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40 Best Fall Hair Colors and Biggest Autumn Hair Trends for 2024

Serena Piper

30. Oversize Scrunchies. Another classic is making a comeback this fall 2024. Massive scrunchies are a totally amazing addition to a wavy ponytail for long hair.

Every time of year has its own perks, and the coming season arrives with exciting fall 2024 hair trends. As the leaves start falling, follow the desire to change your look and wrap yourself in everything cozy. Welcome the cooler days with new hot fall hair colors for 2024 or slightly update your haircut – the choice is yours!

Check out these 40 remarkable ways to style your hair – experiment with trendy hair jewelry, rock a fresh version of the bob cut, or shock everyone with a feisty red shade. Read on and find your next hairstyle!

1. Chocolate and Cinnamon Hair Color. Chocolate desserts are the perfect fall inspiration for brunettes. Check out caramel, cocoa, and toffee highlights or dark chocolate brown fall hair colors for your next colorist appointment.

2. Best Bangs for Fall 2024. Jump on the bangs trend without worrying if it’s still in style or not with messy, 70’s-inspired curtain bangs.

3. Fall Ombre Hair. Today the biggest trend in ombre is getting it fully blended with babylights and brighter money pieces.

4. Bronde Fall Hair Trend. A never-dying classic, a blend of brown and blonde is the best solution when choosing a solid hair color is not an option.

5. Red Fall Hair Colors. Meet this fall wearing a spicy cinnamon red balayage or get in the mood with burnt copper and rose-gold. The last one is the most romantic tone amongst all fall hair colors, no doubt.

6. Dark Fall Hair Colors. Dive head first into the spooky season with an elegant dusty raven balayage over a jet black base. You can also check out lighter accents for your dark hair.

7. Fall Hair Highlights. Style your hair with some soft metallic fall hair highlights. If it doesn’t seem enough, get a full balayage in bronze shades that go perfectly with light brown hair.

8. Strawberry Blonde Hair. Sitting on the edge between “not really red” and “Disney princess blonde”, strawberry blonde is one of the trendiest solutions among fall hair colors for blondes this year.

9. Modern Shag Haircuts. Intentionally messy fall medium hairstyles are the best, as you can both style them for a fancy occasion or don’t bother at all and still look good on a daily basis. Combine a choppy lob and voluminous curtain bangs, and here’s your perfect autumn look!

10. Bright Hair Colors for Fall. Neon pinks and greens are super hot right now, as you may have already seen in your Instagram feed. Color-blocking, bright accents, or a head full of neon red – the choice is hard, we know.

11. Light Hair Fall 2024 Trend. If it feels like letting go of summer is beyond your power, ask your colorist for a toasted coconut look next time you see them.

12. The Middle Part Trend. This year there’s no one single trend that everyone has to swear by. Although, the all-time classic middle part is coming back and we’re here for it and long bangs that go with it so well.

13. Fall 2024 Bob Hairstyles. Shorter hair has been trending for a while now, and this fall is no different. You can try a traditional bob that goes down to your chin or get a longer lob hairdo with some messy layers for an effortless French chic appeal.

14. Stylish Banana Buns (aka French Twists). Doesn’t matter how you prefer to call them, a bouncy roll of luscious hair is a great all-round (pun intended) style for work, evening drinks, or a formal event.

15. Burgundy Fall Hair Color. What is undeniably great about burgundy shades is that they fit pretty much anyone thanks to their wide range of tones. Try sexy maroon, bright purplish burgundy or rich mahogany for fall 2024.

16. Deep Side Part. To boost the volume of your hair or create a sweet look when the time is limited, comb your hair over to one side, spray some texturizing product, and you’re good to go!

17. Soft Ribbons for Warm Autumn. A ribbon/scarf is a perfect way to turn your everyday hairstyle into something special. Pick an accessory in fall shades and get a matching outfit for a cozy autumn mood.

18. Face-Framing Highlights. Probably the hottest trend among the latest fall hairstyles. The reason is it suits everyone. Blondes can go a little lighter in the front or dye it bright yellow or blue, while brunettes can rock simple bleached locks or some color too.

19. Fall Espresso Hair Color for Brunettes. Coffee shades are brunette must-haves for fall. The deep, seductive espresso brown will totally take your feisty looks to the next level.

20. Creamy Blonde Hair. Even blondes go warmer during colder days. Your best bet for fall blonde hair would be this fancy ash blonde with subtle golden, rose-gold, and honey highlights.

21. Blunt Bob Haircuts. The key to looking stylish always is never to overthink. With this accurate blunt bob, you will always feel straight off the runway.

22. Low Ponytails. Simplicity is key to a flawless minimalistic look. If you’ve got longer straight hair, a sleek low pony should be your must-have for this fall.

23. Non-Banal Ponytails. As for the most fashionable fall hairstyles, how about a bubble ponytail? Add cornrow braids, fancy partings, some loops and twists into the mix to jump on the recent trend.

24. Long Bangs for Fall 2024. Another sweet option that’s good for stylish low-maintenance girls. Long bangs also balance out your facial features nicely.

25. Choppy Baby Bangs. Moving away from the 70’s and off to the grungy 90’s. Uneven jaggy bangs will surely add some character to your looks!

26. Slicked Back Hair. Wondering how to style your hair for fall 2024? Show off your sharp cheekbones and put the accent on your make up with an easy and elegant “wet hair” catwalk-worthy look.

27. Wavy Hairstyles. Another cool option to help you avoid the morning fuss is to keep your hair slightly wavy. Style it with a hair crimper or a curling iron, and you’re all set for 2-3 days of flawlessness.

28. Vintage Curls. For a formal night out this fall, channel your inner 1920’s lady. Go out looking stunning with full volume at the roots and loopy individual curls flowing down your shoulders.

29. Hair Accessories. Turning your look into something special is easy with correct accessories. For fall 2024, think about stocking up on head scarves, huge scrunchies, bandanas, or maybe some elegant pins and headbands to add romance.

30. Oversize Scrunchies. Another classic is making a comeback this fall 2024. Massive scrunchies are a totally amazing addition to a wavy ponytail for long hair.

31. Embellished Headbands. Like a famous TV villain once said: “Honey, you should see me in a crown”. Don’t worry about overdoing it with headbands, sometimes going a bit over the top is just what you need.

32. Hairstyles with Head Scarves. Check out the new ways to wear various scarves this season. A really cool one is to put your favorite hat over a scarf and enjoy the slight fem Indiana Jones vibes.

33. Half-Updo Hairstyles. These go from ideas as simple as messy top knot buns to the Game-of-Thrones-inspired regal-looking half-braided styles. Some are easier than others, all equally delicious!

34. Fall Baby Braids Trend. You could see this one trending among Instagram models or even hip-hop artists. Loose baby braids framing your face are going to be your next favorite accessory.

35. Hair Knots. Have you noticed that some hairstyles are really inspired by pastries? The cinnamon-roll-like twisted bun with a natural hair band around it is to die for. You could also split the bun into two knotted space buns because one sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

36. Feminine Updos. If you have a special day coming up this fall, look into spacious, a touch messy, but elegantly looking updos. Loose locks will have you feeling like a delicate cloud.

37. Fall Hair Trends for Black Ladies. For naturally voluminous and thick black hair, fall 2024 has prepared fiery highlighted strands, long curtain bangs, and irresistible Hollywood-inspired chunky curls.

38. Fall Crochet Hair Trends. Crochet styles aren’t going anywhere! Shorter crochet ringlets are trending this season, but a full head of long locks will be welcomed just as warmly by fall 2024.

39. Protective Braided Hairstyles for Fall. Let your hair rest after being under the sun for three months straight with a sleek braided-back protective hairstyle.

Fall Braided Protective Hairstyle
By Jen

40. Fall Gray Hair Color. There’s no better time to gracefully show off going gray. While everyone is trying to recreate the smoky natural gray, you have the luxury to let nature take care of your styling.

Now, with this enormous amount of ideas to choose from, can you say you’re not inspired for the coming fall? Pick your favorite fall hair colors and styling trends and call your stylist immediately to get yourself all set for the cozy season.