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40 Super-Chic Stitch Braids Styles Trending This Year

Stitch braids are among the trendiest braids hairstyles making waves in the fashion world RN. Stitch braids hairstyles are versatile; with unlimited options for length, designs, color, etc. That’s what we need this season, right?

First things first. We need to clarify some definitions and terms before looking into photos. So, here’s everything you need to know about stitch braids hairstyles.

What Are Stitch Braids

The stitch braids technique involves creating fascinating cornrows of different sizes on your natural hair using the ‘stitch in’ braiding method with additional hair. As a result, we get very neat lines and stitch-like partings.

How to Do Stitch Braids

Stitch braiding can be done in two ways – using the rubber-band and no-rubber-band methods. In the rubber band method, the hair is parted into sections and secured with rubber bands before braiding. The second way, i.e. the no-rubber-band method, involves no rubber bands and entails the use of styling gel and fingers to hold the sections in place as your hair is being braided. Here is the tutorial on how to do stitch braids with rubber bands.

How Long Do Stitch Braids Last?

Stitch braids last longer than many other types of braided hairstyles. With proper maintenance, they can last between 4 – 8 weeks.

We have also rounded up some style inspiration to share with you these top 40 super-chic stitch braids styles.

1. Stitch Braids with Color. Are you a lover of colored hair? No problem. You can go for more than a single shade for your stitch braids hairstyle. Can’t possibly blame you as braids with color make for the hottest look.

2. Small Stitch Braids. Stitch braids can be jumbo-size as well as delicate and thin. Each style has its own charm. She ended her stitch braids with curly ends and also made the small stitch braids a lot more magnificent by braiding them in a zigzag pattern.

3. Criss-Cross Stitch Braids. Oh, the wonderful versatility of designs for stitch braids! There are so many options to choose from. You can keep it simple and basic or give it a mesmerizingly complex and intricate design. Replicate this to keep ’em staring at your hair all day.

4. Feed-In Stitch Braids. Just like the name suggests, hair attachments are fed into the cornrows as the hair is being braided. The result is a graceful, long, and natural-looking stitch braids hairstyle.

5. Golden Blonde Stitch Braids. Stitch braids allow you to express your unique personal style. The contrasting shades of blonde on dark hair add tons of oomph to her braids.

6. Stitch Braids to Low Bun. The pronounced fishbone pattern of stitch braids on the scalp is one of the most fascinating features of the hairstyle. The neatness and the uniformity are simply captivating. Low buns are so elegantly cute, especially with braided hair.

7. Goddess Stitch Braids. Goddess braids have a knack for making one look cool and gorgeous effortlessly. Bring in some intricate details like this heart pattern and bohemian braids to give your style more allure.

8. Stitch Braids High Pony Weave. Show your inner cool fashionista with this braids-and-weave hairstyle. The long weave in the back offers you an opportunity to style your hair any way you want. A half-up half-down high ponytail like hers is definitely attractive.

9. Swerve and Spiral Stitch Braids. Hairstyling is an art, and your hair is your crown. Express your style through your braids; creative, playful, sassy, sophisticated, etc. Let your hair speak your style as this fashionable stitch braids hairstyle does.

10. Stitch Braids in a Bun. High buns are unarguably elegant in a glamorous fashion. Suitable for almost every occasion you can think of, from weddings to the office. Add more glitz to your style with some cute and dainty hairpieces.

11. Spider Stitch Braids. Everyday stitch braids designs keep getting more creative and artistic. Hairstylists are becoming more and more innovative with the styles. This intricately woven spider-themed hairstyle is a head-turner any time of the day.

12. Half-Up Stitch Braids. Check this stunning stitch braids style. Sweep half of the braids into a high bun and let the rest cascade down your shoulders. Smashing stitch braids for women who love fancy hairstyles.

13. Stitch Braids with Hearts. Love is in the air! Spread the word with this cheerful and hearty stitch braids hairstyle. A cute stitch braids hairstyle for adults, younger girls, and kids too. Perfect for festivals and carnivals for all age groups.

14. Thick and Thin Ghana Braids. You can never run out of style inspo when it comes to stitch braids. The styling options are just all over the place. Feel like keeping it cute and classy, try jumbo stitch braids to the back with slimmer braids in-between. Touch it up with front-facing side braids to give it a cool Fulani braid vibe.

15. Long Stitch Braids. For a sexy and sultry look, go for Mohawk stitch braids. The extra length gives the hairstyle an edgy and daring flair. Stitch braids to the back dangling around the hip pack an irresistible allure.

16. Stitch Braids with Sew-In. Such stitch braids women find adorable. Show off not only braids but some touchable curls. Versatility is the rule of the game. Pairing stitch braids with matching hair extensions is a style option many women love. The extensions could be sewn in as a ponytail – you can wear it loose or rolled up in a bun.

17. Heart and Lemonade Stitch Braids. We bet Beyonce would be wondering why she didn’t come up with this before anyone else. Stitch lemonade braids adorned with a neatly woven heart attract the type of attention every woman would love. Powerfully appealing in a gentle manner.

18. 4 Stitch Braids. Stitch braids are usually plaited by dividing the hair down the back into several sections. The 4 stitch braids to the back are classic. Much thinner sections can be braided to run between the major braids.

19. Zig Zag Stitch Braids. Introducing some extra fanciable details to the hairdo is what makes stitch braids for women appealing. Zigzag patterns on your scalp lend an edgy flair to your stitch braids.

20. Classy Cornrow Stitch Braids. Never underrate the elegant vibe of simple cornrows. Classic, sleek, and cute. If you’re looking for a cool, age-defying stitch braids style, this should be your first choice. Pair your hairstyle with a chunky Chanel O earring for a stunning chic look.

21. Ponytail Stitch Braids. Feed your braids into a low ponytail to create a traffic-stopping hairstyle. For a super-chic appearance, leave the ends of your hair unraveled and curly (a la Bohemian stitch braids). This is one sexy and cute hairstyle for trendy ladies.

22. Stitch Lemonade Braids. A style made popular by hip-hop queen, Beyonce. This super-gorgeous interwoven swerve stitch braids style got its name from her album, Lemonade.

23. Stitch Tribal Braids. Timeless traditional hairstyles of maidens from the Fulani tribe of Africa. Recently these tribal braids have been brought to the fashion limelight. The style has got more stylish and a lot fancier, of course.

24. Freestyle Stitch Braids. Why stop at one when you can have them all. Isn’t it good to know you can have sophisticated cornrows and long ponytail braids in one hairstyle? The beauty of these freestyle stitch braids is that they don’t appear too busy and over the top. Everything is just in the right proportion.

25. 6 Stitch Braids. A fabulously neat and picture-perfect handiwork of an expert hairstylist. The neatly divided sections, straight and smooth braids, and cute trails running the length of the scalp speak professionalism. Just six stitch braids, but the sophisticated vibes of the hairstyle are outta this world.

26. Box and Cornrows Stitch Braids. Accentuate your face with half-up cornrows and do box braids through the rest of your hair down the back. This is a great idea if you would like classic but not too casual-looking stitch braids. A half-up half-down style is one way you can rock this hair.

27. Jumbo Stitch Braids. Jumbo-sized stitch braids hairstyles look ravishingly cute and classy on women of all ages. Though they may not last as long as other slimmer stitch braids hairstyles, these braids are super-trendy and chic while they last.

28. 2 Big Stitch Braids. Stitch braids don’t have to be numerous for the hairstyle to look great. In fact, it seems the fewer the sections the more elegant the style. Check out these romantic two stitch braids. The hairstyle is protective and perfect for any occasion, from official functions to a jamboree.

29. Stitch Braids and Sew-In Ponytail. Even if you’re not a lover of ponytails, you can’t help but admit that stitch braids pair well with ponytails. Though you can substitute the colored tail with a weave of your choice.

30. Stitch Braids with Beads. Apart from the styling and stitch braids design, another thing that breathes fire upon stitch braids hairstyles are beads. If you’re looking at getting this authentic African queen look, introduce some beads into the game.

31. Freestyle Fulani Braid. You don’t necessarily have to stitch-braid your entire hair to enjoy the glam appearance stitch braids hairstyles offer. Take a look at the hairstyle below to see what I mean. Just a few lines and her hair turns into a showstopper.

32. Stitch Braids Updo. Braided updos are the perfect definition of easy glitz and glamor. Very convenient hairstyles that you can wear as a high ponytail or secure into a high bun. Don’t be shy to embellish your braids with some golden hairpieces.

33. The Most Popular Stitch Braids Design. A combination of a few simple details on a stitch braided hairstyle gives your hair an irresistible ‘all-eyes-on-me’ attraction. One hair product that always takes the stage when discussing styling and maintenance of stitch braids is edge control gel. Use it to create lovely laid edges and smoothen your braids.

34. Dollar Sign Stitch Braid. You can have it as simple or as complex as you want. From soft and sleek baby hairs alluringly shaped and laid along your hairline to dollar signs, make your hair spark alive with designs.

35. Scissors Stitch Braid. Criss-cross stitch braids come in many forms. You can opt for stitch-braid cornrows crisscrossed in the shape of scissors for a sassy, fancy flair. This design alone transformed the style from simple to exquisitely cute.

36. Stitch Braids to the Back with Bun. Details, details, details! Truly, designs and details make the world of stitch braiding go round. Peep this low bun stitch braids hairstyle. Let the picture do the talking.

37. Blonde Stitch Braids. As seen in the image below, blonde stitch braids are da bomb. Created with blonde hair attachments, these 12 stitch braids are charming. If blonde hair doesn’t sit well on your skin tone, you can choose another color of hair extensions that suit your complexion best. Purple or red stitch braids are great on a dark complexion.

38. Mohawk Stitch Braids. Mohawk hairstyles are stylish and edgy. There are ways you can style your stitch braid to resemble a mohawk hairstyle. Your stylist can fold those long braided ends into a mohawk or use hair extensions to create a semblance of the style on your stitch braids.

39. Stitch Braids with Curly Ends. Of course, curls are the attention-arresting details of any hairstyle. Steal the show with your curled stitch braids. The coiled ends of her braids are beautiful.

40. Short Stitch Braid. Don’t ever think that because your hair isn’t long you are left out of the stitch braids wagon. Leave that to hair extensions/attachments to handle. Not a fan of synthetic hair? Your natural hair, regardless of its length, is enough. See how lovely the stitch braids on her natural hair look.

So, you know almost all about this new trendy type of braids. Except for the answers to these two questions:

– How to Maintain Stitch Braids?

To maintain your stitch braids, use cotton balls or a small towel with dry shampoo to keep your scalp clean daily. Avoid scratching your hair, and cover your braids with a silk bonnet or scarf during bedtime. You may also wash them, once per week can be enough.

– How much do stitch braids cost?

The cost of stitch braids depends on your location and the intricacy of your choice – your chosen stitch braids style. It can range from $50 to $160.

Stitch braids are what you need for that fashionable change of look you desire this season. All of these stitch braids styles are so gorgeous and appealing! Select the one (very difficult choice, we know) you find most alluring and head off to your hairdresser.

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