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50 Foolproof Hairstyles for Round Faces That Really Work

49. Straight A-Line Bob Cut. Need short haircuts inspiration? Being considered the best haircut for a round face, the A-line bob makes the face look thinner and frames it nicely as the tips draw the eye down and give a slimming effect. The soft curves of this haircut aptly hide the cheeks.

If you have a chubby face, the wrong hairstyle can accentuate that fullness or cast shadows you may not want to see. The right haircuts for round faces, however, work with your curves instead of against them, highlighting your best features and showing off your beautiful smile, bright eyes, dimples, and other attractive characteristics. You don’t have to be restricted to the same androgynous haircut you’ve had for years.

These 50 top hairstyles are perfect for round faces and offer plenty of options, no matter what hair length, texture, or color you have.

1. Short Shaggy Layers. A shaggy hairstyle is a great look for round faces because it balances out the curves of the face. Adding a bold color accentuates the layers.

2. Slimming Medium Tousled Hairstyle. This glamorous blonde hair is a perfect chubby face haircut. The layered long hair with face-framing bangs parted in the middle slim the face pretty well. The hairstyle is teased at the crown to make her face appear longer.

3. Messy Medium Hair. Show your fun and playful side with messy hairstyles for round faces. The thick hair is parted in the middle to fully frame the upper face showing just a bit of the forehead. A great trick for round chubby faces. Choose this hairstyle for your round face to look slim.

Mid-Length Hair for Chubby Faces
By Yuki

4. Medium-Length Shag. A middle part with face-framing pieces is perfect for round chubby faces. To make your face appear oval, style swoopy bangs. One of the top picks among stylist-recommended haircuts for round faces!

5. Wavy Textured Lob Haircut. The method of curtain bangs – real or fake ones – is a great way to slim down a round face. Pick a rich solid color that complements your skin tone to achieve this flattering look.

6. Long Bangs and Layers Thick Hair. This is a great hairstyle for a round face to look more elongated. For women with a thick mane, this style is quite easy to recreate. The layers and long bangs work together to draw attention away from the roundness of your face.

7. Blunt Cut Lob with Curtain Bangs. For a classy, cool-girl round face haircut, go for a blunt lob. A middle part with long bangs swept to the sides and blended in seamlessly with thick wavy hair gives a balancing frame to her round face. Such a gorgeous hairstyle is a 100% right pick for it-girls.

8. Medium Shag Cut with Parted Bangs. Try chopped hair towards the ends for a chubby face. Medium length haircuts for full faces need an edge in texture and added height to create an elongated silhouette.

Medium Cut for a Chubby Face
By Hiro

9. Messy Choppy Comb-Over Bob. Achieve a choppy bob by textured layering to have a beach-hair look. It’s a timeless hairstyle recommended for those who have thin hair. A fantastic option if you want flattering short hair for chubby face as a comb-over features a deep side part that elongates and slims down your face. It’s sweet, carefree, and romantic!

10. Basic Bob. A jagged bob haircut is an easy style for round faces. Leaving straight bangs to brush your eyebrows brings a mysterious touch which is great for shy women.

11. Medium Haircut with Swoopy Bangs. Such medium-length hairdos frame any round face shape nicely. Add swoopy bangs, and you’ll have a dash of elegance that goes well with this hairstyle. As a bonus, the waves give volume to the hair, so it’s also an option for thin hair.

12. Medium One-Length Peek-a-Boo Hairstyle. Add an air of mystery to any round chubby face with a peek-a-boo hairstyle. This medium one-length cut balances the face shape and draws attention to your eyes. You can even pair it with some highlights to have a softer look. The side bangs can also hide any prominent forehead!

13. Asymmetrical Shaggy Lob Cut. Fun and perky, the asymmetrical shaggy lob could be the best haircut for round face. This long bob cut plays with angles and balance, diverting attention away from the face’s roundness. Finish it with some light color for a more exciting and flirty look. Feel free and vibrant with this hairstyle!

14. Disconnected Wavy Lob for Round Faces. Disconnected hairstyles are popular nowadays. If you can’t choose between two hairdos, try a disconnected style as it smashes two haircuts in one. Because the cut is not fused to look cohesive, this style gives a lot of hair texture. Make it wavy and long, and you’ll have no problem with framing any chubby face.

15. Chin-Length Shaggy Haircut. A shaggy haircut is a true gem for round chubby faces – and this one gives off a free-spirited vibe. Such haircuts for round-face women help in balancing the face’s curves. Pairing it with a solid color is best for fair skin tones.

16. Wispy Short Hair Round Face Hairstyle. A flattering hairstyle for women with round faces and thin hair. Textured hair and a zigzag part provide the needed volume to frame the face and cover wide cheekbones. A good choice for double chins too.

17. Medium Waves. Medium length hair looks great with waves, and shaggy ends are slimming for girls with round faces. An off-center part balances the style and elongates the face.

18. Shaggy Hair for a Round Face. Talk of a haircut for round faces that actually walks the talk. The shaggy layers around the face thinned out at the ends create a flattering hairstyle that gives a slimming effect. The root fade enhances it.

19. Collarbone Bob with Angled Bangs. Want a bob but still need to be able to make it into a ponytail? Choose a collarbone bob that sits just above the shoulders. Match it with angled or slanted bangs so your face seems longer. Angled bangs also make you appear more delicate.

20. Straight and Sleek Comb-Over. One of the most elegant hairstyles for round faces is a sleek comb-over. Look sophisticated while hiding one cheek. Wear your favorite elongated earrings, too, and show one of them off as an additional slimming trick.

21. Messy Bob with a Fringe. Thanks to messiness this banged bob frames the round face nicely. Keeping the part off center adds volume on top.

22. Long Thin Layers. Longer hair with a slight wave looks wonderful in layers to frame a chubby face. This style is ideal for both thin tresses and for thick hair with good volume.

23. Wavy Flowy Layers for Long Hair. This long layered haircut elongates the face and conceals the roundness of your cheeks and chin. The natural movement of the hair hides the curves of the face for a more balanced look.

24. Shoulder-Length Blunt Cut with a Middle Part. The long bangs are parted in the middle for the face to look slim. They hide the cheeks and make the face shape more elongated. What a simple yet elegant style!

25. Razored Haircut for a Round Face. Sassy and stunning, the razored shag showcases a wavy hairstyle that covers both the ears and sides of the face, making it look slimmer. Messy but still classy, this look is best with a copper or brown balayage.

26. Shaggy Medium Length Cut. This midi cut with an off-center part is great for the round face shape as it adds height and plays with volume and lines to make the face appear slim and oval.

27. Long Waves. Long waves are flattering for round faces because they flow below the chin with subtle volume. A color gradient also lengthens the face.

28. Brunette Long Choppy Haircut. Balayage is a good match to upgrade haircuts for round faces because it adds dimension to the hair. Style your hair with neat waves to complete it with volume and additional chic.

29. Wispy Layers. Layers are beneficial for fine hair, as they add volume without sacrificing length. A center part and a bit of wave introduce a romantic touch.

30. Uneven Wavy Layers. If your hair has natural wave, tapering the tips of a medium haircut with a few shorter layers adds volume and bounce so it doesn’t cling to your face.

Uneven Medium Wavy Haircut
By Hiro

31. Straight Style with Long Angled Bangs. Straight hair creates vertical lines to flatter and frame your face. Give it also an angle with long, sharp bangs.

32. Shoulder Length Shag. A shag hairstyle is perfect for shoulder length hair. It gently frames the face, and the texture minimizes the roundness.

33. Medium Wavy Haircut. If you prefer a medium haircut, tapered ends are great for a round, chubby face. A little volume on top lengthens your face, and thinner ends give the entire look a slimmer appearance.

34. A-Line Bob. An a-line haircut gives straight hair shape and special flair. Keep the style even with a center part and long layers on each side.

35. Colorful Short Shag. A shaggy hairstyle highlights a round face without adding bulk. A few side layers and a pop of fun color really make this short hairstyle your own.

36. Long Colorful Shag. Shaggy layers and a bright color give straight hair the edge to complement a round face. Longer side bangs bring drama to this cool look.

37. Long Wavy Layers. The longer hair disguises a double chin by drawing the eye down and introducing curls and waves. The subtle layers keep the style full of beautiful texture.

38. Extra Long Hair. An extra-long hairstyle may be ideal for a round face too; it slims the cheeks while adding movement below the face. This style is perfect with either a center part or side part.

39. Very Short Bob with Tempe Undercut. Check this pretty very short haircut with a shaved temple underneath tapered bangs. This adds some nice height to your look.

40. Shaggy A-Line Cut. If your hair is almost shoulder length, consider an a-line cut to add edginess. This is easy with straighter hair, while the subtle waves speak grace.

41. Long Layered Waves. Longer wavy hair with layers suits a full face. Thinner, wispy bangs frame the face without making it too wide.

42. Colorful Shag. Accent a short shag hairstyle with a bright color to look slim. The color pops and takes attention away from the curves you’d rather keep hidden.

43. Flowing Layers. Movement around a round face hides the curves of your cheeks and chin, and a long haircut with layers is great for elongating volume.

44. Straight Asymmetrical Bob. Women with straight hair and round faces easily flaunt the drama of an asymmetrical, straight bob. A side part gives this cute style a peek-a-boo effect.

45. Short Wavy Hair. Styling waves for a short haircut improves bounce and brings in a beautiful texture in elongating lines, perfect for girls with round faces. This cut is best without bangs to make your face look slim.

46. Side-Swept Waves. A fun way to make wavy hairstyles distinct is to sweep your waves to one side. This helps women with round faces conceal the width of the face without hiding their eyes.

47. High Volume Bob. If you have thick, coarse hair, a bob with chunky layers and a side part uses the texture to balance your face shape.

48. Long Highlighted Layers. Brightening longer layers gives dimension to any style, and that’s especially helpful for round faces. Honey blonde and light caramel tones are so pretty!

49. Straight A-Line Bob Cut. Need short haircuts inspiration? Being considered the best haircut for a round face, the A-line bob makes the face look thinner and frames it nicely as the tips draw the eye down and give a slimming effect. The soft curves of this haircut aptly hide the cheeks.

50. Short Feathered Shag. A short shag can be a burst of color and texture. This eye-catching style is flirty and slimming!

No matter what your hair length, color, or texture, you can find beautiful haircuts for round faces so you can feel stunning. Consult with your stylist and try out any of these top styles to find your best haircut, and you’ll love the way you look!

by Melissa Mayntz
Melissa Mayntz is a freelance writer and editor with 15+ years of experience. To write productively, she keeps her straight hair medium-length with just a bit of wave and offset bangs to frame her face, and she's proud of the bit of gray she shows. In addition to hairstyles, she also writes about birds, cruises, gardening, pets, weddings, and many other topics.