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30 Trendy Wedge Haircuts for Modern Women to Inspire Your Next Chop

Ema Globyte

With the resurgence of retro styles observed over the past couple of years, it was only a matter of time before wedge haircuts came back into fashion. And here we are, with A-listers like Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, and Ciara sporting the hairstyle that reached the peak of its popularity in the 70s.

But you may feel puzzled when scrolling through celebs’ photos — what is a wedge haircut, and how is it different from a bob or a pixie? Actually, bobs, pixies, and even mullets and bowl cuts can fall into this category if they are cropped at the nape with longer layers around the face to deliver a tapered shape with close cut on the bottom and volume in the upper part. Explore our photo collection to witness the versatility and volume-boosting power of the cut.

1. Short Wedge Haircut with Long Bangs. The short back and sides of this crop are complemented with layered long strands on the crown to result in a soft shape and swoopy bangs.

2. Frenchy Wedge Haircut with Bangs. Here is a fairly Parisian lip-length bob made even edgier by the tightly cut hair at the nape and adorned with short piece-y bangs and flippy face-framing bits.

3. Choppy Wedge Haircut for Thin Hair. Retaining much of the body around the perimeter, this cut adds choppy layers to the exterior and completes the sassy look with ragged baby bangs.

4. High-Contrast Wedge Pixie Haircut. The dark hair left beneath the platinum blonde top creates stunning depth in this heavily textured pixie cut and does a great job of emphasizing its choppiness.

5. Vintage Wedge Haircut. This is a fresh and more effortless take on the 1920s bobbed hairstyles — it stays true to the classic shape but revamps it with wispy layers and added texture.

6. Overgrown Side-Parted Pixie. This laid-back style offers a comfy way to transition from a pixie to a longer hairstyle without letting the hair lose its shape and volume.

7. Graphic Wedge Haircut for Short Hair. This smokey blonde hairstyle catches the eye with the sharp undercut details, let alone the dimension created with the highlights.

8. Bobbed and Layered Wedge Haircut. In addition to the hair densely stacked at the nape, this rosewood-tinted style features a good deal of thinned-out layers on the sides and the crown to lend an airier feel.

9. Wedged Asymmetric Bob. This upgraded bob creates the lift required for the thin strands around the crown and front by giving some support for the hair in the back and flipping the longer part to one side.

10. Wedge Haircut Style with a Quiff. This elegant hairstyle keeps the bottom perfectly cropped and polished yet gets a volume boost around the top through the front pieces lifted and pulled back.

11. Rooty Blonde Bixie with Definition. Although looking quite undone to ooze modern vibes, this cut requires a texturizing product and some styling efforts to produce the choppiness it is set for.

12. Bold Copper Wedge Cut. Apart from the dimensional bright color, this tousled crop stands out for the flattering face frame built with the blunt micro bangs and elongated side snips.

13. Shaggy Wedge Hairstyle. With this effortless soft shag, the brown hair gains a fair bit of texture, but it doesn’t go too short or wildly layered and stays easily manageable.

14. Textured Wedge Haircut Over 60. This razor-cut bixie definitely has a rejuvenating effect since it looks cheeky and volumizes the thinning hair with piece-y layers and natural-looking highlights.

15. Curly Wedge Haircut with Geometry. This fun hairstyle plays with fancy purple hues and shows a dramatic contrast between the bushy curls and the precision cut at the nape.

16. Comb Over Wedge Bob Haircut for Straight Hair. This jet-black style gives a clean shape to the thick, straight strands and ensures they won’t feel flat thanks to some tapered layers and combed over bangs.

17. Accentuated Wedge Haircut for Fine Hair. While the hair stacked in the back translates into better lift on the crown, the layered and accentuated top tresses add dimension to this cut.

18. Modern Wedge Haircut with Undercut. This sharp blonde hairstyle uses a contrasting color scheme for enhanced depth and matches a sharp undercut on the bottom with rounded lines on the top.

19. Medium Wedge Haircut with Stark Graduation. This dramatic black bob hairstyle starts rather short in the back and angles steeply toward the front.

20. Tapered Platinum Blonde Pixie. The classy blonde pixie radiates serious 80s vibes and couples a minimalist head-hugging silhouette with dynamic styling to enhance the top volume.

21. Glossy Auburn Concave Bob. Although these pictures can’t show all the movement the straight hair has gained with the graduated cut, they really prove it doesn’t lay flat anymore.

22. Angled Wedge Haircut Back View. This inverted bob is a great pick for women with dense hair since it makes the mane more lightweight for a better bounce but still shows off its thickness.

23. Wedge Shag Cut with Bangs. Here is another example of those shaggy wedge hairstyles that promise low maintenance, as it eagerly gives off texture with just a bit of blow drying.

24. Icy Blonde Graduated Bob. Alleviated with a lavender tint and debulked with an undercut, this choppy cut feels extremely airy while its angles and parting give a flattering frame to the high cheekbones.

25. Messy Bixie with Side Bangs. Straight hair may lack movement, but not when it’s packed into a stacked bob with textured exterior layers making it ready for tousled styling.

26. Two-Tone Pixie with Long Bangs. The blonde highlights of this crop are masterfully placed to intensify its shagginess, and the longer pieces in the front allow for flexibility in styling.

27. Beveled Cut with Feathered Bangs. This longer pixie version combines lavish feathered bangs with a bouffant crown created with only a set of steep layers cut in the back.

28. Posh Spice Wedge Bob. Despite being not that long in the front as sported by Victoria Beckham, this angled style preserves the famous highlighted scheme and slightly choppy finish.

29. Stacked Wedge Haircut for Thick Hair. This layered cut removes weight from the bulky mane, gives it structure, and leaves enough space for polished, messy, or even curled styling.

30. Inverted Wedge Haircut in a Berry Shade. Here, a pin-straight bob in a dusty shade of pink gradually gets longer toward the front while staying full and textured in the back.

These images clearly show how wedge haircuts look on different hair types and face shapes so that you can customize the cut to your appearance and find the best version to flatter your features. Give it a try, and share your new hairstyle with us!