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50 Charming Long Pixie Cuts for Any Taste

2. Textured Pixie with Subtle Highlights. The choppy layered pixie cut includes a very subtle balayage. However, the color isn’t the main feature – the texture and layers are in focus.

If you’re bored with your current hair and you want a fresh new style, a long pixie cut may be a great idea for you!

There are many different types of long pixie haircuts. It may be neat and proportional or bold and asymmetrical; with an undercut, longer on top or with a long front; curly, messy, wispy, shaggy, choppy, etc. If you don’t know where to start browsing, there’s good news for you! We’ve collected 50 good examples of different long pixie hairstyles. There’s something for everyone, and you’ll surely find a haircut you’ll love.

1. Layered Brunette Pixie with Bangs. This long layered style is great for straight hair. The face-framing side-swept bangs blended with sideburns are a gorgeous touch, aren’t they?

2. Textured Pixie with Subtle Highlights. The choppy layered pixie cut includes a very subtle balayage. However, the color isn’t the main feature – the texture and layers are in focus.

3. Long Golden Blonde Pixie. These golden blonde long layers are intended to flatter your face regardless of its shape, and it’s ideal for those who prefer simple hairstyles.

4. Rosewood Tapered Pixie. For those who love the look of tapered pixies, a cut like this might be a great choice. It’s long in the front, and the bangs are flattering, especially for round faces.

5. Long Bangs Short Sides. Long bangs, short sides, and a soft, shiny brown color are the components of this style that make it so feminine.

6. Asymmetrical Silver Pixie Bob. This silver gray pixie bob features a long side-swept fringe on one side, which creates a sleek, asymmetrical look. The two contrasting tones make it pop!

7. Long Shaggy “Bowl” Cut. Although this cut may seem simple at first glance, it can show a ton of texture and style. The wispy pieces make it a perfect option for thin hair, but the layering throughout will also make thicker hair feel lighter.

8. Straight Half-Shaved Pixie. This ash blonde style features wispy long layers swept towards one ear, which will likely highlight your best features. The other side is shaved – what a surprise!

9. Dark Brown Pixie with Long Bangs. The shorter side and long front are ideal for complementing your face shape. You can elongate your face with long diagonal lines or cover a big forehead. You can also slim down your face with that piece in front of the ear.

10. Ash Blonde Pixie with Layers. Shaggy layers and a face-framing fringe in a cool blonde color is a fresh way to spice up a classic pixie cut.

11. Choppy Platinum Pixie. While a platinum pixie is already trendy and flattering, the choppy layers make it even cooler, and it’s especially good for thick hair. It’s long on top, and the front fringe frames your face nicely.

12. Long Pixie with Bangs. If you’re looking for a pixie cut that’s longer than most pixies, this one may be right for you. The long, layered side-swept pieces make it easy to style for anyone.

13. Long Pixie with Dramatic Bangs. This style is another example of a cool long pixie, and the bold long side bangs turn it into an extra trendy style.

14. Long Wavy Layers. This cut features long, wavy layers in golden blonde tones. It’s great for those who prefer a tapered pixie, and for women with curly or wavy hair.

15. Honey Blonde Pixie Bob. Consider a style with razored layers and a warm honey blond color. Btw, it is half-shaved – the other side is dark and buzzed.

16. Jaw-Length Pixie Bob Haircut. A cute long pixie bob haircut with a deep side part will likely flatter your features – it is universal!

17. Pastel Purple Choppy Pixie. If you love a pop of color, a choppy pixie cut with pastel purple lengths might be great for you. The long face-framing fringe makes it edgy, while the color brings in a modern feel and sophistication.

18. Dirty Blonde Stacked Pixie Bob. Consider a stacked cut with long piece-y texture-building layers. Add highlights, and you have a perfect easy-maintenance hairstyle that will get you out of a hair rut!

19. Short Sides Long Top Curly Cut. This one-of-a-kind style delivers a lovely example of a basic undercut on the sides, and messy long curls on top.

Curly Messy Pixie Undercut
By Yani

20. Side-Swept Copper Curls. The flirty red side-swept curls with short sides make this style so eye-catching and unique! What do you think?

21. Long Layered Brunette Pixie. The long dark brown haircut with thin brightening highlights will likely stand out from the crowd not only thanks to its color, but the cool messy styling as well.

22. Long Layered Pixie with Highlights. Long feathered face-framing layers will keep your tapered pixie trendy and stylish.

23. Chin Length Choppy Pixie. Extra long layers are always gorgeous, and when they are jagged, the cut looks even more interesting. Such a piece-y texture may be good for both thick hair and fine strands.

24. Bronde Highlighted Pixie Bob. The gentle layers and honey blonde highlights add to its softness, while a side part and long front pieces make it extra flattering for round faces.

25. Tapered Pixie Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights. The highlights and soft feathering of this long tapered pixie will help you leave a lasting impression on everyone!

26. White Blonde Waves. This style boasts choppy white-blonde layers in a messy texture, and it’s meant to turn heads. Growing out a pixie is not a pain anymore.

27. Silver Gray Long Pixie. Choppy layers in a silver color create some outstanding texture that only needs a chic tapered shape to complete an awesome look.

28. Long Curly Layers with a Purple Tint. If you love edgy and bright hairstyles, a lavender wavy pixie with asymmetry might be perfect for you.

29. Long Dark Brown Pixie. The crisp feathered layers and dark brown color of this style make it edgy, and the subtle highlights are a spice!

Dark Brown Feathered Pixie
By Sara

30. Brown and Gray Long Layered Pixie. If you love styles that really stand out, a layered brunette pixie with a gray balayage may be the right choice for you. We are just obsessed with it!

31. Long Sleek Undercut Pixie. These shiny honey-blonde layers are ideal for highlighting your cheekbones, and it may be a great dimension-adding style for those with fine hair.

32. Pixie with Long Highlighted Layers. Long layers covering a neat undercut, as well as bright silver and light pinkish highlights, are those components that make this look so stunning.

33. Platinum Blonde Long Pixie. While the cut is modern and stylish, the platinum color makes it even cooler and ready to shine!

34. Asymmetrical Pixie with V-Nape. Although this style features eye-catching blonde layers, its biggest eye-catcher is the undercut with a cool design.

35. Jet-Black Steeply Angled Pixie. Tapered pixies are typically a great choice, and this one is no exception. The asymmetrical cut includes long fringed bangs that get longer towards the chin, intended to flatter your sculpted face.

36. Pastel Pink Long Pixie. This pastel pink colored pixie includes a volume-boosting undercut with long shaggy pieces over it. But the best part of this style is the lip-length side-swept bangs.

37. Purple Pixie with Long Bangs. If you’d like to add some unnatural yet friendly and not too loud color to your hair, consider this muted purple. The long bangs are almost as eye-catching as the washed out purple hue.

38. Silver Undercut Pixie. This messy silver cut includes a small nape undercut, and it’s ideal for those who prefer not to have too much styling. The messier, the better!

39. Light Blonde Pixie with a Side Shave. This lip-length style includes bangs swept to the side that are meant to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. It may be also great for those trying to grow out hair to a bob length, as it looks very natural and effortless.

40. Long Messy Razored Pixie. This long choppy pixie may be perfect for those who prefer cuts that are easy to style. Sweep bangs to the side, add volume to the crown, and your perfect everyday hairstyle is ready!

41. Long Curly Pixie. If you have curly hair, definitely consider a long pixie! This style is pretty, eye-catching and easy to manage.

42. Silver Choppy Pixie with Long Bangs. Wispy pieces and a trendy gray color are the reasons why this style is so modern and stylish. Because of its texture, the cut is ideal for fine hair.

43. Messy Pinkish Blonde Pixie with Fringe. This edgy layered pixie includes a side-swept fringe that gently frames the face. The second zest is the very light pink tone. The long pixie is great for those who like shaggy hairstyles.

44. Chocolate Brown Messy Pixie. If you’re a fan of chic, messy, easy to style hairstyles, this layered pixie ticks all the boxes!

45. Silver Pixie with Undercut and Extra Long Bangs. The side-swept shape and icy silver color make this style super cool!

46. Blonde Long in Front Pixie. This side-swept pixie cut style features a warm honey blonde shade. It’s sophisticated, modern and still feminine.

Feminine Side-Swept Pixie
By Dani

47. Simple Blonde Highlighted Pixie. This basic pixie cut embraces pretty long layers that are neatly combed but not prim and proper. The layering and length make it ideal for fine straight hair.

48. Light Brown Pixie with Undercut. Long layers and edgy undercuts are in trend this year. Try a high contrast cut in a natural color for a change.

49. Shaggy Dark Brown Undercut Pixie. For those who love messy short hairstyles with crown volume, you may like a shaggy undercut pixie in this photo. The long side fringe is a flattering touch, while the undercut makes it edgy.

50. Platinum Layered Pixie Dark Underneath. This cool pixie cut boasts straight wispy layers and a long angled fringe. The crisp layered cut is perfect for fine and straight hair types.

You may need a long pixie haircut in two cases: either you want to chop your locks but not too short, or, on the contrary, you want to grow out your hair from a buzz cut or a very short pixie. Anyway, these 50 long pixie cut styles are great examples worth showing your hairstylist. They prove that a long pixie can be trendy, cool and feminine. A pixie may feel like a bold choice for a women’s hairstyle, but it will leave you feeling confident and fashionable!

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