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50 Hot Inverted Bob Haircuts Women Will Continue Asking For in 2021

2. Loose Curls. Give your hair dimension with a conical iron. Keep your face-framing pieces longer to obtain this edgy look.

Seasons change, but bobs are viewed as trendy and cool haircuts you don’t have to think twice about. They are feminine and can be adapted for any face shape and features. Especially if we are talking about inverted bobs!

An inverted bob is a longer in the front and shorter in the back haircut. Depending on the way you style it, it can add volume and dimension to your hair, create a perfect geometric shape, elongate or widen your face if necessary, draw attention to your favorite facial features, etc.

Whether you choose to get bangs, waves, curls, layers, or all of them, this hairstyle will be always a fashionable look to compliment your personality. Check out the styles below for better understanding of possible variations for this cool (and trendy in this season, we must say) haircut:

1. Blonde Blend. You don’t need to stick to only one shade of blonde. Choose your favorite tones and mix them up.

2. Loose Curls. Give your hair dimension with a conical iron. Keep your face-framing pieces longer to obtain this edgy look.

3. Long Inverted Bob with Bangs. An ashy color and feathered layers are really going to steal all attention. It looks mesmerizing!

4. Rounded Inverted Bob. Cut your hair very short in the back and steeply angled towards the front. The effect is eye-catching. The color is also stunning!

5. Steeply Angled Inverted Bob. Stacked layers in the back give your hair so much volume and the long front strands really complete this hairstyle.

6. Blonde Shaggy Inverted Bob. Waves make you look like you have spent your whole day at the beach. And who doesn’t want to have an appearance like that every day?

7. Inverted Bob for Thin Hair. Thin hair looks so good with a dimensional blonde color and the right blowout! Perfect for work and for after-work parties.

Inverted Bob Blowout for Thin Hair
By Kim

8. Inverted Bob with Shaved Nape. This haircut is perfect for thick hair, and the undercut makes it stand out even more.

9. Inverted Bob with Side Bangs. Natural curls can look even better if you choose to define them with some highlights. Curl your shorter bangs too.

10. Dark Mauve Highlights. For a very chic look, some dark mauve highlights that are barely noticeable can make a complete transformation for your dark hair.

11. Copper Highlights. Bored with simple, natural colors? Spice up your hair with some highlights that can completely change the way your haircut looks.

12. Wavy Inverted Bob. Waves look so much better when a sun-kissed balayage defines them. For your base you can pick a milk chocolate color and a warm blonde tone for the ends.

13. Cute Shades. If you want a feminine and sun-kissed look, get an inverted bob and dye your hair a natural bronde shade with toasted highlights.

14. Platinum Blonde Hairstyle. The back view of this funky bob has a surprise – a dark nape undercut section that contrasts with silver and platinum blonde hair around. The contrast of long and short layers is also eye-catching.

15. Raven Black Bob. Black hair color reflects light and makes your facial features more prominent. If this is what you want, choose this hairstyle and you won’t regret it.

16. Messy Inverted Bob. Get a stylish messy bob with choppy ends and some full waves. Your hairstyle will be so effortless!

17. Inverted Layered Bob. An inverted bob can feature additional layers for extra texture and movement in thick hair that may look blocky otherwise.

18. Long Inverted Bob. A bob haircut doesn’t mean short hair! A long-to-short shaggy lob is a beautiful alternative solution.

19. Choppy Inverted Bob. The platinum blonde color goes so well with an inverted bob. Create many layers if you want to add texture.

20. Dark Ginger Inverted Haircut. Ginger color and the right haircut can erase years off your face. Try this haircut if you are over 40, and you’ll see the amazing transformation.

21. Wavy Inverted Bob with Highlights. An absolute winner that shows off both your choppy layers and the color thanks to the messy texture of the hairstyle.

22. Inverted Bob Haircut with Balayage. The dark shades focused in the back set off a very soft transition in the front. It can also give you the needed volume at the crown if a side parting is chosen.

23. Inverted Bob for Fine Hair. The iconic layered cut is a blessing for thin hair. With its stacked layers, it looks perfect in a shorter length, delivering a romantic appeal in the front and a perfect puffy back.

24. Curly Inverted Bob Hairstyle. A short reverse bob will not only let your curls be super low maintenance, it’ll double their volume adding a touch of chic messiness.

25. Short Inverted Bob for Straight Hair. If you go shorter with your bob, it might be a great idea to add a little nape undercut. It lifts up the hair and suits both thin and thick hair thanks to the structure of the style.

26. Medium Inverted Bob. A puffy haircut that is both cheeky and classy to suit hair with loose waves. It gives you a chance to rock a stylish rugged cut with the fierceness of rusty red hair.

27. Short Layered Inverted Bob. The transition from dark to blonde gets the praise it deserves with an inverted bob cut. By adding piece-y angled layers on top of stacked layers you get some extra height and flattering movement.

28. Shoulder-Length Inverted Bob. Definitely a cut to consider if you have a gorgeous glossy mane and little desire to fuss about it with high-maintenance styles. The medium-length cut effortlessly brings out the glow and dimension in your hair.

29. Stacked Inverted Bob with Money Pieces. What’s amazing about short stacks is that they have a natural support. Meaning there’s absolutely no need to worry about the volume while showing your multi-toned hairstyle.

30. Short Inverted Bob with Swoopy Layers. An accurate and edgy cut that shifts most of the hair volume to the front allowing for nice swoopy lines around your face to frame it beautifully.

31. Rounded Inverted Bob for Thin Hair. Nothing beats a good inverted cut with light frontal layers creating elegant side bangs. It makes the morning routine twice faster as it doesn’t require any fuss.

32. Shaggy Inverted Bob. A cropped cut and wispy, slightly messy layers is a neat combo to let your bold nature shine. To repeat this hairdo you won’t need much, just a good styling powder or wax.

33. Wavy Stacked Inverted Bob Haircut. You need to see this inverted bob back view. Styling a stacked cut with tousled waves gets you a perfect illusion of a thick mane for fine hair.

34. Classic Blonde Inverted Bob. Achieving this is easy with sleek straight hair. Shift most of the volume to one side with a side parting. The back is classy and rounded, and the front is steeply angled for a young, dynamic look.

35. Black Inverted Haircut with Side Bangs. A sculpted silhouette with elongated front strands and semi-long layered side bangs. Looks and feels good.

36. Short Stacked Inverted Bob. A classy take on the edgy angled bob cut. It beautifully shapes the body of thick hair with a rounded back and long sleek front slimming down the face.

37. Bronde Inverted Bob for Thin Hair. A delightfully light and soft inverted bob with bangs to fit fine locks. Style it slightly messy with voluminous bents.

38. Chic Long Inverted Bob Haircut. Thick hair needs shape but also movement and lightness. The shorter and longer layers bring dynamics and the subtle highlights accentuate the fullness of this chic bob.

39. Long Inverted Bob with Layers. The neck-length cut in the back has a soft transition into elongated front pieces that frame the face. The contrast of straight and rounded lines is very flattering for female nature.

40. Reverse Bob Haircut with Highlights. The puffy back supports the full-body look of this eye-catching A-line bob. It softly transitions into elongated sides for an overall balanced appearance.

41. Wispy Long Inverted Bob. For the times when you can’t make up your mind on whether to go shorter or not, this style fits both. It’s a sure win for thick straight hair. And the color is so pretty!

42. Layered Inverted Bob for Brown Hair. Whether it is your natural or colored shade of brown, the soft reverse bob cut will do it proper justice with its volumizing stacked layers.

43. Blonde Medium Length Inverted Bob. Elegant and simple, this style is suited to create a gorgeous appeal for your hair front and back.

44. Black Inverted Lob with Chocolate Highlights. A dreamy hairstyle for thick locks. Go for an accurate inverted cut with added shaggy layers on top. These seem to live their own charming life!

45. Very Short Inverted Bob. This artfully chopped hairstyle is amongst the best inverted bobs for thick hair. Its structure gives you options to either wear it with minimal styling or texture it with symmetrical pointy wisps from front to back.

Short Inverted Bob for Thick Hair
By Mila

46. High Stacked Neck-Length Hair. When your hair is as big as your glorious personality. The angled bob with tousled crown flows softly into longer front strands and creates a fierce yet delicate look.

47. Long Reverse Bob with Angled Back. Turn your usual brown bob into something slightly more interesting with an angular back and bright metallic blonde highlights.

48. Inverted Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. Upgrade your hair with a wispy reverse bob. It has a nice swoopy long fringe and a mixture of layers to skillfully liven up your hair color.

49. Long Inverted Bob with Bangs. Wow, how versatile inverted bob hairstyles can be! This extremely pretty wispy bob boasts the contrast of lengths, volume, and a standout white blonde color.

50. Short Inverted Bob with Undercut. Use soft tousled crown layers for extra volume and lift your pixie bob even higher with a tiny nape undercut. It works on both thin and thick locks thanks to its short length.

Inverted bobs are very fashionable at this moment, and everyone wants to have one. There’s no wonder why women keep asking for this hairstyle, because it has it all. You can give a goodbye kiss to those awkward moments when your back hair was sweaty and glued to your neck after a hot summer day. Now you can have long hair with a short back.

by Andreea Haba
She is social media enthusiast and loves everything that goes hand in hand with that. Since high school, writing is one of her passions and that's what got her into PR and social media area. She loves animals, has two dogs and enjoys any moment she can spend reading. When it comes to hairstyling, she loves bright colors and she's not afraid of changes.