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50 Diverse Trendy Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Serena Piper

While you may be horrified by the idea to stuff your mane into a classic updo, modern wedding hairstyles for long hair have much more to offer.

Actually, today’s brides enjoy freedom never seen before since retro styles, bohemian looks, and sleek hairdos are equally trendy. You can opt for a more polished version of your usual style or try something drastically different, and we are here to help you with inspiration. Let’s check out the ideas!

1. Voluminous Updo with Sculptured Waves. This upstyle is both stately and airy, thanks to multiple tendrils and wavy pieces pulled out of the hair bulk to deliver movement.

2. Seriously Woven Hair with Fresh Flowers. Do take into consideration the party’s theme when choosing wedding hairstyles with flowers for long hair. For example, these tiny buds give a rustic feel to the loosely plaited locks.

3. Lavish Topknot with a Vine and Veil. A topknot can expand your decoration choices when it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair with a veil since it leaves enough space on the crown to accommodate a spectacular hair vine.

4. Mid-Height Bun with Tripled Accessories. This wavy bun sits between the crown and the nape to create a less dramatic, softer lift, with the flower accessories attracting our attention to the whole structure rather than to one point.

5. Veiled Straight Hair Down. With such a stylish hairpiece, you don’t need to invent intricate wedding hairstyles for long straight hair — just let it flow down along with a floaty veil.

6. Twisted Low Bun with Accentuated Texture. Low buns allow for constructing some of the most elegant wedding hairstyles for long hair, such as this soft blonde wrap.

7. Ultra-Messy Side Bun. If you are sick and tired of formal wedding updo hairstyles for long hair, the following playful side bun might serve as your best inspiration.

8. French Twist with Hibiscus Flower Pins. This updo thrives on volume and texture, with a set of large hand-made flowers emphasizing its dimension.

9. 3D Wave Half Up. Definitely, half-up wedding hairstyles for long hair based on glamorous waves don’t require any further decoration, being masterpieces in their own right.

10. Effortless French Twist. This wrap may seem simple-looking, but it has the required volume and texture complemented with an interesting shape.

11. High Waterfall Bun. Here we have a unique take on messiness, with the loose ends arranged to chime with the accentuated pieces of hair running into the bun.

12. Looped Low Bun with Floral Combs. This wavy style oozes tenderness and softness enhanced by an abundance of haphazard tendrils.

13. Undone Chignon for Brunette Hair. When choosing boho wedding hairstyles for long black hair, do keep in mind that the color requires more effort to show texture, which is perfectly handled here.

14. Tight Knot with a Veil. You can take a more classic approach to a wedding updo by combining a tightly rolled bun with more loosely styled hair in the front.

15. Sleek and Solid Chignon. Not all chic buns have to be messy, and you can show off the body of your long straight hair through a neat yet crafty shape.

16. Generously Decorated Pinup Hair. If you are after luxurious wedding hairstyles for long African American hair, you should steal this sparkling retro look.

17. Wrapped Hair with a Wispy Pony. Those who prefer careless hairstyles even for very special occasions would love such a soft and textured pony version.

18. Loosely Plaited Wedding Hair. Unlike many boho braids that are tousled all along the length, this do remains quite neat around the crown, shifting the texture toward the bottom.

19. Chunky Twists and Loose Ends. This picture shows how the whole feel of your style changes when a stylist opts to work with wider hair pieces.

20. Strawberry Blonde Loose Waves. This is a great example of smartly picked accessories helping the delicate shade of hair to shine out.

21. Massive Bun with Highlights. Notice how highlights added to this oversized chignon turn its simple shape into a great canvas for the texture.

22. Smooth Long Hair Updo with Diamonds. First, we like the contrast created by these sliced ends. Second, the crystal scattering is just gorgeous!

23. Heavily Weaved Updo. This style is looped, twisted, and braided from top to bottom to deliver tons of texture and depth while being perfectly ready for a garden wedding.

24. Statement Half Updo with Face Framing. An extra high crown paired with long face-framing pieces makes up a good recipe for chubby face wedding hairstyles for long hair.

25. Old Hollywood Waves with Feathered Décor. Even, polished waves matched with a deep side part and a vintage accessory are what you need for an art deco wedding.

26. Elegantly Tucked Hair. This two-tone updo centers around the stunning visual effect created by the smooth flow of contrasting strands.

27. Relaxed Twisted Chignon with a Vine. This style stands out for radiating ultimate nonchalance while staying overall neat and nicely shaped.

28. Wrap-Around Chignon with a Side Braid. Playing with different textures is fun, which is proven by this hairdo bringing together a braid and swirled strands.

29. Side Dutch Braid and Looped Bun. This showy style maximizes the hair volume with a thick braid, sculptured bouffant, and large loops nested in the bun.

30. Triangle Bun Made of Multi-Tone Hair. Since the fancy color scheme gives a head start to this hair, it requires just an outstanding shape to sparkle.

31. Plaited and Polished Mega Chignon. This woven chignon alone would make the hairstyle stunning, but the smaller braid around the crown turns it into a piece of art.

32. No-Frills Half-Up Twist. The loose strands draped in the back are sure to bring depth and texture to wedding hairstyles for long thin hair.

33. Crowned Twisted Low Bun. Don’t hesitate to adorn a relaxed hairstyle with a brilliant tiara to arrive at a soft and romantic yet royal look like this.

34. Mermaid Waves with a Bow. Sometimes waves galore and a stylish bow are everything you need to enjoy simple wedding hairstyles for long hair.

35. Dimensional Braids with Foliage. Here, the chunky Dutch braids on the sides offer plenty of room for a dainty wreath made of natural leaves and flowers.

36. Beautifully Swirled Blonde Hair. The seamless balayage on this mane makes it totally ready for massive twists creating volume and emphasizing the color transitions.

37. Ethereal Intertwined Chignon. This blonde hair screams texture, from the lifted crown to the very nape where a twisted bun sits comfortably.

38. Crimped Messy Updo. Loose ends and flyways can look gorgeous if incorporated into such a voluminous and perfectly imperfect upstyle.

39. Coils Slicked Back into a Roll. This bride embraces her natural texture but in a slicked way, by packing her big hair into a truly big bun.

40. Classic Chignon with a Twist. If you are going to cover your head with a puffy veil, it makes sense to choose easy wedding hairstyles for long hair like this snug wrapped-around bun.

41. Double Braided Half Up Hair. This hairstyle adds two side braids to the cascading locks with a veil, thus creating a nice focal point and spicing up the look.

42. Side Twist with a Braid. Here, the bulk of the hair is swept to one side to be wrapped and plaited into a whimsical hairdo.

43. Intricate Boho Hair Weaving. It’s our favorite among boho wedding hairstyles for long hair, as we can’t take our eyes off the rich texture and color play.

44. No-Fuss Coily Chignon. While some wedding hairstyles for curly long hair require taming the coils, this version lets them take center stage.

45. Pearl-Decorated Flowing Locks. A good color job could prove key to wedding hairstyles for long hair down, as exemplified by these blonde ribbons chiming with the pearls.

46. Wild Braid to Chignon Transition. Be it a boho wedding or a beach ceremony, this rebellious but still romantic look will fit in it breezily.

47. Artistic Multi-Tier Hairdo. While you are trying to grasp every detail of this sophisticated style, we will just point out the fantastic color trick with the pearls against the shadow roots.

48. Black, Red, and Blonde Boho Look. This style creatively incorporates different colors — the blonde frames the perimeter while the reddish highlights emphasize the texture, and the black sets it off.

49. Striped Half-Up Hair with a Crown Braid. The unique plaiting of the crown braid is a cherry on top of these mesmerizing waves highlighted with blonde ribbons.

50. Snow White Low Pony. The bright and shiny blonde of this pony needs no bells and whistles except the polished finish with not a hair out of place.

Wedding Wrapped-Around Ponytail
By Vera

From sleek and formal to messy and soft updos and downdos, you have seen quite a bunch of hairstyles for long hair for wedding ceremonies. Think of your theme, gown, and accessories before heading to a hair trial, and don’t forget to save a corresponding picture from our collection!