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30 Buzz Cuts for Women Who Are Ready to Embrace Their True Beauty

Serena Piper

Nothing proves the ‘less is more’ truth better than buzz cuts for women. Although going that short is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, many girls, including A-listers, keep on showing us that women don’t need long hair to look and feel totally beautiful.

It is believed that strong facial features mean that you’d better steer clear of cutting your hair short, but everything actually depends on your personality and willingness to challenge the centuries-old standards of femininity. Explore the stunning looks of those girls who have already taken the plunge and find inspiration for your next jaw-dropping hairstyle.

1. Women’s Buzz Cut in Golden Blonde. This fleecy style starts with a little bit longer honey blonde hair on the crown and fades into a lighter blonde shade on the bottom.

2. Pink Three-Dimensional Buzz Cut. While it’s hard to miss a woman with a buzz cut in a bubble pink that echoes her eyebrows, it’s even less likely not to give her stunning 3D design a second glance.

3. Ash Blonde Pixie with Buzz Cut. Here is a long buzz cut for a woman transitioning to or from a pixie – shimmering and giving off some wavy texture.

4. Colorful and Spotty Buzz Cut. Daring women with buzz cuts may want to recreate this fun pale hairstyle dotted with bright colors and contrasting black spots.

5. Platinum Buzz Cut with an Accent Strip. Coloring short buzz cuts for women with tan and dark skin tones in silvery blonde creates a stunning contrast for the facial features to pop.

6. Curly Buzz Cut for a Woman with a Round Face. This seriously blonde crop is cut close to the scalp on the sides but left with some volume and texture on the crown to show off delicate natural curls.

7. Tattooed Short Buzz Cut for Women. Whether you have already got a head tattoo or not, adding a hand-painted tattoo-like design to your shaved hair will come as a bombshell.

8. Pastel Colored Buzz Cut. This girl rocks a colorful mix of pastel shades made with the help of temporary sprays and adorned with a sweet bleached heart design.

9. Intricately Carved Blonde Buzz Cut. Here is how you can turn a regular blonde buzz cut for a woman into an eye-catching hairstyle with a sculptured design.

10. Meaningfully Inscribed Buzz Cut. Women’s buzz cut hairstyles are well suited for self-expression, so why not use your bleached and shaved head for setting a status message?

11. Psychedelic Buzz Cut. You don’t need to be a fan of the ‘60s psychedelic poster art or the rave movement of the ‘90s to sport this fluid flow of acid shades.

12. Fading Buzz Cut with a Wave Design. If you are looking for a way to upgrade buzz cuts for older women, this faded crop with a set of waves on the side can be your inspo.

13. Bleached Buzz Cut for a Woman with Coarse Hair. This boldly colored crop gives a nice shape and clean lines to the rebellious thick hair and makes the overall look much lighter.

14. Queen of Hearts Buzz Cut. This stunning hairstyle uses a high-contrast color scheme to ornate the shaved head with a bunch of black-and-white heart designs.

15. Even Buzz Cut with a Side-to-Back Design. This brunette hair is cut perfectly even throughout the perimeter to show off the beautiful bone structure accentuated with a fancy design.

16. Buzz Cut to Pixie Transition. This picture proves that a long buzz cut for women offers great versatility in styling, including a sexy wet look.

17. Women’s Buzz Cut with Bangs and Long Crown. This ash blonde hairstyle combines the tightly cut bottom with longer pieces on the top pulled forward and blended with a full fringe.

18. Neon Star-Studded Buzz Cut. Here is another killer way to ornament a buzz cut on women — the natural color is lifted to accommodate the neon spots and vivid black stars.

19. Lightning-Stamped Buzz Cut for Black Women’s Hair. The natural texture of Afro hair looks great in this no-frills buzz cut with a subtle fade and simple design.

20. Blonde Buzz Cut with Turquoise-Colored Print. This could be a buzz cut for older women, but the amazing pattern and hair color choice let younger girls customize the basic cut.

21. Brunette Crop Covered with Lines. While blonde buzz cuts usually create a feel of fuller hair, brunette crops are better suited to showcase patterns carved with a trimmer.

22. Simple and Uniform Buzz Cut. Although there are many sophisticated buzz cut hairstyles for women out there, getting such a minimalist style is enough to make a statement.

23. Abstract Art Buzz Cut. If you want to literally send the public into a trance with your fresh chop, this head of abstract painting is your best choice.

24. Half Head of Stripes. We can’t but adore the muted effect created by multiple lines on the bottom and the contrast they produce against the fleecy top.

25. Flamingo Pink Buzz Cut with a Heart Design. While buzz cuts are often seen as tough-girl hairstyles, this adorable crop colored in pink and peach shades feels totally feminine.

26. Women’s High and Tight Haircut. Featuring the back and sides shaved to the skin, this blonde hairstyle offers a more dramatic take on the female buzz cut with plenty of texture on the crown.

27. Extremely Short Buzz Cut for Black Women. If you want your facial features and accessories to take center stage, borrow a page from this girl’s book and go that short.

28. Densely-Packed Buzz Cut. This is a longer buzz cut for a woman with thick hair that flatteringly plays up the texture and fills it with an iridescent glow.

29. Textured Buzz Cut with Dimensional Design. Cut at one length all over the head, this dense, coarse hair provides a nice canvas for the design to look deeper and more prominent.

30. Bald Haircut. If all the above black women’s buzz cut hairstyles seem too prosaic for you, shaving the whole hair down to the skin might be a challenge you’ll want to accept.

Now you know how diverse buzz cuts for women are and how they can look depending on the length, color, and texture of your hair. Maybe, it’s time to gain this liberating experience and get into our next collection of bold shaved hairstyles.