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30 Stunning Versions of Peekaboo Braids to Add a Pop of Color to Your Hair

Although we cannot call peekaboo braids a novelty, they have become extremely popular this year, popping on every TikTok channel and Instagram page.

What are peekaboo braids? They are hair extensions of any color different from your base, installed in the bottom rows to peek out from under your braids when the hair moves. They can differ from one-color insertions to rainbow peekaboo braids, making your look unique, not to mention other advantages we are going to examine in this article. So, wheels up!

1. Blonde Peekaboo Goddess Braids. Apart from maximizing the volume with numerous curly strands added throughout the length, this lavish style shows off a range of blonde shades, from platinum to golden.

2. Blonde Peekaboo Braids with Bow Accents. These super-long and strikingly uniform braids pair a ginger shade with a glimpse of white blonde and get the combo repeated through the cute bow accessories.

3. Crimson Braids with Blonde Strands. Choosing a bright color for your braids cannot prevent you from adding a bit of contrast, such as these blonde ropes of hair emphasizing the rich berry shade.

4. Neon Blue Peekaboo Braids. This fancy hairstyle takes quite another approach to matching colors and illuminates the deep blue braids with a highly luminescent shade of the same color spectrum.

5. Small-Size Peekaboo Box Braids. These tiny long braids are made extremely smooth and shiny, and the golden blonde additions work great to intensify the overall gloss.

6. Red Peekaboo Braids Meet Brown. True red is not a common choice for hairstyles, which would be enough for this look to stand out even if it didn’t deviate from the traditional black and red scheme.

7. Orange Peekaboo Braids with Starry Cornrow Design. Whether it is because of the dramatic stitch-braiding or the stark combination of black and orange, anyway, we are perfectly sure this gal is a star.

8. Bubblegum Pink Peekaboo Braids. This hairstyle adds some girlie details to the large braids with triangle partings, such as the heart-shaped design at the top and the pink strands at the bottom.

9. Jumbo Peekaboo Braids in Blonde. Peekaboo braids can come not only in multiple colors but also in different sizes, which is proved by this mix of fandango pink and creamy blonde.

10. Lilac Peekaboo Braids. This box braid hairstyle offers a fresh take on high-contrast color schemes, replacing the too-obvious blonde with the most delicate shade of lilac.

11. Matte and Glossy Peekaboo Fulani Braids. Here is one more way to play with peekaboo braids — couple matte brown with glossy gold to expand your range of textures.

12. Black and White with Bohemian Vibes. The bright blonde strands peeking out through a cascade of black braids feel cool, especially when complemented with flowing curls creating a chic boho look.

13. Brown Blonde Balayage Braids. This extremely full hairstyle creatively uses brown and blonde hues to result in a seamless blend of colors with both depth and shine.

14. Asymmetric Peekaboo Braids. Placement is another thing to consider when planning peekaboo braids since as little as plaiting them on only one side can make your hairstyle truly unique.

15. Tribal Black and Brown Peekaboo Braids. The intricate braiding on the crown might have stolen all the show here if it wasn’t for the bronzed insertions that highlight the length.

16. Coppery Brown Peekaboo Braids. If you are looking for a spicier color combination for your next braided hairstyle, this copper brown dashing through the black is just the thing.

17. Blended Curls and Braids with Red Underlining. This stunning hairstyle utilizes poppy red on the bottom to balance the top part decorated with diagonal cornrows and interlaced with mesmerizing curls.

18. Whimsical Cornrows with Pink Galore. We absolutely love the scalp designs and the baby hair styling, but the bunch of hot pinks keeps our eyes glued to the flow of the lengthy braids.

19. Knotless Peekaboo Braids in Two Colors. Actually, you are free not only to use more than one color for your peekaboo braids but to place a different color on each side of your hairstyle.

20. Fulani Braids with Pops of Magenta. Here, the flashes of red inserted into the black braids all the way down echo the vibrant magenta shade placed on the bottom.

21. Twin Peekaboo Braids. This killer combo of ultramarine and cyan blue breaks the monotony of the tight black braids while highlighting their uniformity and perfectly smooth texture.

22. Black and Orange Duo. Although this set of tribal braids doesn’t feature sophisticated designs, the style still draws applause for the energy gained with a good portion of vivid orange.

23. Box Braids in a Violet Color Palette. We are thrilled with the idea of combining saturated and pale shades from one color palette, especially when it comes to such an extravagant violet spectrum.

24. Micro Braids with a Touch of Red. The extra small size allows for creating a whole waterfall of braids that looks even livelier with the wine-red strands flashing here and there.

25. Coral Pink Peekaboo Braids. If you want to add some tropical vibes to your braided look, this flamingo-inspired shade will fit your goal and brighten up the black hair nicely.

26. Hot Pink Peekaboo Braids with Curly Ends. While the hot pink is a cheerful shade in its own right, it never hurts to bring in extra playfulness with some bouncy French curls.

27. Fluorescent Blue Green Peekaboo Braids. Futuristic colors are back, driven by the resurgence of the Y2K aesthetics in recent years, so you can’t go wrong with this acid cyan shade.

28. Box Braids Gilded Up and Down. This ultra-long hairstyle has some golden speckles injected throughout the length, but the real pot of gold is hidden beneath to deliver the maximum sheen when the hair moves.

29. Fun Peekaboo Braids with Beads. This girl adds a generous spritz of color to her braids with vibrant pink and makes the strands much bouncier with beads strung on the ends.

30. Deep Purple Peekaboo Braids. We do believe that this rich purple enhances the blue tint in the black hair and lends lots of depth in addition to the braids’ thickness.

Peekaboo braids are not only about adding a bold color to your braids — you can create various effects by experimenting with shades, textures, and even placement. Although this collection includes mainly long hairstyles, you are welcome to play with short peekaboo braids, and we will be happy to post your looks in our next pick.

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