe side and still go with your heart, head for this side-swept long layered haircut on the top, and a small-sectioned undercut at the bottom. You will never regret it!

6. Edgy Pixie with Nape Undercut. Eye-catching colors can drastically transform your hairstyle, while choppy angled layers with a side undercut could further accentuate your modish vibes.

7. Two-Tone Undercut Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut. If you have black hair, you could pull off a great undercut with a bold lighter top. This look is to die for!

8. Sliced Undercut Pixie Cut with Bangs. A pixie cut with voluminous bangs adds a youthful vibe and flirty flair to the look. Frosty highlights will make your hairstyle even more intriguing.

9. Rose Gold Undercut Feminine Short Hair. A perfect way to deliver a feminine feel to your pixie with an extreme undercut is to add girlish hues to it. The rose gold is perfect.

10. Layered Black Undercut Pixie. Want to go for a timeless haircut? A pixie with an undercut and textured layers is what is high-on-trend. Go for it, girl!

11. Unicorn Shaved Undercut Pixie. The best fit for all the unicorns out there! Your pixie with a shaved undercut becomes edgier and pops with bright rainbow colors letting you stand out.

12. Spiky Pixie Undercut. A layered pixie always gives much variety in styling. You could add spikes to your already cool pixie undercut and see how it catches everybody’s attention.

13. Mushroom Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut. A mushroom pixie is a bold choice! The shaved undercut will give you a really edgy and cool vibe.

14. Brown Pixie with a Darker Undercut. Sometimes colors really matter when it comes to styling. This look is an idea for those who want a hint of lightness without altering their overall tone. You could stay on the sounder side and make a statement!

15. Very Short Undercut Pixie. Want to take it up a notch? Ask your stylist to dress up your hairdo with a bold white blonde hair color. Your hairstyle will talk for itself!

16. Asymmetrical Feminine Pixie Cut with Undercut. An elongated pixie cut always looks feminine and is easy to style up, while a cute hidden undercut on one side is the best starter for a sassy short look!

17. Pink Colored Undercut Pixie. Want to play with some juicy tones? Add hues of candy floss to your black-based hair color and enjoy a fun makeover!

18. Blonde Balayage for Brown Pixie Undercut. Balayage highlights create a natural look by melting light hues into a dark base and delivering enhanced texture and dimension to your funky pixie undercut.

19. Undercut Pixie Shag with Elongated Bangs. This pixie has a long fringe that covers the forehead with feathered layers giving this style a statement appearance. Wanna an ideal undercut pixie for thick hair? Choose this style.

20. Messy Pixie Undercut. Seeking an effortless hairdo? This messy undercut pixie adds playfulness to your character, so you will absolutely love it!

21. Faux Hawk Pixie with Undercut. Do you want to achieve cool-girl vibes? Here is your thing, the mohawk style to consider! Tease up your faux-hawk, and don’t forget to use quality strong-hold products for the style to last through the day!

22. Pixie with Undercut and Long Bangs. Ash blonde helps us with merging gray strands. Also, this sleek hairstyle adds a youthful vibe.

23. Tomboy Undercut Choppy Pixie. Choppy pixie haircuts require minimum effort and deliver maximum effect. Try pairing a bright color and a spiky cut to achieve a cool and playful look.

24. Stylish Combover Undercut Pixie. This accurate faded undercut is seriously bold. If you want to add extra volume to your pixie, ask your stylist for pompadour bangs.

25. Spiked Up Undercut Thin Hair Pixie. The spiky hairdo adds volume and dimension, especially to thin hair, and if you pair it up with beautiful hues of pastel pink, you will instantly see that the volumizing effect magically doubles.

26. Undercut Long Pixie Cut. This elongated undercut pixie cut in a playful light blonde hue adds another coat, wow! Whether you’ve got a wavy mane or pin-straight hair, thick or thin locks, this look will absolutely flatter you.

27. Edgy Undercut Pixie Cut with Baby Bangs. If you already have a pixie undercut, go one step further by trying baby bangs and a sharp edgy design. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in choppy pieces and keep a little section in front of the ear slightly longer.

28. Wavy Pixie Undercut. A wavy mane with a trendy pixie undercut hairstyle is a real-head turner. The shaved sides accentuate your facial features and the waves bring out the femininity, simple!

29. Silver Pixie with Dark Undercut. This is a great hairstyle to opt for if you have plenty of hair to play with. Pick shaved sides with an asymmetrical layered fringe and choppy layers around the crown and see how they bring life to your hairdo.

30. Tapered Dyed Pixie with Undercut. This pixie undercut gets eye-catching and edgy with a bright color. Try a lavender dye to add more oomph.

Want to bid farewell to your long strands and say hello to your easy-to-maintain and cool short hairstyle? If so, a pixie with an undercut is the right choice to make! From curly manes in soft brunette shades to straight strands with a pop of bright color, we’ve got a range of 30 varied pixie undercut styles that can ease your choice on the way to your next hair transformation. Undercut pixies are badass, non-banal, and flexible, as you can make them feminine or masculine depending on your mood. Great, right? Promise to give it a try – it deserves your attention in 2023!

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