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30 Versatile Short Gray Hairstyles for Any Age and Hair Type

Whether you are an older lady facing age-related changes or a young girl searching for a new fancy look, modern short gray hairstyles gathered in our collection are sure to inspire you to try a fresh chop.

With so many shapes, textures, shades, and color combinations, gray haircuts offer quite a choice of looks, from classic and elegant to provocative and fun. Keep scrolling through the pictures to find what suits you best.

1. Gray Pixie Mullet with Graphic Bangs. If you still associate short gray hairstyles for older women with the dreaded “mom” bob, this sassy mullet with blunt micro bangs will open your eyes to much trendier options.

2. Salt and Pepper Pixie Bob. This is an alternative edgy hybrid you can take on board — get the back cut as a short pixie, but leave the full bob length in the front.

3. Short Gray Pixie for a Woman of Color. This silver crop creates a stunning contrast against the deep skin tone and shows off a cute texture while making it easy to tame.

4. Pearlescent Textured Bob. All it takes to transform an oldy-moldy bob into a modern look with volume and movement is chopping off some length and working through the ends with texturizing shears.

5. Slicked Back Bob in Black and White. This jaw-length bob wows us with a dramatic color scheme and chunky highlights, not to mention its flawless blunt ends and chic slicked-back styling.

6. Voluminous Bob for Gray Curls. If you are here in search of short gray hairstyles for women with curly hair, this chic cut with added movement in between the curls has you covered.

7. Gunmetal Gray Pompadour Pixie. This tomboy pixie matches silver with a bluish shade of gray and lets it shine through the volume left on the top of the head.

8. Rooty Bob with Layers and Bangs. This short hair is made deeper at the roots and volumized with layers, while flatteringly framing the face with fun shaggy bangs.

9. Split Dyed Short Gray Bob. Since color blocking is back, it’s high time to pay tribute to another hair color trend from the past and color your simple bob half black half silver.

10. A-Line Bob with Natural Dimension. You might not believe it, but this dimensional gray is all-natural, and it looks stunning when packed into the right cut.

11. Punk Mullet in Gray and Beige. Apart from ensuring a bombshell effect, this two-tone mullet with a side undercut highlights cheekbones and shows the dense hair texture to the advantage.

12. Wind-Blown Bixie. Don’t know how to add movement to short hairstyles for graying hair? This fringed asymmetric bixie with feathered and flipped-up ends will give you a clue.

13. Lilac Gray Bob with a Violet Dip Dye. While the fancy color scheme won’t leave this bob unnoticed, it also works with the blunt ends to make the thin hair look fuller.

14. Big Rounded Curly Hair. These ashy coils are masterfully layered and beautifully shaped to incorporate fluffiness and derive the maximum volume from the natural texture.

15. Ashy Pixie with a Quiff. This purple-tinted pixie goes beyond spiky styling on the crown and pairs the choppy texture with a shaved bottom and a sky-high quiff.

16. Asymmetric Short Gray Hairstyle Over 60. This blunt bob with a deep side part and a longer length in the front looks sharp and mimics fullness in the thinning hair.

17. Airy Bob with Cropped Nape. While the upper part of this bob is only a bit sliced for texture and movement, the underneath hair at the nape is chopped off for easier styling.

18. Short Curly Gray Pixie with Statement Bangs. This playful crop is full of contrasts, combining silver in the front with dark gray on the crown and setting the blunt baby bangs against a bunch of curls.

19. Ash Blonde Pixie with Piece-y Bangs. Here is a soft yet dynamic cut that features a mass of shaggy layers on the top, complemented with carefully styled bangs.

20. Feathery Bixie for Thick Hair. This layered cut gives a shape to the bushy hair and makes it feel more lightweight with the feathered finish and flipped-out ends.

21. Side-Parted Choppy Bixie. Ladies wishing to pair short hairstyles with gray hair should consider this easy-to-style pixie bob with side bangs and a choppy finish.

22. Face-Framing Layers and Pale Gray Balayage. Here, a light smokey shade is used artistically to emphasize the layers around the face and the depth created by the dark gray roots.

23. Long Pixie Meets Mullet. This is another easy way to embrace the trendy mullet by adding some length at the nape to an outgrown pixie with wispy layers around the crown.

24. Greige Stacked Inverted Bob. This clean-cut bob with a longer front part gains tons of body in the back thanks to the stacked layers, but it doesn’t feel heavy and outdated.

25. Messy Bob with Gray Blending. This cute textured bob with a choppy fringe gets a bit warmer and brighter with some beige hues infused into the natural gray.

26. Head-Hugging Pixie in Icy Blonde. With so much texture delivered through the choppy ends and the depth created by the dimensional silver blonde, you can reduce your styling efforts to a minimum.

27. Bold Bowl Cut with Jagged Bangs. If you like audacious short hairstyles for gray hair, you will surely fall in love with this silver crop bronzed at the tips and shaved on the bottom.

28. Silver Bob with Precision Nape. While this fringed concave bob feels extremely classic and delicate, the clearly outlined nape adds a sharp detail to the look.

29. Razor Cut Pixie with Natural Waves. This lovely crop with short curtain bangs is skillfully layered and thinned out with a razor to create volume and release natural waves in the gray hair.

30. Brushed Back Pixie Waves. While many short gray hairstyles for over 50 are cut to give a softening frame to the face, this option offers to open up the features and add height and movement to the look.

This collection of short gray hairstyles gives you plenty of choices, and you can find a cut and a shade to suit your hair type, face shape, build, and skin tone. If you are not sure you can pull off a hairstyle, take a reference photo to your hairdresser and discuss how to adapt it to your appearance and personality.

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