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50 Short Bobs That Will Make You Want to Chop Your Hair ASAP

43. Accurate Blunt Straight Angled Bob Cut. Short bob haircuts deliver the classiest looks for those who prefer wearing their hair short. Modern bob crops ooze effortless vibes even when you opt for an accurate shape.

Are you tired of having hair of the same length? Are you running out of ways to style your long locks? We know what cut to try next. One of the on-trend short bob haircuts! Experimenting with length is a fun way to change things up temporarily. A shorter cut can work on all face shapes and hair types because of the variety of styles and cuts that can be done. Spice things up with a shorter length for a sexy, lighter hairstyle.

If you’re scared to chop off your long locks, here are some styles that will make you want to go for a short bob haircut ASAP.

1. Super Short Sexy Bob. Show off your jawline and immediately draw attention to your cheekbones with this cut!

Short Sexy Jaw-Length Bob Cut
By Kate

2. Blunt Short Bob. This timeless, sleek blunt short bob cut would look amazing on women with oval, square, and heart-shaped faces. The bluntness of the tips draws attention to the jawline and gives the wearer a powerful and appealing appearance.

3. Razor Cut Stacked Bob. Instant volume without having to do any work? Sign us up! Thick, medium texture, and thin hair would look great with this cut!

4. Super Short Pixie Bob. Ready for a dramatic change? An asymmetrical stacked pixie bob with layers allows you to finally have a shorter length without worrying about very short hair in the front. You’ll rock the sexy side part perfectly!

5. Classic Short Bob. Trust the classic short bob haircut to lend your appearance an alluringly cool vibe. A short bob haircut like this sleek, full-bodied, graduated bob will make you look demurely seductive.

6. Strawberry Blonde Short Bob. Apart from the stunningly beautiful cropped short bob cut, the subtle tint of strawberry blonde is another wow point. Not to mention the stylishly teased layers.

7. Short Bobbed Hair with Highlights. A twist on the classic beach waves! Having a wavy texture with this pixie cut is key to achieving that effortless look. A smidge of light brown at the ends creates the edgy vibe we all crave in a bob haircut!

8. Modern Layered Short Bob. The messy short layered bob is an ideal cut for adding effortless stylish vibes to your everyday hairstyle. Tuck one side of your bob behind your ear for a carefree look, leaving a few loose strands in the front as a charming touch.

9. Pixie Bob Cut. The pixie bob blends layers to create volume, body, and fullness. This short bob hairstyle includes perfectly trimmed face-framing pieces, offers different styling possibilities, and flatters most face shapes.

10. Short Inverted Blonde Bob with Layers. The short bob with bangs and short layers is a hairstyle for all ages. The layering gives fine tresses a flattering rounded shape and chunky appearance. This bob is a quick haircut that’s also simple to keep up with.

11. Angled Inverted Short Bob. Short bob haircuts are arguably the best short hairstyles of any decade. It’s hard to make a style mistake with inverted short bob hairstyles for women. Truly this attractive short bob hairstyle delivers a look fit for the runway.

12. Center-Parted Short Bob. Flatter your face with this enchanting jaw-grazing short bob. The super-chic face-framing blunt short bob with a center part fits all face shapes! Moreover, we bet this will look just as good on any hair type as it is on her rich wavy brunette hair.

Blunt Short Wavy Bob
By Hiro

13. Inverted Shattered Bob for Straight Hair. The silver short bob cut creates a perfect shape while bringing out the glow and dimension of your hair. With the right blowout, the haircut is ideal for work and after-work gatherings.

14. Neat Short Rooted Bob with Bangs. Although this charming blonde bob is kept fairly neat and straight, it doesn’t look overly polished thanks to its layered bangs and wispy layers scattered here and there.

15. Short Choppy Bob with Flipped Ends. Who says a bob has to be 100% perfect? A choppy bob is always a beautiful style on all face shapes.

16. Short Layered Bob with Bangs. The various short bob hairstyles of the 90’s are making a comeback, and this time it’s a layered crop with bangs. The short bob style with shaggy layers will instantly add you the desired style points.

17. Short Messy Bob with Textured Ends. Layering is not the only way for short bob haircuts to gain texture. This one-length crop gets it with messy styling and the ends carved to deliver the sticking-out effect.

18. Short Bob with Swoopy Bangs. A layered short bob haircut is a fantastic way to style thin hair, as it helps to create volume. It also works to tame very thick hair and stop it from looking drab and old-fashioned. She added some side-swept bangs to give a modern flair to her lovely short bob.

19. Rounded Short Bob. A cute variation of traditional rounded short bobs with striped brown and blonde highlights. The shape and the color go so well with her fluffy, wispy hair.

20. Layered Bob with Pretty Highlights. The classic bob looks wonderful with dark hair, but with a few vibrant blonde highlights, it turns into something stunning. To highlight swept-back layers against darker hair, try money pieces for a complete look.

21. Short Bob with Root Fade. The combo of the beautiful honey blonde balayage and root fade upgrades this stunning short bob hairstyle. The model’s short bob hugs her neck and delicately frames her face.

22. Short Choppy Bob with Lowlights. A weak jawline can be balanced by an accurate jawline bob cut. The side fringe softens the open forehead and gives the eyes a flattering frame. With a round brush and volumizing mousse, it’s simple to style.

23. Inverted Straight Bob. With smooth straight hair, this bob cut is simple to pull off. The back is sleek and rounded for a youthful, energetic look, while the bottom is steeply angled. It has a lovely appeal because it is elegant and precise.

24. Wispy Choppy Short Bob. Her bed-head short bob hair is neatly textured and stacked to give her hairstyle an effortlessly beautiful appearance. Get the right chin-length bob haircut plus good products – and you will copy this look easily.

25. Trendy Graduated Bob. Smooth and sleek, shiny and angled, the graduated bob is a hairstyle to choose if you want a unique style. The crown section is delicately teased to add height, and the lengthy front pieces dip down to the collarbone, perfectly framing your face.

26. Stacked Feathered Bob. A haircut that is versatile and easy to style on any hair type? YES PLEASE.

27. Bushy Inverted Bob with Curtain Bangs. Short bob hairstyles can remove extra weight from thick tresses and give them an accurate shape, which is handsomely illustrated by this curved and bouncy cut.

28. Sun-Kissed Bob with Subtle Layers. This effortless short bob plays with a range of blonde and brown shades for a lived-in feel and incorporates wispy layers in the back for a lifted crown.

29. Very Short Layered Bob. Achieve an effortless edgy vibe with this cut. You can style is straight or wavy, and it works on thick and thin-haired girls. Try a pop of color – like purple if you want to add to the daring style.

30. Platinum Graduated Bob. Sassy meets chic in this statement haircut that has shorter layers in the back and longer pieces in the front.

31. Edgy Inverted Bob with Sliced Ends. Don’t you like short bobs that get dramatically longer towards the front? They frame the face nicely and create fulness even in fine hair.

32. Bob Short Hair in Neon Purple. If you are looking for a way to boost volume in your hair, a stacked bob will do the job breezily, and you can accentuate the texture with fun highlights, including trending Y2K colors.

33. Shattered Angled Bob. The beautiful caramel highlights mixed into this textured wavy look are perfection!

34. Graduated Silver Blonde Bob. An ideal combination of short and medium length hair? Here it is!

35. Stacked Straight Bob. Girls with naturally straight hair will love this cut! No need for any fancy styling tools – just get up and go!

Stacked Bob Cut for Straight Hair
By Mary

36. Slick Blunt Bob with Face Framing. Actually this is a modern take on the classic blunt bob that adds some layering in the front to open up the face and give you more styling options.

37. Short Layered Bob with Blonde Balayage. This airy bob looks textured but not choppy because its layers are wispy, and its tapered ends are further muted with a play of shades.

38. Short Red Bob. Gain volume (and compliments) with this style! By chopping short layers in the back, you get volume before you even blow dry! If you’re looking to create more body in your hairstyles, try this cut.

39. Short Hair Bob Cut with Shadow Roots. If low maintenance is not the reason that can convince you to embrace shadow roots, look at the amazing depth they give to these fine tresses packed in a blunt bob.

40. Voluminous Stacked Bob. No more volumizing shampoos and conditioners for you, this cut is all you need to bring volume and life back to your hair.

41. Cute Chin-Length Bob. A style that you can customize to your perfect length. If you want your bob to fit your specific face shape, ask for the level where you want the cut to hit – your neck, jawline, or in this case – chin.

42. Face-Hugging Graduated Bob. If you are here to find some cute short bob haircuts for women with oval faces, then look no further than this perfectly structured style framing the face.

43. Edgy Shaggy Pixie Bob. You have the best of both worlds with this style – texture and volume, while having less hair to manage.

44. Effortless Bob with Shaggy Finish. The external perimeter of this crop is masterfully razor-cut to bring texture and movement out of the otherwise flat strands.

45. Super Voluminous Short Bob. Who needs length when you’ve got short layers that take less than 10 minutes to style?

46. Cute Side-Parted Bob for Fine Hair. While smart layering is good for fine tresses because of enhanced volume it provides, it never hurts to add some extra lift in the front by simply combing the hair over to one side.

47. Short Brown Combover Bob. Thin-haired ladies – your perfect match! A simple yet sexy cut like this one would frame your cheekbones and jawline in an INSTANT. Since thin hair is easier to manage and you won’t have to worry about frizz too much, the blunt cut is perfect!

48. Feathered Bob with Side Part. Add texture and volume by creating a deep side part. Those who have thinner hair can add more texture with some dry shampoo to gain extra volume if needed.

49. Messy Voluminous Gray Bob for Girls. Short bob haircuts deliver the classiest looks for those who prefer wearing their hair short. Modern bob crops ooze effortless vibes even when you opt for an accurate shape.

49. Full Stacked Bob with Bangs. If you have naturally straight, thick hair – this one-length style is for you. Front bangs instantly frame your face, while the stacked back gives you an effortless edgy vibe.

50. Short Concave Bob. Get a refined, svelte, and fashionably no-nonsense look with this blunt cut short bob. It’s one of the trending short bob haircuts for career-focused women and power players.

Short bob haircuts go in different shapes and colors: you can rock a wavy bob, a straight asymmetrical crop, a pixie bob, or any other haircut from the list above. You’ll always look chic, feminine and trendy with a chop above the shoulders!

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.