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50 Charming Long Pixie Cuts for Any Taste

Ema Globyte

2. Tapered Pixie Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights. The highlights and soft feathering of this long tapered pixie will help you leave a lasting impression on everyone!

If you’re bored with your current hair and you want a fresh new style, a long pixie cut may be a great idea for you!

There are many different types of long pixie haircuts. It may be neat and proportional or bold and asymmetrical; with an undercut, longer on top or with a long front; curly, messy, wispy, shaggy, choppy, etc. If you don’t know where to start browsing, there’s good news for you! We’ve collected 50 good examples of different long pixie hairstyles. There’s something for everyone, and you’ll surely find a haircut you’ll love.

1. Asymmetrical Silver Pixie Bob. This silver gray pixie bob features a long side-swept fringe on one side, which creates a sleek, asymmetrical look. The two contrasting tones make it pop!

2. Tapered Pixie Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights. The highlights and soft feathering of this long tapered pixie will help you leave a lasting impression on everyone!

3. Piece-y Long Pixie Cut with Angled Layers. This chic blonde pixie wows us with the amazing depth acquired through creative coloring and draws stares at the chunky disconnected layers delivering sharp angles and enhanced volume.

4. Long Pixie Cut in Dreamy Lilac. This pale hybrid of purple and pink creates a stunning contrast against the dark eyes and tan skin while the glimpses of silver give the hair some extra shine.

5. Long Sliced Pixie Cut. With sliced layers flowing a little longer in the front and cupping the sides of the face, this long pixie haircut is strikingly beautiful. Highlight the top layers of your hair if it is dark, and you will get more texture, as a textured long pixie bob shows more definition.

6. Thin Hair Long Pixie Cut. For an exceptionally elegant appearance, cut your fine hair into a long pixie. Your stylist will use layers and bangs to make your thin hair appear fuller. Such a long pixie haircut with fluffy, messy layers is low-maintenance. Blonde hair or any other lighter shade adds volume to thin hair.

7. Pixie with Long Highlighted Layers. Long layers covering a neat undercut, as well as bright silver and light pinkish highlights, are those components that make this look so stunning.

8. Textured Pixie with Subtle Highlights. The choppy layered pixie cut includes a very subtle balayage. However, the color isn’t the main feature – the texture and layers are in focus.

9. Long Pixie Cut with Side Bangs. Show off your luxuriant hair with this thick hair long pixie cut. For a ritzy flair, cut your hair in layers and add face-framing bangs. Bangs will accentuate your facial features and draw attention to your eyes. Your long pixie cut with bangs will take on an even more smashing look when paired with matching highlights.

10. Trendy Parisian Bixie. Here’s is a brunette pixie crossed with a coveted French bob to inherit its effortless chic, channeled here through the messy styling, piece-y brow-skimming bangs, and tons of natural texture.

11. Rosewood Tapered Pixie. For those who love the look of tapered pixies, a cut like this might be a great choice. It’s long in the front, and the bangs are flattering, especially for round faces.

12. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut. This is a very feminine and appealing pixie haircut for those with naturally thick hair. Her shiny jet-black hair cut in attractive asymmetrical layers glows with an eye-catching luster. The side face-framing bangs and windblown layers perfect this long pixie hair.

13. Shaggy Grown Out Pixie in Bold Blonde. The razor-cut ends give tons of texture to the style, while the perfectly blended layers allow much freedom in styling, including our favorite wash-and-go looks.

14. Platinum Pixie Cut with Long Bangs. Even without the trendy accessories that did good justice to her look, her asymmetrical pixie cut is drop-dead gorgeous. The soft and fine wispy texture, dashing platinum blonde hair color, and closely cropped sides are simply mesmerizing. This low-maintenance pixie haircut could be your next look if you’ve got naturally fine hair.

15. Choppy Blonde Pixie Makeover. These before and after pictures prove that long pixie haircuts can lift your facial features and derive lots of dimension from your hair, especially when paired with darker roots.

16. Long Layered Pixie Cut. Copy this style to give a sassy and spectacular edge to your long pixie bob. Textured hair, stylish side-swept bangs, and face-framing sides make this long pixie cut eye candy. Her golden-brown highlights deliver a superb finishing touch to the drop-dead gorgeous hair.

17. Stacked Pixie Bob Haircut. The pixie bob is a cool and trendy pixie hair style. Her dirty blonde balayage contrasts nicely with the dark brunette hair at the nape of her neck to create a soft dramatic effect that is pleasing to the eyes.

18. Longer on the Top, Cropped on the Bottom. Here, the finer tresses are cut close to the scalp in the lower part to deliver visual density and build some support for the longer strands to gain better volume.

19. Feathered Pixie Bob Haircut. This astonishingly cute pixie bob is for you if you’re looking for a low-maintenance long pixie haircut. Tease up the piece-y strands on top, and you’re ready to hit the road. The stacked shape of this haircut with bangs swept to one side and stylishly crossed at the ends is beautiful.

20. Piece-y Mushroom-Cut Pixie. This long pixie cut with bangs offers a modern take on the time-honored mushroom cut that resembles a mushroom cap with its rounded shape featuring layers evenly cut around the perimeter.

21. Thin Hair Long Pixie Cut with a Lift. A deep side part and long hair on the crown swept to one side are just what you need if you wish to volumize your thin locks.

22. Long Wispy Dirty Blonde Pixie. This version is a perfect fit for thin hair since it creates depth with a brown blonde balayage and transforms the wispy pieces into some lift at the roots and fullness in the front.

23. Black Pixie with Curly Bangs. This pixie haircut looks voguish on curly hair. The model’s locks were trimmed, the front curls styled into dainty bangs grazing the eyebrows and the sides tapered off into flattering sideburns. This low-maintenance pixie haircut is suitable for those with naturally wavy hair.

24. Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs. There is no better way to flaunt your short blonde hair this season than this dashing pixie bob haircut with side-swept wispy bangs! Copying this runway-ready haircut will do you a world of good, especially if your hair is thin and naturally blonde.

25. Transformative Long Pixie. Here is one of the great long pixie cut hairstyles for round faces, as this blonde crop has plenty of height to elongate the face, and it breaks the roundness with the angled fringe.

26. Shaggy Long Pixie Cut. A ravishingly beautiful shaggy pixie cut with a tapered back, messy, piece-y hair on top, and wispy, brow-length side-swept bangs. This effortlessly chic long pixie is relatively low-maintenance and will make you look younger. Stunning!

27. Shaggy Long Pixie with Geometric Bottom. Both the darker color and the tapered shape of the nape and sides of this pixie work fine to set off the shaggy, highlighted layers across the crown.

28. Bronde Highlighted Pixie Bob. The gentle layers and honey blonde highlights add to its softness, while a side part and long front pieces make it extra flattering for round faces.

29. Neat Pixie with Choppy Finish. An experienced hair stylist can drastically change the feel of long pixie haircuts by playing with their finishes and switching between polished and more textured looks.

30. Rock’n’Roll Long Pixie Haircut. Get your groove on with this party-in-front business-in-the-back shaggy long pixie haircut. The long pixie is cut edgy with short and long layers to create a dramatic effect. Not to mention the daring silver highlights on a dark base and those showy orange dip dye pieces.

31. Undercut Long Pixie Haircut. This wispy silver hair with full side bangs and teased layers on top packs tons of magnificent vibes. Undercut at the nape and teased into fluffy pieces on top to create an illusion of volume, this fascinating long pixie cut looks comely on the young and sassy. It’s also a great pixie haircut idea for older women who aren’t shy to showcase their grays.

32. Choppy Pixie Bob Haircut. For those with brunette hair, this is a fantastic long pixie haircut to try out on your next salon visit. The piece-y, choppy layers are adorable on brunette hair with golden brown highlights. The long fringe is framing her face, while the textured, choppy pieces add volume to her fine hair.

33. Brown and Gray Long Layered Pixie. If you love styles that really stand out, a layered brunette pixie with a gray balayage may be the right choice for you. We are just obsessed with it!

34. Soft Bowl Cut and Pixie Hybrid. Unlike the classic bowl cut, long pixie cuts snipped at the same length around the head feel much softer and get more movement with added layers and a feathered finish.

35. Undone Long Layered Pixie Cut. The closely cut hair on the sides and nape gives the required support for the top tresses to gain volume, while its dark color brings depth to set off the ashy blonde.

36. Textured Brunette Pixie with Long Bangs. Generously layered and sliced at the ends, this brunette, fairly straight hair is nicely debulked and filled with the texture further maximized through tousled styling.

37. Cute Pixie with Face-Framing Bangs. Look how flatteringly and gently this graduated fringe hugs the face emphasizing the cheekbones and channeling attention to the eyes.

38. Long Dark Brown Pixie. The crisp feathered layers and dark brown color of this style make it edgy, and the subtle highlights are a spice!

Dark Brown Feathered Pixie
By Sara

39. Neat Long Pixie Cut for Thick Hair. This pixie illustrates another approach to shaping thick hair — it is less feathered and has cleaner lines while the highlights enhance the choppy texture on the fringe and short layers.

40. Light Blonde Pixie with a Side Shave. This lip-length style includes bangs swept to the side that are meant to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones. It may be also great for those trying to grow out hair to a bob length, as it looks very natural and effortless.

41. Smokey Combo of Curves and Angles. This gray-tinted hair is cut short and volumized with a round brush in the back yet made longer, tapered, and side-swept in the front to balance the round face.

42. Thick Hair Long Pixie Cut with Stacked Back. Thick hair requires much debulking and shaping, which is done here through long layers on the crown and short layers at the nape.

43. Honey Blonde Sliced Undercut Pixie. Here is a longer pixie cut that makes the hair seem thicker by limiting the choppiness to the exterior and mixing and matching a range of brown and blonde hues.

44. Tousled Pixie with Short Layers and Elongated Temples. If you are not comfortable with short layers all around the perimeter, opt for longer pieces on the temples to tuck them playfully behind the ears.

45. Long Layered Pixie with Highlights. Long feathered face-framing layers will keep your tapered pixie trendy and stylish.

46. Chin Length Choppy Pixie. Extra long layers are always gorgeous, and when they are jagged, the cut looks even more interesting. Such a piece-y texture may be good for both thick hair and fine strands.

47. Clean Pixie with Long Side-Swept Bangs. Longer faces can also pull off pixie cuts yet by adding width rather than building volume on the top, and this side-parted crop with swoopy bangs shows how to balance the look.

48. Graduated Pixie Bob. This is another one from the longer pixie cuts breaking into the bobs’ territory — it keeps the back layered and short but extends to the chin level in the front.

49. Purple Long Pixie with Provocative Spikes. This fancy voluminous cut looks absolutely sexy with the undercut opening up the neck and the edgy spikes scattered across the crown.

50. Outgrown Pixie with Crown Highlights. This no-frills pixie comes with built-in low maintenance since neither its loose shape nor its rooty color scheme requires strictly scheduled visits to a salon.

You may need a long pixie haircut in two cases: either you want to chop your locks but not too short, or, on the contrary, you want to grow out your hair from a buzz cut or a very short pixie. Anyway, these 50 long pixie cut styles are great examples worth showing your hairstylist. They prove that a long pixie can be trendy, cool and feminine. A pixie may feel like a bold choice for a women’s hairstyle, but it will leave you feeling confident and fashionable!