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What are the best haircuts for double chins?

2. Textured Crop for Thick Hair. The main idea with crops is to create the focal points that can draw attention away from the pet peeve while delivering a stylish touch and even a rejuvenating effect. Hairstylists and their clients like short hairstyles for double chins like this one for both vibe and camouflage.

What is the best hairstyle or cut for a double chin?

It’s not true that only older or overweight ladies need to use various tricks for diverting attention away from the lower half of the face. Think of Selena Gomez’s pictures fiercely criticized across social pages for excess plumpness around her chin just a few years ago. While we have plenty of methods to tackle the problem, from lifting serums to surgery, we are going to explore the non-invasive approach, i.e magic hairstyles to hide double chin – and they do exist!

1. Short Hair for Double Chins. It seems crops are definitely not among the best options in this case, as they leave our chins totally exposed. However, a good cut is all about the right balance, and some short styles work towards this goal perfectly well.

2. Textured Crop for Thick Hair. The main idea with crops is to create the focal points that can draw attention away from the pet peeve while delivering a stylish touch and even a rejuvenating effect. Hairstylists and their clients like short hairstyles for double chins like this one for both vibe and camouflage.

3. Short Shaggy Haircut. Modern shaggy hairstyles radiate awesome retro chic. The technique used for layering makes the hair pieces curl haphazardly, thus creating volume and movement galore. And that’s just what we want for women who have limp tresses.

4. Short Pixie for Double Chins. Ginnifer Goodwin proved that pixie works fine for broad faces, and we are dead sure that it’s a nice hairstyle for a round chubby face with a double chin. However, this covers only cuts with longer pieces on top and volume at the roots.

5. Long Layered Pixie. The volume serves to balance the lower part of the face. The long strands can be styled beautifully around the temples, ears, and crown to emphasize the eyes and cheekbones instead of … well, you know.

6. Short A-Line Bob. There are many reasons to recommend A-line bob hairstyles for double chins. With its elongated front pieces, the cut adds sharp lines and some length, thus making your face look slimmer.

7. Messy Bob for Double Chins. A-line, graduated (inverted), and asymmetrical bobs create a kind of a curtain in the front to hide a sagging jawline while opening the neck for a more feminine feel. They are also highly recommended for women who want to hide their chin.

8. Curly Chin-Length Bob. When it comes to curly hairstyles for round faces and double chins, short bobs with teased roots and large waves are among styles to consider, especially for older ladies.

9. Wavy Highlighted Bob. Feminine waves put the accent on the upper half of the face and bring some flattering softness to the lower half, which shades the problem. It’s also a good choice for receding chin, as curls mean volume, but we wouldn’t recommend this approach for obese women.

10. Medium Length Hairstyles for Double Chin. Mid-length hair is kind of born to serve the purpose since it delivers a lot of locks around the face to play with for finding the perfect balance. Let’s see what choice we have in this hairstyle segment.

11. Thinned Out Shoulder Length Hair. Medium haircuts allow wearing the hair loose without much hassle about maintenance while granting that desirable blanket to cover our imperfections. At the same time, they leave enough length to experiment with updos and half-up half-down styles, which can also be customized to work for sagging jowls.

12. Layered Haircuts for Double Chins. Shoulder-length cuts with loose face-framing layers starting just past the plus point are good hairstyles for ladies with double chins with different hair types.

13. Haircut with a Side Swept Fringe. If your medium length tresses are more on the straight side, try on piece-y texture; if your hair holds wavy styles well, add loose curls throughout the perimeter to counterweigh the chubby parts of the face.

14. Curly Shaggy Haircuts for Double Chins. Shags are among our favorite hairstyles for ladies over 50 with a double chin, and for all younger beauties as well. Just look how cute and stylish a shag looks on women of different ages, body types and hair textures, and you’ll want to give it a try too.

15. Straight Long Bob Cut. Girls with thick, heavy locks resistant to curling should opt for a straight lob hitting the shoulders. It’s a great haircut for a round face with a double chin since it elongates the face, shifts the focus away from the chin, and ensures low maintenance.

16. Long Hair for Double Chins. Long hair is a bit tricky, as it works in opposite directions. On the plus side, it visually stretches the whole silhouette, which is crucial for big girls. That’s why influencers like Jada Sezer and Simone Charles, not to mention thousands of less famous curvy women, tend to wear long plus size hairstyles.

17. Longer Messy Hairstyle. On the flip side, long hair requires tons of TLC to look healthy and full. Without this, dull and scarce locks will only emphasize age-related changes like sagging skin. Keeping all that in mind, we’ve chosen the following long hairstyle for double chin masking as one of the most flattering too.

18. Beyoncé’s Full Waves. When coupled together, dimension and length create a stunning look that makes other people forget about little details (and your chin will really appear invisible next to your gorgeous mane). Besides, long full waves balance a big body perfectly – your hips or breasts won’t seem that massive.

19. Long Shaggy Style with Bangs. If you have straight tresses, a long style with piece-y texture placed below the shoulders is the best haircut for double chin camouflaging. It will make your face look longer and slimmer without focusing much attention on its features. However, you also need some volume around the forehead to highlight your eyes and chime with the texture below – that’s what side bangs will pull off.

20. Feminine Updos for Double Chins. Choosing to pull your hair up, check how you look full-face and in profile. A French roll in the back can be a good choice to counteract a double chin when seen half-face. And getting your front strands up into a pompadour will shift the entire focus upwards, to your eyes.

When picking something from our selection of the best plus size haircuts of 2024, don’t forget to ponder on all the factors – your age, hair type, lifestyle, body build, and bone structure. A perfect cut should tick every box to create a unique and truly flattering look.

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by Donna Sullivan
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