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30 Best Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts for an Elegant Vibe

If you need a haircut that would give you a power look with a good dose of chic and a dash of edgy, an asymmetrical bob haircut is the answer.

The one side high one side low design of asymmetrical bobs set them apart from other popular bob haircuts. This dramatic cut is what lends this type of bob its classy, lady-boss vibes.

Asymmetrical bob haircuts come in different styles – from edgy asymmetrical pixie-bobs to sleek no-hair-out-of-place straight bobs and even flirty wavy lobs. All the asymmetrical bob hairstyles you can imagine are right here, in this article. Happy viewing.

1. Short Asymmetrical Bob. As always, short hair packs a punch of chic and classy. This shorter version of asymmetrical bob hair is drop dead gorgeous. The highlights are eye candy.

2. Stacked Asymmetrical Bob. What else could look more seductive than an edgy asymmetrical bob dyed frosty blond and toned purple at the roots?

3. Medium-Length Asymmetrical Bob. This medium-length cut introduces a fascinating twist into an asymmetrical bob haircut. Highlights in a lively hue like purple take the beauty several notches higher.

4. Undercut Asymmetrical Bob. Here is one for you if edgy is your style preference. Shave your hair down to an undercut on one side of your head, and layer the other side for a messy, asymmetrical shaggy bob. A blast of pastel highlights gets things even edgier.

5. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob. Wavy hair injects tons of luscious freshness into an asymmetrical bob. You can style beach waves in your hair if you don’t have them naturally.

6. No-Fuss Asymmetrical Bob. These bobs don’t have to be face-shading unless you want them to. Your hair can be lifted and kept off your face for a gorgeous asymmetrical bob style fit for a red carpet.

7. Asymmetrical Pixie-Bob Haircut. In love with pixie haircuts, but admire classy bobs too? You gonna love this asymmetrical pixie bob then. The asymmetrical cut creates a perfect cover for a thinning hairline.

8. Thin Hair Asymmetrical Bob. Wispy fine or thin hair should not stop you from choosing a pretty asymmetrical bob haircut. A short or medium-length asymmetrical bob with highlights in a light color is a great idea.

Medium Asymmetrical Bob for Thin Hair
By Olga

9. Asymmetrical Bob with Side Bangs. This is another lovely asymmetrical bob style you can create on your short hair. The introduction of side bangs lends a fascinating twist to this style.

10. Straight Asymmetrical Bob. Straight hair steals the spotlight when it comes to classy asymmetrical bob hairstyles. Allow your bob to cover a major part of your face for an alluring, edgy feel.

11. Asymmetrical Curly Bob. Curly hair is not left out of this trend, of course. You can cut your curly tresses in this fashion and enjoy a hairstyle that looks as gorgeous as this one.

12. Eye-Catching Polished Asymmetrical Bob. An enthralling asymmetrical one side longer bob for fashionable ladies. The bright auburn ends add a cool, sophisticated vibe to the dark bob.

13. Neck-Length Asymmetrical Bob. So, you’re thinking of a big chop and need to find a way to make your hair look fabulous. We’ll suggest you try a short asymmetrical bob that grazes the collarbone with its longer side. It looks fantastic on all face shapes.

14. Long Asymmetrical Bob. Speaking of length, extra inches of hair added to your bob yield an amazing result. Your stylist will razor the ends of the longer side of your bob for an attractive finish.

15. Asymmetrical Bob with Arched Bangs. As far as asymmetrical bobs go, there is no right or wrong way to style them. If you want it classic, go classic, if you want it edgy, go edgy. You can even upgrade your asymmetrical bob hairstyle with crisp bangs and tropical colors.

16. Blonde Asymmetrical Bob. If you think your straight blonde hair is beautiful, wait until you style it into an asymmetrical bob cut. The blonde hair below is elegant, classy, and chic.

17. Side-Parted Gray Asymmetrical Bob. Need we say that the asymmetrical bob makes one of the best hairstyles for women over 50? It just features all the desirable attributes and functionalities with the right dose of chic.

18. Asymmetrical Inverted Bob. This style has two tweaks we love – wavy hair for a flurry, romantic flair and blonde highlights for a sunny, cheerful radiance. A perfect asymmetrical bob haircut for women with wavy hair.

19. Shoulder-Length Asymmetrical Bob. Speaking of edgy asymmetrical bob haircuts, the hair below has got a really enthralling edgy flair. It also looks easy to maintain.

20. Asymmetrical Lob Past the Shoulders. Lob haircuts are super-chic and fit every occasion. For an elegant style that delivers a classy look, choose an asymmetrical bob haircut and style it in soft waves.

21. Curled Under Asymmetrical Bob. Bobs that frame your face and cup your jaw are ideal hairstyles for women with chubby faces. The center-parted medium asymmetrical bob in this picture is one of such hairstyles.

22. Asymmetrical Bob with Root Stretch. Use a flattering balayage color to draw maximum attention to your gorgeous asymmetrical bob hairstyle. Blonde highlights on light brunette hair ooze the most desirable allure.

23. Asymmetrical Bob on Stick-Straight Hair. Whether as a weave or relaxed natural hair, asymmetrical bob hairstyles are stunning on black girls. For an overload of cuteness, lay your baby hairs and choose a curvy parting.

24. Asymmetrical A-Line Bob. We love this streamlined shape with thinned-out ends. It makes styling and maintenance much easier and less time-consuming.

25. Money Piece Asymmetrical Bob. Trust highlights to give your hairstyle the va-va-voom it needs. Platinum blonde money highlights did it for this cute asymmetrical bob hairstyle.

26. Asymmetrical Blunt Bob. The precision of the blunt cut and the sharp angles contributed to the exquisitely elegant vibes of this asymmetrical angled bob.

27. Asymmetrical Bob for a Round Face. For ladies with round faces, the half-high half-low shape works best. It evens out the roundness and makes your face look more elongated.

28. 2-Style Asymmetrical Bob. Her stylist did a fantastic job here. It’s a showstopper. With blunt cut ends on the shorter side and wispy ends on the long side, you can’t help but get mesmerized by her haircut.

29. Medium Brown Asymmetrical Bob. We love the mysterious allure this asymmetrical brunette bob added to her blue eyes. Her partially hidden face lends more intrigue to the look.

30. Minimal Asymmetrical Bob. A minimal difference in length on both sides of your bob is enough to offer you that signature asymmetrical style. The variation in length doesn’t really have to be pronounced.

Whew! What a fascinating array of gorgeous asymmetrical bob hairstyles. Make your pick and call up your stylist for an appointment.

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